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Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 99
November 1, 1999

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Oct 16,1999

More Student Art on Stamps

Last  year Anguilla held an art competition for school children . The 
theme   of  the  contest was "Hidden Beauty of Anguilla". Some of the 
winners   had  their   art  recognized  and  selected  to  appear  on 
Anguillian postage stamps. 

Anguilla Questions?
Email  the  Tourist  Board  at  or the Hotel 
Association at

Beaches  Video  Release!  Rewind  Studios  product  "The  Beaches  Of 
Anguilla  Video   Tour" should be available in local retail stores on 
Anguilla  by  November 1st,  1999. The video was shot this summer and 
includes  stunning  views  of   Anguilla's  beaches  set  to soothing 
island  rhythms.  Exclusively  available  only  on Anguilla so get it 
when   "on   island".   For   more   information,   email   Buck   at 

Cricket  Matches.  Red  Stripe  Bowl 1999. 1st Class Regional One Day 
Cricket.   Ronald  Webster  Park,  featuring  Trinidad  &  Tobago vs. 
Canada  (Wednesday  Oct   27),  Leeward  Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago 
(Saturday  Oct  30),  Leeward  Islands  vs Canada (Monday Nov 1), and 
Trinidad  & Tobago vs Barbados (Tuesday Nov 2).  Directions: from the 
airport  parking  lot,  take  the  only exit and turn left,  continue 
straight  past  Island  Car  Rental,  Anglec,  and  NBA, turn left at  
Albert  Lakes  Supermarket,  go  past  the high school, turn right on 
Queen  Elizabeth and turn into the parking lot. 

Restaurants  Reopening.  Since  the first of October, Restaurant Ici,  
Blanshards,  Hibernia,  and  other  places  have reopened after their 
short  summer   break.  The  remainder  will  reopen  between now and 
November  15th.  News  tip:   popular  chef Shamash says he is now at 
Overlook  on backroad. To review all  the restuarants in Anguilla and 
see what they have to offer, including past  prices, visit

Best  Village  Competition 1999. The annual best village judging will 
be  on   October  29th,  1999.  Residents will be out cleaning up and 
enhancing  their   villages  so that the judges will select theirs as 
the  most  beautiful  village   in Anguilla. Sandy Ground has one for 
the last two years - who will stop them 
from  making  it  three  in  a  row? First prize is US$1,000 worth of 

Full  Moon  Dinner/Dance  Parties  on  Beach.  Ken Rogers at Serenity 
Restaurant   on  Upper  Shoal Bay says he is planning to continue his 
full  moon  dinner  and   dancing on the beach. Last year he had nice 
Caribbean  music  by Sprocka, a  rustic dance floor, and cocktails on 
the  sand.  Worth  trying.  You  can  come  for   dinner and stay for 
dancing.  They  sometimes  shifted  slightly  from  the full  moon to 
coincide  with  the  weekend,  but  the next three full moons are Sun 
Oct   24,  Tuesday  Nov  23,  and  Wed Dec 22. Call 1-264-497-3328 to 
check on the exact 
date for each party.

Flower  and Garden Show . The second annual show will be held Feb 12-

"Tourism   Week"   Becomes  Tourism  Fete  99.  The  annual  week  of 
activities  to  launch the upcoming tourism season has been expanded, 
allowing  more people to  partake. November 2nd will be an Open house 
celebration  at  the  offices  of  the   tourist  board  across  from 
Wallblake  House. Other events include: village  competition, primary 
school  visits  to hotels, hospitality staff awards, and  hotelier of 
the year.

Questions of the Week

Which Question Can You Help With?
Where  to  Order  Vape?  Recipe  for Cracked Conch When Is St Gerards 
Party  How  To  Get  Anguilla  2000  Calendar? I Have a New Question! 
Name: Email:

The  Internet  brings  many  fascinating questions to, but we 
don't have 
the  answers  to many of them. Can you help? Below are some questions 
that came 
in recently. We will post the answers we receive so everyone can be 

Where To Order Vape?

