Caribbean Travel Roundup

Newsletter - Paul Graveline, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 92
February 1, 1999

Last Update 30 JAN 99

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January 15, 1999 -

Anguilla is holding an exciting fund-raising auction on Friday, February  5th,
1999. . . .

You Can Bid for Auction Items By Email!

There will be a "silent auction" for desireable items like a cruise to  Prickly
Pear Cay on the trimaran picture above, followed by a live auction  for even
more spectacular items, including the mahogany art screen . The  festivities
will be moderated by the entertaining and well-known duo Teacher- Art and Mello-

The purpose of the auction is to raise funds for the restoration of  Wallblake
House . The theme is To Save Wallblake House for the Nation.

Money raised last year has already been spent in restoring the outbuildings,
but much more is needed to repair the sadly neglected main building whose  roof
threatens a total collapse during each tropical storm!

The cocktail buffet party and Silent Auction start at 6pm sharp, at the  House
of Chandeliers (in the Inter Island Hotel in South Hill). Entry is  free, there
is a cash bar and a complimentary food buffet. The main auction,  including the
special art screen, starts at 7:30pm.

Naturally, you want to jump on an airplane so that you can be here for
February 5th, but if that is not possible, do not despair. You can bid by
Email for ten select items from the auction. If yours is the highest bid, you
will be notified by email and can arrange payment. This is the first Internet
auction in Anguilla, perhaps in the Caribbean.

Lots Available for Bid By Internet Email

 For each of the 10 items there is an estimated value listed below, but feel
free to bid more! It is for a good cause. You may email your bids to Marj
Morani at -- be sure to indicate the Lot # you are
interested in. Bids will be accepted until Midnight Eastern Time on Thursday
night, Feb 4th. If your browser is configured for "email links", click the  BID
NOW icon beneath the picture of the item you desire.

Attend the live auction for many more items!

Lot #1. Wallblake Art Screen . $ 10,000

BID NOW Lot #2 One day cruise on a Trimaran (pictured above) for eight  persons
to Prickly Pear Island. Trip includes lunch at Richardson's Prickly  Pear
Restaurant. $1000

BID NOW Lot #3. Holiday Weekend: Cap Juluca Hotel , Weekend for two persons;
Room and Breakfast plus Dinner on one night with a bottle of house wine. 
Available mid-April to end November. $1200

BID NOW Lot #4. One week at Chinaberry Villa , subject to availability  during
period of April 1 to December 1. One bedroom villa overlooking  Rendezvous Bay.
Inclusive of taxes and service charges. $950

BID NOW Lot #5. Dinner for two at the award-winning Blanchard's Restaurant ,
with gourmet delights on Meads Bay. $150

BID NOW Lot # 6. Five hours of tennis lessons with Shawn Romney (he is the  pro
at Cap Juluca and one of the coaches at the Children's Tennis Bootcamp  each
summer). $250

BID NOW Lot # 7. Deep Sea Fishing Trip with Normand Tremblay for two. $800

BID NOW Lot #8. One week car rental (after Feb 28,1999) Island Car Rental .

BID NOW Lot #9. Scenic Flight in Beech Baron private plane for three persons
around the island of Montserrat to view the volcano. $500

BID NOW Lot # 10 Historical Model of Anguilla Racing Boat , with the Story  of
the Anguilla Racing Boat, "Nuttin Bafflin". $245


Directions to the House of Chandeliers: from the airport parking lot, take  the
only exit and turn left, then turn left again and drive past the airport 
entrance, straight through the roundabout, and follow the main road west to
South Hill. Stay left/straight at the Sandy Ground roundabout and watch for
the Inter-Island Hotel on the right in about 2 miles. At the hotel drive past
the main entrance to the 2nd driveway. Park in the back by the door to the
Chandeliers ball room. If you reach Anguilla Trading or the Loblolly Art 
Studio, you went 1/4 mile too far. Coming from West End hotels, follow the
main road and watch carefully on the left after passing Loblolly Studio at
South Hill Plaza.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

American Eagle Adding Third Flight. Starting January 19, 1999, American  Eagle
is adding a third daily San Juan-Anguilla flight to their schedule.  Flight
5526 leaves San Juan at noon and returns at 1:21pm. This is normal  each winter
as the number of tourist bookings increases.

