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November 1, 2002

Last Update November 4 2002

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I recently saw  and enjoyed your website, especially  the Cuban travel
reports section.  I have a photojournal with some tips from my trip in
January                             1998                            at Please  put a link to
your page of Cuban travel  reports if you think it's appropriate. Some
of the photos  are poorly scanned, but some are good  and I think it's
got some helpful tips.



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COZUMEL, Mexico (Oct.  8, 2002) . Isla Cozumel,  the largest island in
the  Mexican Caribbean,  announces two  additional non-stop  flights a
week on the US  Airways Charlotte-to-Cozumel route, effective Dec. 10,

In addition  to the airline.s  Saturday and Sunday flights  to Cozumel
from Charlotte, flights will also  be added on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Departing flights  leave Charlotte  at 11 a.m.  and arrive  Cozumel at
1:06  p.m.  Returning  flights will  leave  Cozumel at  2:50 p.m.  and
arrive  Charlotte at  6:37 p.m.   US  Airways will  thus operate  four
flights a week  from Charlotte, beginning Dec. 10.   US Airways serves
24 destinations in its rapidly expanding Caribbean network.

.We are just as excited as US Airways about the success and popularity
of  the Charlotte  flights  and  increased East  Coast  access to  our
destination,.  said  Gaston  Cantarell  Diaz, president  of  the  Isla
Cozumel Hotel  Association and  private sector representative  for the
Cozumel  Trust  Fund.  .US  Airways.  commitment  to non-stop  service
illustrates  our continuing growth  in tourism  and allows  Cozumel to
emerge as a top choice for visitors..

The added  airlift will provide  Cozumel with the opportunity  to host
even  more visitors,  including golfers  visiting the  island  to play
Cozumel Country Club, honeymoon  couples traveling to Cozumel to enjoy
the  many options  of the  various hotels  on the  island,  and divers
choosing Cozumel to experience the  intriguing dive sites, such as the
ship wreck.

Named "Cuzamil"  by the  Maya who inhabited  it more than  2,000 years
ago, Isla Cozumel or "land of the swallows" is located in the state of
Quintana Roo,  east of the Yucatan  Peninsula.  Cozumel, approximately
30 miles long  and 10 miles wide, has  an international snorkeling and
diving  reputation  with   the  world's  second-largest  reef  network
featuring  limestone caves,  tunnels  and rare  black coral.   Cozumel
Reefs National Park, a protected 30,000-acre national area covering 85
percent of the island.s dive  sites and embracing the southern section
of  Cozumel,  was created  in  1996  for  the purpose  of  conserving,
monitoring and researching the reef formation and its natural habitat.
In 2002 a U.S. News & World Report Travel Agent Survey recognized Isla
Cozumel as the North  American/Caribbean destination offering the best
vacation   value.   Visit   Cozumel   on  the   World   Wide  Web   at


Mandeville,  Jamaica:  The  largest  international gathering  yet,  to
discuss  the  fastest  growing   sector  of  the  world's  hospitality
industry, Community  Tourism, is expected  to convene in  Montego Bay,
Jamaica between  December 6 -  9, 2002.  Some 300  delegates including
100  from overseas  are expected  to attend  the 3  day  conference to
examine the growing phenomenon of  community tourism, and how to widen
its spread and benefits around the world.

The  conference   will  be  hosted  by   the  Sustainable  Communities
Foundation (SCF) a local community tourism NGO in association with the
Countrystyle Community Tourism  Network and the US-based International
Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT).  It will take place at the
Wyndham   Rose  Hall   Hotel   in  Montego   Bay   and  will   feature
presentations. Discussions, case studies, a community trade show and a
tour of a local  community village 'community experience'.  Funding is
being arranged through a combination of international grants and local

Among those being  invited to attend are the  new Jamaican Minister of
Tourism,  Aloun  Assamba, the  Founder  and  President  of IIPT  Louis
D'Amore,  the  President/CEO  of  Counterpart International  based  in
Washington  D.C.,  leading  tourism  Caribbean  tourism  personalities
including Hon. Gordon 'Butch' Stewart  of Sandals Resorts which is one
of  the main sponsors  and the  President of  the Jamaica  Hotel &
Tourist  Association, Mr.  Josef  Fortsmayr.  A  number  of local  and
regional trainees and community project leaders already registered and
practising elements of community tourism in Jamaica and the Caribbean,
are being invited to make presentations at the conference.

Leading organizers include representatives of the SCF and Countrystyle
Community  Tourism Network team:  Valerie Dixon,  Diana McIntyre-Pike,
Barry   Bonitto,  Desmond   Henry  with   the  assistance   of  senior
representatives  from the University  of the  West Indies  (UWI) Mona,
Jamaica and the UWI Hospitality and Tourism Institute.

Major  outcomes  are  expected  to  include  raising  awareness  about
community  tourism, access  to international  expertise  and training,
developing  worldwide case  study  materials, developing  a forum  for
community  tourism  networking,  developing  standards  for  community
tourism  practises, establishing  mechanisms  for financing  community
tourism  projects,   demonstrating  community  tourism   as  a  viable
hospitality venture capable of improving the region's quality of life.

For   further  information,   please   contact:  Valerie   Dixon/Diana
SCF/Countrystyle (876) 962-7758 


The fourth  staging of  the annual Jamerican  Film and  Music Festival
will see popular entertainer, Slinger ‘the Mighty Sparrow’
Francisco being honoured at the Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall in Montego Bay,
Jamaica November 20-24, 2002. The Jamerican Film and Music Festival is
a powerful force in attracting a multidimensional group of filmmakers,
actors, writers, producers and film  lovers from the global village in
partnership,  to exchange  knowledge and  ideas as  well as  to screen
their  work. The  festival also  has a  major economic  impact  on the
tourism sector of Jamaica, which is  the main source of income for the

The career  of the Mighty Sparrow  spans over 40  years, starting with
his 1956  hit -  Jean and Dinah.  Since then  he has had  numerous hit
songs and  won many  awards for his  popular social  commentaries. The
songs from this international entertainer cover issues such as racism,
national unity, animal rights, taxes, development of indigenous music,
drug abuse and other socio-political issues.

Francisco  has  received many  honours  for  his  efforts such  as  an
Honorary Doctorate  Degree, Doctor of Letters, from  the University of
the West  Indies as well  as honorary title  of Chief of  the Yorubas,
(which  is Chief  Omo Wale  of  Ikoyi). To  top this  off, the  Mighty
Sparrow has had Mayor Ed Koch of New York proclaiming March 18th 1985,
The  Mighty Sparrow  Day.  Not  to be  outdone,  the Brooklyn  Borough
President,  Howard  Golder,  proclaimed  June 24th  1990,  the  Mighty
Sparrow Day also.

The  tradition of honouring  humanitarians at  the Jamerican  Film and
Music  Festival  goes  back  to  Harry Belafonte  who  was  the  first
recipient of the Marcus  Garvey Lifetime Achievement award. This award
was named  after Marcus Mosiah  Garvey because this  Jamaican national
hero embraced the qualities, that  the Jamerican Film & Music Festival
wishes to honour. He was a man of extraordinary vision, whose life and
teachings continue to  make a difference in the  lives of many persons
both at home and internationally.

Contact: Tyrell Morgan/Charlene Ashley 

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