I  don't  know  where  else  to  turn.  I  am looking to buy Vape for 
mosquitos and 
have  gone  bonkers  looking  over  the  WWW  for it until I saw your 
little piece.

Do  you  know where I can purchase the product? I used it overseas in 
Arabia, but the product has dried up or something there.

Anything you can come up with I will try. Thanks

Bob Rutzel

Vape  is  an electronic gadget that slowly burns small mats, designed 
control  mosquitos.  We  bought  our  last package of Vape refills at 
Vista Market 
for  $EC12.95  per  30  pack;  their telephone is 1-264-497-2804. The 
label is in 
English,  French  and Spanish. Vape is manufactured by Fumakilla Ltd, 

Recipe For Cracked Conch

I  am  looking for a recipe for cracked conch. Could you please help? 
I  have   been  to  several of the islands and have had this dish and 
since  My  husband  and myself won't be able to return for a year due 
to  an injury I suffered, we  have purchased some frozen conch to get 
us  through.  I  need recipes for  cracked conch, conch fritters, and 
conch chowder for my husband to make here  in Anaheim, California.

Thank-you. Carol Dionigi
(Email: )

When Is St Gerards Garden Party

Do  you  have  any  idea when the St. Gerards Garden Party will be in 
February? Don't want to miss it this year.

Connie Wehmann
(Email: )

How To Get Anguilla 2000 Calendar?

We enjoy your newsletter and like to make believe we are there.

Would  you  know how I could get an Anguilla 2000 Calendar as I won't 
be there 
until March.

Thanks for your help.

Myra Robinson
(Email: )

Primary School "Be Aware" Environmental Clubs

This  past  summer  there  was  a 2 week Primary School Environmental 
Camp  called   CAMP  BE AWARE. The Day Camp was held from 12-23 July, 
1999.  A  total  of  42   children  were  involved in the Camp with 1 
teacher from each school acting as  a Camp Counselor.

We  saw  Anguilla's  environment  as  we never saw it before. We went 
spelunking,   glass bottom boat sightseeing, horseback riding through 
the  Bush,  as  well  as,   taking trips to the Agriculture Dept, the 
Salt  Ponds,  the  water  wells,  Green   Cuisine  lettuce plant, Cap 
Juluca's nature trail and the Rocky Hill Pig and  Poultry Farms.

All  participants had a blast. From the outset the children knew that 
the  six  Campers  from each of Anguilla's Primary Schools would have 
to  go  back  to  their  schools and begin an environmental club by 1 
October, 1999.

West  End  School was the first to start their BE AWARE Environmental 
Club  the  first day of school. Out of 76 children they have close to 
40  members.  Since then the other schools have pledged to have their 
Clubs organized by 1 October.

West  End  has  cleaned  up  their  School grounds and have kept them 
clean.  They  have  also  sent  6  huge  garbage bags of glass to the 
Environmental  Health  Dept.  for  their  Pilot Project for Recycling 

Every  Club  will  elect  a  group  of officers. The officers will be 
chosen  from   the  children who were enrolled in CAMP BE AWARE. Each 
Club  will  meet  one  day   every  week.  Other  children, community 
persons,  businesses,  parents, and  visitors are welcome to join our 
Clubs.  The  dues  are EC$1.00, once a month.  If you are not able to 
attend  any of the Club meetings and you would like  more information 
you    can    E   MAIL   the   BE   AWARE   ENVIRONMENTAL   CLUB   at  Eventually,  a  newsletter  will  be  printed 
with  information about all of the Clubs.

The  dues  will  go  toward  the  purchase  of  gloves for picking up 
debris,   garbage  bags, copy paper to use for their newsletters when 
they  get  started,   and  for  field trips so all of the children of 
Anguilla  will  become   Environmentalists. When these young children 
grow   to   be   Anguilla's   future   Anguilla  will  be  clean  and 
environmentally sound.