Ferries Resume Service. The Anguilla ferries have resumed their suspended
service between St. Martin and Blowing Point, Anguilla, allowing them to go
back to their original schedule of a ferry every 30 minutes during the
daylight hours.

New Karaoke Bar. "Deja Vu" has opened in Sandy Ground, offering Karaoke  every
night except Wednesday, 8pm until 2am.

Book Now for Millenium in Anguilla. Many places in Anguilla are already
starting to book up for next New Years, since it is also the eve of a new
millenium. If you want to be in Anguilla January 1, 2000, you should probably
make a reservation now.

African Beads , an exhibit with workshops, opened at the Devonish Art  Gallery
on Friday, January 8th with a reception from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  Featured is the
work of Joyce Griffths and Carrolle Devonish, as well as  beadwork from various
places in Africa. Click here for a picture from the  opening.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events,  holidays,
and activities.

February 6-7. First Annual Anguilla Flower and Garden Show. Ruthwill
Auditorium in The Valley.

January 30. Devonish Gallery Opening Reception for Virginia Hobart. Exhibit
runs until February 19th. Other exhibits at the Devonish this season include:
Peg Gregory. Saturday, February 20, Opening Reception, 5:30 to 7:30 PM.
February 20 to March 5. Weme Caster. Saturday, March 6, Opening Reception, 5:30
to 7:30 PM. March 6  to March 19, Doug & Shari Erickson. Saturday, March 20,
Opening Reception, 5:30 to 7:30  PM. March 20 to April 9. Carolyn Caldwell.
Saturday, April 10, Opening Reception, 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  April 10 to April 30.

Malt's Plants

Hidden away on Rey Hill, fifty yards off the road, is a jungle-like nursery  of
plants in all stages of growth.

Malt's Plants raises tropical plants from seeds and cuttings: palms,
oleanders, whatever is needed for landscaping. Malt only grows plants that
thrive in Anguilla and specializes in palm trees. A very interesting place to
visit, and to buy some plants for your garden.

Directions: from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left,
continue straight past Island Car Rental, then take the next right up the Rey
Hill. At the top of the hill, go full right and then take an immediate left.
Follow the road past Paradise Apts and you should find the sign for Malt's on
the left.

Visitor Feedback

Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting
message that came in recently:

Date: 1/6/99 4:25:00 PM Subject: Comments from recent trip

Happy new year and keep up the good work. Reading your newsletters is like a
minivisit to Anguilla. Today we awoke to 16 degrees in Washington and the  high
is 32. Now we know why you relocated to Anguilla.

Maybe this only happens at the holiday season, but on several flights some
passengers' luggage was left behind, to come on the next flight, which can be
quite inconvenient if you are on the night flight and have no luggage until
3:30 the next afternoon. Please suggest to readers that they pack a bathing
suit and change of clothing in their hand luggage. When we went to pick up  our
luggage at 10:30 p.m., a family of 5 was crestfallen that they had NO  LUGGAGE
and they were all wearing longsleeved shirts, long pants, and  pullovers. In
previous years American has offered "denied boarding" (ticket  vouchers good
for one year) if you'd take the night flight when they were  overweight, but
this year they aren't doing that. Instead they just aren't  taking all the
luggage. [editor: The problem is that Anguilla's runway is too  short and not
level enough, and doesn't have re-fueling facilities. This  means that American
Eagle can't carry a full load of people and luggage into  Anguilla. We have had
our luggage left behind in San Juan several times. I  like your idea of a
carryon backup - in fact you probably only need what is  in the carryon

Please warn people to lock their doors and not rely on the screen door to  keep
out thieves at night. When we arrived 12/17/98 we learned that 2 of our
Seafeathers neighbors had been robbed while they slept. Only cash ($1,000 US
according to "The Light" newspaper) was taken and no one was hurt (they slept
through it). [editor: Yes, unfortunately, petty theft is way up. Thieves have
discovered that Anguilla is "easy pickins". Visitors are advised to take 
simple precautions .]

