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Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 95
May 15, 1999

Last Update 10 May 1999 1700ET

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May 1, 1999

Euclid "Slick" Carty is a 38 year old Anguillian with a special dream. . . .

 May 1, 1999 - Site Map - Click to enlarge pictures

Send Anguilla's Own "Slick" Carty To the Olympics

He  wants  to represent Anguilla at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia 
in the year 2000.

Wheelchair-bound  since  an  automobile  accident twelve years ago, Slick has  
never  considered  himself  a  cripple.  He's married, works full time in the  
vehicle  inspection  department  at Public Works, manages a tee-shirt shop in  
South  Hill  and  keeps  up  his  physical fitness with regular workouts. His 
fund   raising  campaign  is well underway to raising the US$20,000 needed to 
ensure  his participation.

To  date  the  campaign  has  raised  US$10,885  thanks  to the generosity of  
friends,  local  businesses  and  caring  tourist. The campaign kicked off in  
April  this  year  with  a  US$1,000  donation  from  Cable  &  Wireless  who 
challenged   other  companies  to support Slick's efforts. The management and 
owners  o f  Cap   Juluca (US$3,500)  and Covecastles (US$1,900 received with 
more  pledge to come)  have also been major benefactors. Most recently two of 
Anguilla  service  clubs-   Soroptomist  International  of  Anguilla  and the 
Rotary   Club-   have  given   generous  donations  of  US$500  and  US$1,500 
respectively.  The  Government  of  Anguilla is providing maximum support for 
his  efforts  through  the  Sports   Officer  and  has promised to make money 
available  in  1999.  A number of island  businesses are holding fund-raisers 
with proceeds going to the "Send Slick"  fund.

Exac  USA,  a  Swedish  wheelchair  company  operating  in the United States,  
donated  a  new  lightweight  state-of-the-art wheelchair to Slick in August. 
And   this  month  Slick  finally  took delivery of his Tennis wheelchair and 
his   Racing  chair.  He  plans  to enter the 200 and 800 metre races and the 
tennis   competition.  Anguilla  currently has no Olympic Committee and while 
Government   is making efforts to see if Slick can compete under the island's 
name  he  has   been  registered  as  a participant under the auspices of the 
Paralympic   Caribbean  Foundation.  So  he  is  definitely going to Sydney!! 
Arrangements  are   now  being  made  for  him  to  receive  coaching  and to 
participate  in  regional   meets  in 1999 and early 2000. American Eagle has 
pledged  their  support  by  making tickets available for Slick, his wife and 
special personnel (like  coaches & trainers) at extremly low costs.

The  campaign  continues.  There  is  a  pressing  need for a sponsor for the  
special  clothing  needed for training and competition. Anyone out there with  
connections  to  a manufacturer of athletic clothing? Another US$10,000 needs  
to  be  raised by the end of 1999. If you would like to help send Slick Carty  
to  the  Paralympic  Games you can send donations directly to him at P.O. Box  
847,  The  Valley  Anguilla; or directly to the fund established at Caribbean  
Commercial  Bank,  for  Deposit  to  EUCLID CARTY ACCT. #7552771, P.O.Box 23, 
The  Valley, Anguilla, B.W.I.

Fund-raising  Tee-shirts  are also available at Medeariman Reef Restaurant on 
Shoal  Bay beach, the Tee-shirt shop on the South Hill road (just east of the 
Methodist  Church) or from Slick at Public Works in the Valley for only US$20 


And Slick has a web site, , provided by Leroy Hill and Bob Green .

Story courtesy of What We Do in Anguilla

Do You Recognize Crocus Bay?

Anguilla  has  so  many  beaches that it is a challenge to identify them all.  
Last  issue  we  asked  readers  to identify the beach pictured to the right. 
The   first  answer  to  come in had a great story about a dog and pelican on 
Katouche   Bay,  but  unfortunately  that  was  the  wrong answer. The second 
answer  from   Christine  in  Vancouver  was  I  just love every issue of The 
Anguilla News. My  guess, as the overachiever tourist, is Crocus Bay .

This  classic  beach is the closest to Anguilla's capital, The Valley. Crocus 
Bay  is  the site of an historic invasion by the French in 1745, as well as a 
protected anchorage for fisherman and yachstmen.