The  Environmental Health Department has already pledged garbage bins 
to  all   of  the Clubs for glass recycling. They are also interested 
in  assisting  with   Club activities. All of the Clubs' members hope 
that more people follow their  example and JOIN UP!


[Note: EC $1.00 is 37 cents US.]

Please  send  all  dues  to  BE  AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS, P. O. BOX 
959,   Anguilla,  BWI.  You may send checks if it is more convenient. 
Make  checks  out  to BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS. The money will be 
shared  equally  among the 7  BE AWARE CLUBS, unless you specify that 
you  have  a  special  CLUB  that you  would like to see receive your 

David  Park  New  Meal Delivery Service. A new business has opened in 
Anguilla,  "Meals On Wheels". Get your lunch order in to them at 497-
3141  by  11AM and  they will deliver to you it between 11AM and 2PM. 
Local dishes offered.

What A View

Rent a New Waterfront Villa

Sam  Mason,  owner  of  the  Allamanda Beach Club , is finishing up a 
double   villa on the coast a short distance up from Shoal Bay Beach. 
Click  to  enlarge   the  view from his villa. Sam is a great plumber 
(he  worked  in St. Thomas) and  has a great resort in the Allamanda. 
Sam  has  3  bd  in the downstairs unit and  4 bd up. Furnished. Call 
Sam at 264-497-5217 to inquire about rentals.

Update  on  New  Foundation  :  The Anguilla Community Foundation was 
recently    launched  to  build  permanent  endowment  funds  through 
contributions  from  many   donors on and off the island. It plans to 
support  charitable  activities  focused on local needs Contributions 
can  be  sent  to  P.O  Box  1097,  The  Valley,   Anguilla.  For tax 
deduction  for  US  citizens  donations  can be sent to the  Anguilla 
Community  Foundation  Fund  c/o  the  Community  Foundation  of  the 
Virgin   Islands,  P.O.  Box  11790,  Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, US 
Virgin  Islands   00801.  Further information is also available on e-
mail from

Subject:  We  Love  Anguilla!!!  Hello there Anguilla, I just want to 
say  thank   you  to  everyone I met on my holiday to Anguilla in the 
summer.  I  had the time  of my life. The people were amazing, I have 
never met such friendly people!! 
My  friends  and  me  want  to  say  a  special hello to the staff at 
restaurant  at Cap Juluca, especially Jason, Algie, Ade and Felix. We 
all had 
such  fun  with  them all and they were such great people. We are all 
on  returning  next  summer  and  hope to meet up with them all again 
because we 
miss them so much already.
Thanks again,
Joss, Kate and Kimxx
(email: )
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999  Updated.  Webmaster Chris Mason announces: The Anguilla Guide   has  been updated with a total make-over. In addition to new 
graphics,  we have  revised the content and have added information to 
the  current  events  page  on   carnival, the Arts Festival, and the 
Culinary  Competition. We welcome any  tourism or local event related 
information that would add to the site.

International Calls Now Cheaper From Anguilla

As  of  October  1st,  1999,  international phone rates from Anguilla 
have  been  reduced by Cable and Wireless . The reductions are across 
the  board,  including  daytime, average 27%, with many rates falling 
50% or more.

Keep  in  mind  that the rate chart below is in EC dollars. Converted 
to  US   dollars at 2.7 EC per US, that works out to $1.20 per minute 
during  the  day,   $1.00  per minute evenings and 74 cents weekends. 
Prices   apply  only  to   International  Direct  calls.  Prices  for 
operator  calls.  cellular  calls,  pay   phones  calls,  card calls, 
Inmarsat calls are unchanged.