Please give a plug to Mala's Caribbean Cottage and Roti Hut in George Hill,
open from 10:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Her prices range from $4 US for a
vegetarian Roti to $6 for a goat and vegetable or chicken curry and vegetable
to $10 for shrimp and vegetable. She also had a conch and vegetable. They  were
light and delicious. THe cottage is quite cute and service was  excellent.
Excellent value for the price. [editor: We have an article about  Mala's
Cottage on our web site. Click here. ]

Although we didn't visit it, we heard from another family with boys that the
Landing Strip Restaurant (Chinese) next door (in a little mall) had large
portions and good prices. [editor: we have the menu on our web site. Click
here. ]

Finally, as a librarian, I ask that you pass along this tip about the  Library.
For an $8 US deposit, they will allow you to check out unlimited  titles. They
have a wide selection of paperbacks and some hardbacks that make  good "beach
reading." Hours are 9:15 to 5 most weekdays (I think they close  earlier on
Wed.). Please suggest to people that they make their $8 deposit a  contribution
to the library when they return their last set of books.  [editor: Good Tip for
all our avid vacation readers.]

Updates and Feedback

Feedback on Groceries article. In our story on buying groceries in Anguilla,
we forgot to mention two important points:

- Credit cards are accepted at Fairplay IGA, Albert Lakes, and Vista.

- If you are a gourmet, you might want to do some grocery shopping in St.
Martin, especially on the French side. They have a well-stocked "Le March"
supermarket with Parisian delicacies flown in every week. This is located in
Marigot, a short taxi ride from the ferry or a longish walk.

Update on Sombrero Article: Jason Butterworth has posted an article on
Sombrero Island, originally published in "Anguilla Life" magazine, at this
web site:

Young Artist Aims High

Teresa Harrigan of Island Harbour is a promising young art student. Teresa
already has her work on the $1EC Anguilla stamp, has created her own web
page, and, having graduated from high school, is off to continue her studies
at college. She is also looking for part-time work in the New York area. If
you have any ideas, you can email her.

Web Page: Tretinoin retin a cost


Web Sites About Anguilla

Personal Struggle. Lourance Stevens recently created a web page about her
experiences with a sudden and bewildering epileptic attack during high

Mainstay Villa has a new domain name for their web page:

Haddalli Villa in Blowing Point now has a web page .

Rainbow Reef Villas in Seafeathers have a nice web page .

Bankie Bank Has His Own Site at , where you can order his

Terra Firma Villa is For Sale , and you can see it on the web at

Windsong Villa is also for sale, as indicated by this web site .

C.E.G. Ltd , a company incorporation and management firm in South Hill
Anguilla, has a web page at

Counsel Ltd. , offering accounting and company management services in
Anguilla, has a web page at

Rendezvous Bay Hotel is described on this web page .

La Petite Maison D'Amour is described on this web page .

Harney Westwood & Riegels , a law firm from the British Virgin Islands, has
opened an office in Anguilla and has a web page at

Recipe for Johnny Cakes

What are "johnny cakes"? Johnny Cakes are bagel-sized biscuits, usually fried,
that are made all over the Caribbean.

Legend has it that the name derives from "journey cake", meaning a bread that
could be cooked ahead when going out to work or on a journey.

In any case, there are as many recipes for Johnny Cake as there are cooks in
Anguilla, ranging in style from something like hard-tack to something more like
a donut. If you eat at local places in Anguilla, you will have Johnny
Cakes eventually.

Here is the recipe for the "johnny cakes" that Ethne and Nat Richardson serve
at the Palm Grove Bar and Grill at Junks Hole Bay .

Johnny Cakes

3 Cups Flour 1/4 Cup Cornmeal 2 Tablespoons Baking Powder 1 Tablespoon Salt 3
Tablespoons Sugar 1 Tablespoon Margarine 2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil 1-1/2 Cups
Water 1/3 Cup Frying Oil for Cooking

Sift together flour, cornmeal and baking powder. Mix together with salt,  sugar
and margarine. Make a well in the flour mixture and add vegetable oil.  Add
water slowly. Mix carefully until mixture is not sticky. Knead into a  ball
until smooth. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. Roll dough into a long  strip
and cut into small pieces. Knead each piece into a small ball. On a  floured
surface, flatten each ball with a rolling pin or your finger tips and  palms.
Add about 1/3 frying oil into a frying pan or enough oil to cover  bottom of
pan. When oil is hot, add flattened cakes. Fry on one side for 2-3  minutes,
turn and continue with other side until both sides are golden brown.

Servings:   1-1/2 dozen


Oceanview Cottage, located on Dominica's northeast coast, is beautifully
situated on a wooded ridge overlooking the sheltered, palm-fringed beach of
Hodges Bay.  The balcony affords an equally spectacular view of mountainous
tropical rainforest where the Hodges River has its source.