The  next  correct  answer  came  from  Frank and Rosa Bombino in Puerto Rico  
Hello  Bob.  Greetings from Puerto Rico. That beach is Crocus Bay, from where  
you  can  get  a  boat ride to Little Bay, enjoy snorkeling on the right hand  
side  of  the beach as you come down the hill or enjoy some fish and chips at  
Roy's.  When  me  and  my  wife  go there we are usually the only ones at the  
beach.  Please  do  not spoil it by recommending it to tourists. Hit the link  
below for a photo of my wife Rosa at Crocus Bay.

Take care
Frank Bombino
San Juan, PR

Directions:  From  the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left,  
then  drive  straight  past  Island  Car  Rental  and  the  National  Bank of 
Anguilla.   Turn left at Barclay's Bank and Albert Lakes, proceed through The 
Valley,  up   the  hill,  passing the now closed Cottage Hospital, and follow 
the  road  down a  steep hill to the parking area next to a small, white one-
story building,  across the street from Roy's.

Beautiful Stamp by a School Child

Last  year  Anguilla  held  an art contest for school children . The theme of  
the  contest  was  "Hidden Beauty of Anguilla". Some of the winners had their  
art  immortalized  on  new Anguillian postage stamps. The young artist of the  
beautiful  underwater  view on the $1.50 stamp is 6 year old Carvel Fleming , 
a   student at the Teacher Gloria Omolulu Institute . You can click this link 
for   a  picture  of  the  student  art  hanging in the post office; Carvel's 
original is  in the lower right corner.

We have already featured Teresa's $1 stamp and watch future news issues for 
the other two stamps.

Anguilla Questions?

Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association 

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

May 24. Whit Monday, public holiday.

May 7-9. The Sias-Williams 3-day Wedding, arranged by Carol Webster.

May 28. DeBrodah's Gospel concert at Landsome Bowl.

May 31. Anguilla Day, public holiday. Probably will be a boat race.

Queen's Birthday Holiday is June 14th, according to the Chief Minister's 

Updates and Feedback

Feedback to Email updates and feedback on news stories to

Translations: Anguilla Local News is also available in Italian and German. 
Click here to see what issues have been translated.

Tete-a-Tete Forum: Read and post feedback on Julian Niles' Anguilla Home 

Update  on  Serenity  Restaurant  : This restaurant at the upper end of Shoal  
Bay  has  a  special event every full moon , a moonlight madness after-dinner  
party  on  the  beach. Last night, Friday April 30, was this month's event. A  
large  crowd  appeared  for  dinner  between  7  and  8, and Kingsley started 
playing   very  danceable  West  Indian  tunes about 9. It was great to sip a 
cool  drink   with  friends  around  a table on the sand, then dance to a few 
songs,  walk  the   gentle beach, snack on the complimentary hors d'ourveres, 
and  stare  at  the   full  moon.  1-264-497-3328.  Next  Full  Moon party is 
probably Saturday May 29.

Feedback on Recent Visit. From: Jon Whiteman,
To: Bob Green
Subject: The Green Man
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:04:17 -0400

We  just  returned from a 16 day visit to Anguilla. One day during our visit,  
we  were  driving  around  Island Harbor, and a guy in a pick-up truck pulled  
along  side  us, and was gesturing frantically. We rolled down the window and  
he  asked  if  I  was  the  "Green Man". I stopped the car, and he introduced  
himself.  He  had  assumed that I was you, but recognized that I was not once 
we   were  stopped. The situation became more humorous when he learned that I 
was  the "White-man".

Jon Whiteman

Web Sites About Anguilla

What We Do In Anguilla has a new and improved look at

Harbor  Lights  is a small inn on the waterfront in Island Harbour. They have  
a  new  extensive web site a new toll-free contact, 1-800-759-9870, and a new  
email address

A Guide to Anguilla. Frank and Rosa Bombino have updated and expanded their 
Anguilla web site .

Email Adresss: Architect Kevin Gumbs is at
Carimar's Frequent Visitor Celebration

Carimar  Beach  Club  on  Meads  Bay is a place that really looks after loyal  
visitors.  On  April  9,  1999,  guests  at  Carimar  celebrated  in an award 
ceremony  for Barbara Berliner and Sol Rymer.