International Call Prices
Cable & Wireless Anguilla
(Effective 1st October 1999)

Destination  Rates  Timeband:  Day Evening Weekend USA 3.25 2.70 2.00 
3.35  3.00  2.30  UK,  Ireland  4.00 3.35 2.67 Antigua & Barbuda 1.75 
1.30 1.00 
Barbados  3.15  2.45  2.20  Bermuda  3.15  2.45  2.20  British Virgin 
Islands 1.75 
1.30  1.00  Cayman  Islands  3.15  2.45  2.20 Dominica 3.15 2.45 2.20 
Grenada 3.15 
2.45  2.20 Jamaica 3.15 2.45 2.20 Montserrat 1.75 1.30 1.00 St. Kitts 
& Nevis 
1.70  1.25  0.95  St. Lucia 3.15 2.45 2.20 St. Vincent 3.15 2.45 2.20 
Trinidad & 
Tobago  3.15  2.45  2.20  Turks  &  Caicos  Islands  3.15  2.45  2.20 
Guadeloupe 1.75 
1.30  1.00 Saba 1.65 1.20 0.95 St. Barts 1.65 1.20 0.95 St. Eustatius 
1.20  0.95  St. Maarten 1.65 1.20 0.95 St. Martin 1.65 1.20 0.95 Rest 
Caribbean  3.20  2.60 2.25 France 4.55 3.90 2.67 Italy 4.30 3.60 2.67 
Rest of 
Europe  5.10  4.45  2.67  Central  America 4.75 4.15 2.67 Guyana 4.70 
4.00 2.67 
Rest of South America 4.85 4.30 2.67 Rest of World 5.40 4.70 2.67

All  prices  are  EC$ per minute. Day = Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. 
Evening = 
Monday  to  Friday,  before  8am  and  after  6pm.  Weekend = All day 
Saturday and 
Sunday,   from   Midnight  Friday  to  Midnight  Sunday,  and  Public 

Residential  customers remain elgible for TalkAway discounts. 10% off 
to three chosen numbers.


NEW  YORK,  NY,  August  1999 – A recent Harris Poll announced on the  website  has consumers giving Jamaica top scores in 
response to the question:

"If  you  could spend a vacation in any country in the world, outside 
the  United  States,  and you would not have to worry about the cost, 
what one country would you choose?"

Jamaica  ranked  eighth  in  the  poll  – a climb from 12th in 1998 – 
making  this  year’s  ranking  the  sharpest  rise  for  any  country 
worldwide.  It is also the only destination within the Caribbean that 
made the poll. 

Other  countries  making  the  poll  include:  Australia  (#1); Great 
Britain  (#2),  Germany  (3#),  Italy (#4), France (#5), Canada (#6), 
and  Ireland  (#7).  Following  Jamaica were Switzerland (#9), Mexico 
(#10),  Greece (#11), Spain (#12), Japan (#13), New Zealand (#14) and 
Egypt (#15).

Mr.  Noel Mignott, Deputy Director, Jamaica Tourist Board, commented, 
"Jamaica  has  long held an exotic allure. This top ten ranking is in 
part  due  to  our  great  variety of quality product offered and our 
overseas  communications  strategies,  and  only  reinforces the fact 
that  Jamaica  is  a  top notch vacation destination viewed by all as 
the number one spot in the Caribbean."

The  poll  included  responses  from  over  1,000  adults nationwide.   is   a   service   of   the  Polling  Report,  an 
independent,   nonpartisan   resource  on  American  public  opinion, 
published in Washington, DC.

For more information on Jamaica, contact your travel agent or call 1-
800-JAMAICA,   or   visit   the  Jamaica  Tourist  Board  website  at


Music Industry Trade Show Set for Ocho Rios, November 14-17, 1999

New  York,  NY  September 1999 — Jamaica will once again be pulsating 
to  the  sounds  of  seductive  island  rhythms  with  the  inaugural 
Caribbean  Music  Expo (CME), a music industry trade show, to be held 
November  14-17,  1999  in  Ocho  Rios,  Jamaica  at  the Renaissance 
Jamaica Grande.