Our cottage guests have the best of both worlds; a swim in the warm Caribbean
waters followed by a freshwater dip in the shallow sandy-bottomed mouth of the
river.   Fruit trees, flowering shrubs and roses add additional touches to the
landscape.  Swimming, snorkelling, birdwatching and hiking are among the local
activities our guests have enjoyed.

Dominica's tourist attractions - Emerald Pool, the Indian River, Cabrits
National Park -are all within an easy day trip by car.

The interior of Oceanview Cottage features a large living room with cathedral
ceiling. Double French doors open onto a spacious balcony with dining area
overlooking the bay below. Amenities include a large, fully-equipped kitchen
with an eat-in counter, a three piece bathroom with hot water shower, and three
bedrooms.  Oceanview sleeps five people comfortably - a large master bedroom
with a queensize bed, a second bedroom with two twinsize beds, and a smaller
third bedroom with a single bed.

To accomodate the demand for larger families or for three couples who wish to
vacation together, The Suite was completed in 1998.  Built on the terraced
slope tucked beneath the main cottage, The Suite, although part of the original
structure is very private with its own stair and entranceway. Included is: a
queensize bed in a spacious room containing a bar fridge and counter with sink
and a three piece bathroom with hot water shower. The Suite may be rented
separately or in conjunction with the main cottage.

                   High Season  (Nov - April)       Low Season (May - October)

3 bedroom cottage      $125 US per night               $100 US per night
                       $750 US per week                $600 US per week

The Suite              $50 US per night                $300 US per week

3 bedroom cottage      $165 US per night               $150 US per night
and The Suite          $1,000 US per week              $900 US per week

All rates are subject to a 5% government hotel tax.  No service charges.

For further information and reservations:

Contact: Elizabeth Klinck

Telephone: (519) 669 2661
Fax:  (519) 669 4636
URL:  Codeine met promethazine kopen


St. Martin 1999 Heineken Regatta

The 19th Annual St. Maarten/St. Martin Heineken Regatta is just a few  weeks
away (March 5, 6, 7, 1999).

The St. Maarten/St. Martin Heineken Regatta is about tight racing and great
party fun - hence the slogan "Serious Fun".

Picture this ---  Three days of serious racing in an incredible climate, around
an island providing any amenity to make the experience a totally satisfying

Close racing in a wide variety of classes allowing maximum competitive
possibilities for nearly every type of sailing yacht. Competitive classes
carefully selected by an experienced team of experts.

A sponsoring organization that is technically focused on making the regatta
hassle-free and participant-friendly via an information system that gives a
complete, ongoing picture of events through internet access at

Support by sponsors in a myriad of ways.  A strong press corps in attendance.

All on an exciting island with fabulous weather, incredible restaurants, great
beaches, groovin' Caribbean bands and out-of-sight parties.

Visit the Official St. Maarten/St. Martin Heineken Regatta Website at
See you there!



Trip: December 12-19th 1998

Departed Toronto, Ontario 11:30 a.m. Saturday December 12th via Air Canada.
Flight time direct to Antigua was just over 4 hours, gate to gate plus a 1 hour
time zone change so we deplaned at VC Bird Airport in Antigua at 4:45 p.m.
local time.

Antigua Immigration was well prepared for our flight, and were processed
through within approximately 40 minutes. We then proceeded to the luggage
carousel for the wait until our checked bags appeared. There were Red Caps
everywhere at the airport arrival area, who actually go so far as to ‘adopt’ a
tourist waiting for their luggage. For the few bucks it cost as a tip, it was
well worth the entertainment watching these chaps literally balance and juggle
10-20 heavy suitcases on a 2 wheel trolley through an overcrowded maze of an
airport ! The local customs officers appeared to check quite a lot of incoming
luggage prior to allowing the new arrivals to pass through to the transfer area
to their hotel buses etc. These checks were random and very thorough from what
we saw. They were also quite plentiful.

Met the Bo Tours Representative (this company represents a lot of airlines and
tour operators on the island) outside, she provided us with our ‘information
kit” (contains details for orientation at the property the next day and her
name & phone number in case of emergency) and saw that we were safely on a bus
to Sandals before she called it a day. Entire process through the airport to
the bus took about 90 minutes.