In  recognition  of their 10th visit to Carimar, Barbara and Sol were honored  
at  the  ceremony,  received an award plaque, and a prize of 5 free nights at  
Carimar, good between May 1st and November 15th within the next two years.

Carimar  is  a  resort  of two-bedroom condominiums and tennis courts between  
Malliouhana  Hotel  and Blanchard's Restaurant on Meads Bay. Those of you who  
are still working toward your 10th visit to Anguilla can conact Carimar at 1-
  800-235-8667  or  for their summer special of 7 nights 
for  the price of 5.

April 1, 1999

First Jukebox in Anguilla?

The  Pumphouse  Bar  and  Restaurant in Sandy Ground Village now has a  real, 
old-fashioned juke box, for times when they don't have live music or a  DJ.

The musical selections are wide ranging, but tend toward Boomer tastes.

Editorial Policy

The  Anguilla  Local  News  publishes  information about what is happening in  
Anguilla. We do not accept advertising and do not charge for stories.

We  welcome  submission  of  press releases, announcements, story ideas, even  
guest  articles,  but  we  reserve  the  right  to select what we think is of  
interest to our readers and to condense, expand, or edit stories.

Appropriate  topics  are  tourism,  beaches,  local  culture, nature, sports,  
schools,  clubs,  shopping,  boating,  fishing,  events,  music,  art and, of  
course, food.

Bob  Green  Anguilla Local News Box 931 The Valley Fax: 1-264-497-3295 Email:

Computer Club's Advanced MS Word Class

In  order  to  raise  funds  to  promote computer literacy and in response to  
requests  from  offices  on  the  island,  the Anguilla Library Computer Club  
presented an advanced professional course on MS Word, March 23-29, 1999.

The  instructor  was  Rose  Anne  Leonard  (email ) of  
Canada.  Rose  Anne  is  a  professional instructor and her visit to Anguilla 
was   arranged  by  snowbird  Dave  Thomas. The lab facilities and the actual 
class   were  arranged  by  Griffin Webster of Beachtech Center on Shoal Bay. 
MIS   Manager  at  Anglec  Johanne  Webster and Computer Club President LeRoy 
Hill were  lab instructors.

Each  student  received  a  copy  of  the class textbook, Microsoft Word 98 -  
Comprehensive - Enhanced , a complete tutorial from

The students used the club's new Win95 systems for the course:

Shoal Bay Scuba Launches New Dive Boat

Glen  Richardson  of Island Harbour has created a luxurious new dive boat for  
Shoal  Bay  Scuba . With her name still to be decided, the 36-foot vessel was  
launched  on  February  23, 1999 following the blessing ceremony performed by  
Reverend  John  Gumbs.  It is anticipated that due to the wide beam this dive  
boat  may  be able to take divers to spots that were inaccessible before. And  
it  is  powered  by  two  outboard  Yamaha  250  engines purchased from local  
distributor Mithcell Hodge craft.

Dive  Master  Michel  Faligan  and  Shoal Bay Scuba owners David Stephan, Ray  
Knudsen  and  Leander  "Bull"  Bryan  are  also  hoping  to  promote Anguilla  
internationally  as  a premiere professional boat building center through the  
use  of  a specially made video that chronicles and documents the building of  
their new boat.

 News Tidbits from Anguilla

House  of  Assembly  Sworn  In.  Anguilla's  new  Court  House  and  House of 
Assembly   was the site on March 30, 1999 for the ceremony of swearing in the 
new   members. You can read about the elected members on the web 
site.   The  House  also includes two "nominated members": Walcott Richardson 
and  Claudel Romney. Elected Speaker of the House was Leroy Rogers.

Grand  Championship.  Anguilla's  Tae  Kwon  Do  Karate  Team returned from a  
tournament in Jamaica this week with the Grand Championship trophy.

Cinammon  Reef  has  a new representative in the States, Ralph Locke Islands,  
and  new  800  numbers:  (US  and  Canada)  1-800-223-1108 (UK) 0-800-894-057 
(Europe) 310-440-4225

Arts  Festival  Deadline:  The  last  date  to register for this summer's Art  
Festival  has  been  changed  from  March 31 to May 31, due to from Caribbean  
neighbors.  There  are  registration options to suit all artistic temperments  
and pocketbooks.