The  Expo  is  designed  to  strengthen the position of the Caribbean 
music  industry  within  the  global  market as well as to expose the 
region’s  industry  to  the  latest  technology and capabilities. CME 
will  feature  an  exhibition of music products and services from the 
Caribbean, with a full roster of conferences and live concerts. 

Conference   topics  include  the  obstacles  and  opportunities  for 
expansion,  the development of an effective marketing plan, copyright 
implications  of  digital  distribution,  and the responsibilities of 
music producers and media personnel to the consumer.

Concert  performances  will revolve around musical influences such as 
gospel,  R&B,  soca,  rap, Latin, reggae, French, Dutch and acoustic. 
Included  in  the  talent-packed  concert  lineup of over 40 acts are 
Beenie  Man,  Doug  E.  Fresh and Femme Fatal. In addition to artists 
from   the  United  States  and  Jamaica,  musicians  from  Trinidad, 
Barbados,  Cuba,  Haiti, Dominican Republic will be showcased. Venues 
include  the  Renaissance  Jamaica  Grande, Little Pub and James Bond 
Beach in Oracabessa.

Noel   Mignott,   Deputy   Director,   Jamaica  Tourist  Board,  said 
"Jamaica’s  reggae  music is often the first element a consumer hears 
about  our  country, and CME strengthens the Caribbean’s musical ties 
to tourism."

He  continued,  "And  for  those  in  the music business, this is the 
event for net-working in the Caribbean."

CME  is set to be an annual event with the beautiful island-nation of 
Jamaica  serving  as  the  host  country  for  the Expo’s first three 
years, until 2002. 

The  event  is  sponsored  by the Jamaica Tourist Board, Air Jamaica, 
JAMPRO  and Vibe Magazine. For more information on CME, you can visit 
their  website  at  or call toll-free 1-877-747-4744. 
For  information on Jamaica, call the Jamaica Tourist Board at 1-800-
JAMAICA or visit their website at