Transfer to the hotel was in relatively comfortable, newer van and provided us
with a pleasant 15 minute trip across the island to the Dickinson Bay area.
Since it was now dusk, we really did not see much of the island, but the roads
seemed to be in good shape and our driver was talkative so the trip was a
pleasant one.

We arrived at Sandals about 6:20 p.m. and piled out of the bus into the lobby.
There were only two couples on this bus and once our luggage was off loaded, we
were met in the lobby area by the night manager, sat down and welcomed. We were
provided with forms to fill out for the hotel and asked for a credit card
imprint in case of purchases, phone calls etc. to be charged to our room.
Despite the fact that both couples were expected, the check in process seemed
very unorganized and took at least 20 minutes. We actually had to ask the night
manager for our cold face cloths and glass of champagne – this was just one of
many ‘little things’ with which Sandals Antigua came up ‘short’.

Since the Guest Services desk was closed for the evening, the night manager
made dinner arrangements for us at the OK Corral restaurant for 7:45 p.m. (We
had anticipated dining at the Bayside restaurant (general restaurant), but were
told that it was closed for a private party that evening for one of the island
businesses.) Our luggage was loaded onto a trolley and a resort Bell Captain
led us to our room. We did receive a complimentary room upgrade from Deluxe to
a Grand-Lux room. The Bell Captain brought our luggage into the room, showed us
how to operate the television and air conditioning and left without literally
saying a word. We then began the task of unpacking and quickly freshened up for
our 7:45 dinner reservation.

The room was very nice. Four poster bed, bright linen, bed covering and
curtains. The room appeared to have a fresh coat of paint, clean terra cotta
tile floor and several table and floor lamps. We were on the first floor of a
two story building and had a private patio with two patio chairs, patio table
and chaise lounge. The bath and toilet was in a separate area with a door for
privacy and there was a separate sink with mirror as well. The one consistent
complaint that we have had with Sandals over the years was prevalent at Sandals
Antigua as well – little closet and cupboard space for your clothes. We had
access to a closet rod approximately 4 feet long with 10 hangers – good thing
we always bring about 20 of our own with us! Hidden in this closet area was our
in room safe, which is always a nice amenity – a locked place for our airline
tickets, passports, wallet and jewelry that’s just one less thing to worry
about !

Back to the issue about space for clothes, there were 4 drawers to be shared
between the two of us as well, which barely provides enough room for your t-
shirts, socks, shorts, undies etc. Not much choice though, so we made do!

The room was decked out with an overhead ceiling fan, air conditioning unit,
television set, clock radio, hair dryer and coffee maker as promised. Lots of
large pillows and a comfortable mattress made the king size bed a nice treat as


Sandals Antigua has four restaurants on the property along with a snack bar.
Restaurant reservations must be made at the guest services desk, one day before
you wish to dine. We thought that this was another inane shortcoming on Sandals
behalf – why on earth would they want their guests to return to the lobby area
every day to make dinner reservations for the next day ? At every other Sandals
property which we have visited, the guests are encouraged to arrange their
dinner reservations for the entire week at one time, typically the morning
after your arrival at the resort. In this way the resort knows when staff are
required and the guests are provided with a card on which is written the weeks
reservations, restaurants and times. Another ‘different’ occurrence here seemed
to be the fact select restaurants were closed on select evenings. The evening
that we arrived, as an example, the Bayshore Restaurant was closed for a
private party – should paying guests not come first ?  When the brochures
advertise the availability of four fine restaurants for Sandals guests, the
guests expect to be able to eat at them whenever it is convenient for us,
however this was not the case and we were made to change our schedules to
accommodate the restaurant closings on certain evenings.

It was the Christmas season, and the resort was only about 35 % full, but
perception is reality and our perception was that we would have ‘free run’ of
this properties amenities during our stay there – we were wrong !

OK Corral – situated above the main bar in the courtyard area, overlooking the
beach on three sides and the courtyard on the other side. This is an open air
restaurant that can sit between 30 and 40 people at one sitting, at tables for
2 or 4 persons. Menu offered appetizers, salad or soup as well as a nice salad
bar for those wanting their fill of fresh ‘greens’. This is almost a theme
restaurant in a Southwestern style, offering a variety of grilled entrees
including BBQ Back ribs, Steaks, BBQ pork, beef, chicken or
pork Fajitas, grilled Marlin and grilled shrimp kabobs. Side dishes offered
were fresh grilled veggies, rice, potato skins or baked potato. The wait staff
were very accommodating and brought drinks to the table for us. The wine list
offered an acceptable choice of U.S. and Chilean whites, reds and blushes.
Dessert menu offered a choice of raisin pecan pie, mudpie, vanilla and white
chocolate cake, chocolate mousse or ice cream, but then who had room for
dessert anyway ?  All of the food was literally prepared in front of us and was
properly cooked as ordered. My Sirloin was one of the best steaks that I’ve
ever had in an island setting.

