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Caribbean Travel Roundup
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Philadelphia Inquirer

February 9, 1997

By Paul Grimes (Editor at large for Conde Nast)

A different sort of electronic pioneer is Paul Graveline, who in January 1990 started an electronic newsletter called the Caribbean Travel Roundup, which he tries to issue every month.

From a slim beginning, it's grown to maybe the equivalent of 100 pages a month, with some advertising support from the Caribbean travel industry. (For those who prefer to measure in cyberunits, the December 1996 issue ran 146,797 bytes.)

Graveline, 49, teaches elementary school in Reading, Mass., a suburb of Boston. He says he started the roundup just for the fun of it. He publishes press releases and official announcements, and discusses the weather, environmental issues and economic news. But the heart of the roundup are the observations, opinions and experiences of Caribbean travelers, who talk about sightseeing, water sports, restaurants, hotels, whatever.

``They can say whatever they want about a property,'' Graveline said. ``I don't care about it. I can't prove they're accurate -- it would take too much time to try.''

The roundup is distributed free. You can find it on the online services America Online and CompuServe. Some writing is primitive, some observations naive, but there are doses of informative reality:

``Fish dishes in Grenada are overcooked to a rubbery consistency 99.9 percent of the time,'' wrote Don Golio (otherwise unidentified). ``Even when asked to do otherwise, fish invariably come served this way.''

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