Budget Anguilla: Casa Nadine

Anguilla  has  budget  accommodations  as well as luxury ones. Casa Nadine is  
probably the least expensive.

It  is  recommended  as  a good choice for those who would be seeking a youth  
hostel in these postings to Julian Niles' Tete-a-Tete Forum for Anguilla.

Casa Nadine telephone: 1-264-497-2358

Below is a review of Casa Nadine from a visiting teacher with a backpack:

Hi Bob,

Met  you  at  the  Computer  Club  last Thursday. It was nice to see the good  
things going on (and the enthusiastic kids!)

O.K as promised a quick review about Casa Nadine in The Valley

A  nice  place, especially if you consider the cost (20 dollar a person). The  
owner  is  very  friendly  and  helpful,  rooms  are clean and have a fan and 
shower   /  toilet.  The  only  negative  is  the  kitchen,  that could use a 
thorough  clean   up, but for making a breakfast it is still o.k. (there is a 

Anyway,  all  the  best  with  your good work over there, if you ever want to 
let   your kids do / exchange e-mails, I have loads of students willing to do 
so,  just drop me e-mail by then.


Marcel Ideler
International School The Hague
The Hague, Holland

Updates and Feedback

  Update  on  Wallblake  House  :  The gross amount raised at the auction was  
$20,000  and  the net is $19,000. The money from the auction will enable them  
to  complete  the  new  roof  before  the  hurricane  season.  They are using  
authentic  wallaby  shingles  of  the  type originally used on the house. The  
Wallblake  House  Trust  is  also  offering  a  new raffle which is a week at  
Malliouhana  for  two,  including  round  trip  airfare  (from anywhere), car  
rental,  and  five  dinners  for  two  at  five  local  restaurants. Only 500 
tickets   to  be  sold.  Cost  of tickets are $50. Drawing on Nov 26, 1999 at 
the   Malliohana  Hotel  at  5  pm.  For  more information, contact Margie at or Fiona at

Update  on  Pressure  King  :  Pressure does not spend much time around Shoal 
Bay   anymore. He has a charter boat, the Pressure Queen that operates mostly 
out  of Sandy Ground.

New Visitor Training Program

Here  is  what  you  need to know for your first visit to Anguilla: Comfort :  
80F  day  and  night.  Casual dress. No ties. No swimsuits in town. Airco for  
some  people.  Put  shorts in your carry on (baggage gets lost). Perils : Use  
sunscreen  at  the  beach. Do not touch coral. Guard against mosquitos. Money 
:   Bring  US  cash  and  travellers  checks,  plus your credit cards. No ATM 
machines.   Groceries  :  Places  to  buy  groceries  and  how  to find them! 
Phone/Net:   :   Reliable  but  expensive.  Consider  Internet-by-the-minute. 
Driving  :  Stay  to   the  left.  Don't  worry  about horn beeps. Bring your 
license.  Manners : Say  "good morning" before stating your business. Wave to 
strangers. More Tips :  Power. Pets. Gratuities. Ferries. Marriage. ...

Web Sites About Anguilla

Nature  Boy  Expeditions.  Dubois Webster, aka Nature Boy, now has a web site  
for  his  Anguilla  water  exploration  business  at -- when we 
bought   our  used catamarran in Island Harbour, Nature Boy came out from his 
house  to   help us fix the broken parts and teach us how to sail it. He is a 
great  teacher.

Arawak  Resort  is  under  new  management  and is offering a 50% off special  
(starting  at  $55  for  the summer, $87.50 for next winter). And they have a 
new       web      site:     and     email     address:

Lots  for  Sale.  Beachfront  building  lots are for sale at Lockrum (that is  
between Little Harbour and Blowing Point) on this web page .

Human  Energy  Kerry Davis has created the web site for his totally  
natural health system based on colours.

Splash Villa has updated their web page at

Sea  View  Guest House in Sandy Ground now has email,  
, to go with their web page .