Showcase Schedule

Saturday, November 13

8:00PM to 10:00PM Opening Night Party – Renaissance Jamaica Grande

Panazz Steel Orchestra – Trinidad

Sensacion Orchestra – Cuba

Sunday, November 14

12 Midday to 7:00PM CME Beach Party – James Bond Beach

Allison Hinds & Square One – Barbados

Beenie Man – Jamaica

Bamboleo – Cuba

Doug E. Fresh – USA

Tanto Metro & Devonte – Jamaica

Lakol – Haiti

9:00PM to 12 Midnight Gospel Showcase – Renaissance Jamaica Grande

Papa San – unconfirmed

Change – unconfirmed

Glacia Robinson – unconfirmed 

Grace Thrillers – unconfirmed

Monday, November 15

1:00PM to 2:00PM Lunchtime Showcase – Renaissance Jamaica Grande

Jana – Jamaica

9:00PM  to  12  Midnight  "R&B  & Rap" Showcase – Renaissance Jamaica 

4D People – Barbados

Brick & Lace – Jamaica

Hush Brothers – Cuba/Haiti/USA

9:00PM to Midnight "The Latin Mix" Showcase – Little Pub

D’Talle – Cuba

Yumuri Y sus Hermanos – Cuba

Tito Puente, Jr. – USA

Tuesday, November 16

1:00PM to 2:00 PM Lunchtime Showcase – Renaissance Jamaica Grande

Maurice Gordon – Jamaica

9:00PM  to  12  Midnight  "Soca Party" Showcase – Renaissance Jamaica 

Surface – Trinidad

3 Canal – Trinidad

Rolling Tones – St. Maarten

John King – Barbados

Miss T. C. – Barbados

"Reggae Roots & Branches" Showcase - Little Pub

Cultura Profetica – Puerto Rico

Evett – Jamaica

Prezident Brown – Jamaica

Wednesday, November 17

1:00PM to 2:00PM Lunchtime Showcase – Renaissance Jamaica Grande

Lebeloka – Martinique

10:00PM to 1:00AM "Dancehall Mania" Showcase – Little Pub

Lukie D – Jamaica

Richie Spice – Jamaica

10:00PM   to   12   Midnight   "The  French  Connection"  Showcase  – 

Jamaica Grande

Chris Combette – Martinique

Kali – Martinique

WCK – Dominica

Nasio Fontaine – Dominica

In  addition  to  the  above  scheduled  CME  concerts, there will be 
special  sessions with guest DJs playing Reggae, Soca and Latin dance 
music.  Other live concerts featuring Jamaica performers will also be 
arranged  between  November  12  to  18  in association with the Ocho 
Rios/James Avenue Reggae Strip


NEW  YORK,  NY,  SEPTEMBER  1999  –  The  Jamaica  Tourist  Board has 
announced  that  ten new properties have joined the popular Insider’s 
Jamaica  program,  which  combines  a five-night or longer stay at an 
intimate  inn  or  hotel  with  the  freedom  to experience Jamaica’s 
richly diverse attractions.

The  program, developed by the Jamaica Tourist Board for the traveler 
yearning  to  wander  "off  the beaten path" and enjoy an inexpensive 
vacation, has never been more attractive!

In  Negril,  seven  properties  (The Beachcomber, Negril Cabins, Rock 
Cliff,  Sandi  San,  Shields Negril Villas, Tigress II and Xtabi) and 
four  restaurants  (Bar-B-Barn,  Hunan  Garden,  Tan-Ya’s, and Xtabi) 
have  been  added  to  the program. In Port Antonio, three properties 
(Dragon  Bay Beach Hotel, Goblin Hill and Hotel Mockingbird Hill) and 
one restaurant (The Hub) have signed on.

A  total  of 58 of Jamaica’s finest small properties, each with fewer 
than  100 rooms, are now a part of the Insider’s Jamaica, offering an 
endless  variety  of  accommodations,  from  mountain  hideaways  and 
gracious  old  estates,  to  family-run  beachside  inns and tropical 
villas.  Each  has  its own distinct character, but all are dedicated 
to  offering  guests  a  high  degree of personal service and helpful 
tips on exploring the "real" Jamaica.

The  Insider’s Jamaica package includes round-trip air transportation 
on  Air  Jamaica;  five nights accommodations at an Insider’s Jamaica 
property  (inclusive  of  hotel  tax  and service charge), round-trip 
airport  transfers, 25% off admission to participating attractions, a 
15%  discount  at  participating restaurants, and a one-class upgrade 
at select car rental companies.

Insiders  are also treated to a Jamaican House Party, with a Jamaican 
host,  in  a  Jamaican  home, authentic island food, drink and music, 
and  priority  access to a Meet-the-People experience, where Insiders 
are  matched with Jamaicans who share similar hobbies, occupations or 
special interests.

On   arrival   at   the   airport,   package-holders   are   met   by 
representatives  of  the  Jamaica  Tourist  Board,  and assisted with 
customs and ground transportation.

At  their  hotels,  guests  are  greeted  by the owner or manager and 
provided  with  a  personal  orientation  of the property, along with 
advice  about experiencing Jamaica as an "Insider"--the best place to 
shop  for  local  crafts, secret gardens that bloom with rare orchids 
or the closest secluded beach for snorkeling.

Rates  (per  person  /  double  occupancy)  for  five night Insider’s 
Jamaica packages begin as follows:

     a..  From  New  York / Newark, five-night packages begin at $410 
per  person  September  1  through November 14, 1999; $447 per person 
November  15  through  December  14, 1999; and $496 from December 15, 
1999 through April 14, 2000.

     b..  From  Miami,  five-night  packages begin at $299 per person 
September  1  through  November 14, 1999; $317 per person November 15 
through  December  14,  1999; and $367 from December 15, 1999 through 
April 14, 2000.

     c..  From  Chicago, five-night packages begin at $393 per person 
September  1  through  November 14, 1999; $436 per person November 15 
through  December  14,  1999; and $485 from December 15, 1999 through 
April 14, 2000.

     d..  From  Los  Angeles,  five-night  packages begin at $492 per 
person  September  1  through  November  14,  1999;  $534  per person 
November  15  through  December  14, 1999; and $584 from December 15, 
1999 through April 14, 2000.

