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Caribbean Travel Roundup
Gert van Dijken, Editor
Edition 136
July 15, 2003

Last Update July 15, 2003

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Hurricane Season

Nobody likes to think about it, but this time of the year it is hurricane season in the Caribbean. Officially hurricane season lasts from June 1 through November 30, but the real peak for the Caribbean is the first two weeks of September. That time is the quite period in the Caribbean, you will find some restaurants closed, but on the other hand, the beaches will be less crowded! Since chances of getting in the middle of a strong hurricane are relatively small, this isn't a real bad time to go. Just to plug one of my other websites... The Caribbean Hurricane Network presents hurricane information from the Islands' perspective. I have numerous special local hurricane correspondents on the islands who give their view of what is happening around them. The 'how close is it' and 'how close can it get' tools I developed will give you how far the eye of the storm is from your favorite island, and how close the eye will pass, according to the latest hurricane advisories. Also, the Climatology section shows when the real peak is of hurricane season for your island, what the hurricane capital is of the Caribbean, and much more. There is also a practical guide with all kinds of useful information on hurricane tracking, a quick hurricane web resource navigator, and a interactive high resolution satellite image viewer centered on your favorite island. Find The Caribbean Hurricane Network at
Since we are on the summer schedule, the next CTR will be published September 1. Also, looking forward to receiving your exciting travel stories..., just e-mail it to Enjoy! - Gert van Dijken, editor.


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