Kimonos -  Situated in front of the main lobby area, at the foot of a hill near
the driveway into the resort. Kimonos is a Japanese tepanyaki-style restaurant
very similar to what we might know as a Benihanas. The restaurant is air
conditioned and upon arrival the guests are welcomed into a small bar area and
offered a welcome drink – Kimonos rum punch. After 5 couples have arrived, they
are ushered upstairs to their dining room, where they all sit and await the
evenings food and entertainment. The center part of the table is actually a
cooking grill and that is where the food is prepared, right in front of your
eyes. Dinner menu consists of your choice of appetizer such as spring rolls,
sushi, stuffed shrimp roll, soup and a small vinaigrette salad. White or red
wine is served and if anyone at the table is brave enough, saki is available!
Each couple shares a large bowl of steamed rice and for those travelers unable
to use chopsticks, forks are made available as needed. Main course consists of
fresh grilled vegetables, Marlin, Shrimp, Scallops, Chicken, Sirloin and pork
tenderloin, all individually prepared and cooked on the table by  very
entertaining chef. Dessert offered a small piece of vanilla cake topped with
fresh fruit and fruit sherbet, but after eating all that food, who had room for
dessert ?  The beauty of Kimonos restaurant was the excellent mix of
entertainment and food – the chef who cooked tableside had the 10 of us in
stitches for the entire 2 hours that we were there, and made the time fly. The
food here was very well presented and prepared and the portions were generous.
We ate at this restaurant twice during the week, and would have no hesitancy
suggesting that it be on any guests must visit list.

Il Palio – Located off the main courtyard at the rear of the lobby area
overlooking the beach. This is an Italian restaurant with a seating capacity of
approximately 50 to 60. It has a beautifully decorated feeling to it, helped
along by the sounds of the surf 30 feet from your table ! The same wine list is
offered here as is available at the OK Corral. The food however, was quite a
nice surprise. Appetizers included Caesar Salad, Waldorf Salad, fresh garden
salad, cold pasta salad or small shrimp cocktail. Small loaves of bread and/or
garlic bread were brought to the table, each nicely lit by candlelight. Entrees
included seafood and bow tie pasta in a cream sauce, roast lamb, shrimp and
scallops in cream sauce, pizza, beef tenderloin, spaghetti, and a variety of
pasta and fresh seafood dishes. Vegetable accompaniments were served in small
bowls brought to the table separately and included broccoli, potatoes, onions,
carrots, beans and garlic – most everything available seemed to have garlic in
it somewhere, but nevertheless the food was very tasty and the service was very
good. Dessert menu included a variety of tarts, pastries and ice cream, cakes
and pies all freshly prepared in the kitchen and drizzled in white chocolate,
dark chocolate and/or fruit syrup, providing a beautiful presentation, but then
again, who had room for dessert ?

We enjoyed the coffee at all of
the restaurants – fresh ground and not as strong as the Jamaican coffee found
at most other Sandals properties, but we have yet to find any Sandals that
offers cream with your coffee, just milk. Powdered creamer is available, but if
you’re like us, it just isn’t the same without fresh cream. If you prefer hot
tea, a selection of tea bags are presented to you from which you make your

Bayside Restaurant – this is the property’s  ‘international restaurant’ which
is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast and lunch are buffet
style meals. Tables can be overlooking the beach or indoors under ceiling fans
with a great view of the beach anyway. Breakfast buffets are excellent at the
Bayside. There is a large table full of fresh fruit, watermelons, mangos,
honeydew, cantaloupe, orange, grapefruit, grapes, apples, pears etc. Another
table offers an array of cold cereals, each in individual serving boxes, hot
cereal (in a tureen) and cold cuts. There is an egg station, where a chef will
prepare your eggs any way you like them, poached, boiled, scrambled, fried or
prepare an omelet with your choice of cheeses, peppers, onions, ham etc. There
is a bread station, offering a choice of sweet rolls, toast, multi grain