For  reservations  or  more  information  on  rates  from  additional 
gateways, call your travel agent or 1-800-JAMAICA.

Additional  details about the Insider’s Jamaica program are available 
online, a website that provides descriptions 
of  the  program’s participating hotels, attractions and restaurants, 
and  is  directly  linked  to  the Jamaica Tourist Board’s website at

For  more  information  on Jamaica, contact the Jamaica Tourist Board 
office  nearest  you:  New York, 212-856-9727; Chicago, 312-527-1296; 
Los  Angeles, 213-384-1123; Miami, 305-665-0557, or e-mail the JTB at



United   Nations-Sponsored   Telefood  Concert  Set  for  Jamaica  on 
Thanksgiving Weekend

NEW  YORK,  NY,  OCTOBER 1999 – American travelers will have a unique 
and  rewarding opportunity to celebrate the final Thanksgiving of the 
20th  Century  and  help  fight  world hunger in Jamaica this holiday 

The  Jamaica  Tourist  Board  has  announced that their island nation 
will  play  host  to  the third annual TeleFood Mega Concert, a U.N.-
sponsored  event  that  will raise money to help feed the world’s 800 
million hungry people.

The  international  event  will  be  held  at  James  Bond  Beach  in 
Oracabessa,  Jamaica  on Sunday, November 28, 1999. Oracabessa is the 
former  home  to author Ian Fleming, creator of the famous James Bond 
novels.  The  concert will be broadcast internationally for the first 
time  ever,  and  can  be  seen nationally on the Black Entertainment 
Network (BET). 

TeleFood  ’99  is  set  to be one of the most successful events ever, 
with  Jamaican  artists Beenie Man, Luciano, Grammy Award winners Sly 
&   Robbie,   Morgan   Heritage   and   Grace  Thrillers  joining  an 
international  cast  of impressive performers including renowned jazz 
pianist  Monty  Alexander  (USA),  David  Rudder (Trinidad & Tobago), 
Sounds  of  Blackness  (USA),  Gilberto  Gil  (Brazil), Hugh Masekela 
(South Africa), with many more top performers yet to be confirmed.

"The  people  of Jamaica are extremely proud and excited to host this 
very  important  concert  event," said Mrs. Fay Pickersgill, Director 
of  Tourism.  "It  is a privilege to participate in a benefit of this 
magnitude that will help so many people around the world."

As  the  last  concert  of the millennium, this year’s theme has been 
appropriately  titled  "Youth Against Hunger," which is a call to the 
world’s  youth  --  our  future  leaders  -- to play a larger role in 
helping to abolish hunger globally.

Backed  by  the  United  Nations’  Food  and Agriculture Organization 
(FAO),  TeleFood  emerged  from the World Food Summit in Rome in 1996 
to  raise  awareness  of hunger and malnutrition across the globe and 
to  generate  money to combat it. All proceeds from TeleFood ’99 will 
go  to  support  grassroots  projects  to  fight hunger in developing 

Tickets  to  the  concert  are  priced at $25.00 per person. For more 
information  on TeleFood ’99, and to purchase tickets contact the FAO 
Secretariat at #876-977-5921.

For  more  information  on Jamaica, contact the Jamaica Tourist Board 
nearest  you:  New York (212) 856-9727, Chicago (312) 527-1296, Miami 
(305)  665-0557  or  Los  Angeles  (213)  384-1123, e-mail the JTB at,     or     visit    the    JTB’s    website    at

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