Ritz  Watersports  has  an  updated  web  site  with  new  pictures from this 
season.  Check it out, then learn to waterski. Luciano Ristorante Italiano

If  you  are  looking  for  some  Northern  Italian  pasta  for  dinner, then 
consider   Luciano  in  Long  Bay  village (about a block east of Malliouhana 

Your  hosts  Luciano  Romani  (an  Italian  from the Italian Riviera) and his 
wife   Sophie  Jaquin (French, from Paris) will make you welcome, as evidence 
this  recent email message below:

Telephone:   1-264-497-6700  for  reservations.  They  only  accept  American  
Express.  Open  for  lunch.  Closed  Fridays,  also  closes for September and  

Directions:  If  you are staying in the West End, Luciano is just up the road  
from  Malliouhana  Hotel.  Starting  from  the  airport parking lot, take the 
only   exit  and  turn  left, then left again to drive past the airport going 
west.  Go   through  the  airport  roundabout and follow the main road, going 
straight   through the other roundabout at Sandy Ground. After the South Hill 
Plaza  on   the left, watch for a paved right turn to Long Bay Village (which 
may  or  may   not have a traffic light). Drive through the village and watch 
for Luciano on  the right, just before Meads Bay and the Malliouhana Hotel.

Luciano Dinner Menu Feb 99 ANTIPASTI Insalata Caprese
Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, oregano, olive oil $11.00 Legumi alla 
Grilled vegetables with garlic and basil $10.00 Carpaccio
Beef carpaccio with celery and slice of parmesan $14.00 Insalata Mista
Tomato, carrots and mixed green salad $7.00 Insalata Di Gamberi E Pomodoro
Mesolum salad with shrimps and tomato, basil black olive and chives $12.00 
ZUPPE Zuppa Di Cipolla
Home made onion soup, Italian style $7.00 Zuppa Di Pesce
Home made fish soup $10.00 PRIMI PIATTI Spaghetti Pomodoro E Basilico
Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and basil $14.00 Linguini alla Puttanesca
Linguini with fresh tomato sauce, capers, anchovies, black olives, garlic, 
oregano $15.00 Linguini Al Pesto
Linguini with fresh home made pesto sauce $15.00 Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare
See food with tomato sauce, shrimps, calamari, mussels. Parsley and garlic 
$22.00 Spaghetti Aglio Olio Pepperoncio
Spaghetti with garlic olive and crushed red pepper $12.00 Fettuccini Ai 
Fettuccini with french cepes mushrooms with cream sauce $16.00 Linguini Ai 
Crayfish O Aragosta
linguini with crayfish or lobster with cognac. Garlic, Fresh tomato sauce, 
white  wine  and  a  touch  of  cream  sauce  $28.00 SECOND PIATTI Pollo alla 
Grilled breast chicken with rosemary $15.00 Piccata Al Limone
Veal with lemon sauce and white wine $20.00 Pesce Del Giorno alla Griglia
Grilled fish of the day varies Calamari Fritti
Fried calamary with slices of fried zucchini $26.00 DOLCE Tiramisu $10.00 
Dolce Cioccolato tiepido con alsa alla vaniglia
Warm chocolate cake with custard sauce $10.00 Semifreddo in Salsa D' Arancio
Honey parfait with orange sauce $10.00 Panna Cotta Al Cioccolato O alla 
Panna cotta with chocolate sauce or strawberry coulis $10.00

All prices are in U.S. Dollars, plus 15% service charge.



ANTIGUA,  April  21,  1999  –  Jumby  Bay  Island  in  Antigua,  one  of  the 
Caribbean’s  most exclusive island retreats, is offering vacationers tropical 
sunshine,  luxurious  amenities and added value savings with a choice of four 

Escapes For Everyone

Jumby  Bay  Island is offering the “Island Escape,” “Romantic Escape,” “Villa 
Escape,”  and  “Ultimate  Escape” programs for five or seven night stays, now 
through  December  15,  1999.    Each  package  includes five or seven nights 
accommodations  for  two,  daily full American breakfast for two at the Beach 
Pavilion  or  continental  breakfast  on a private terrace and dinner for two 
each  night  at  the  Estate  House,  the  resort’s  fine  dining restaurant.  
Additional  package  features  include  airport transfers, a welcome amenity, 
afternoon  tea  service and sunrise coffee service, transport to and from the 
resort  by  ferry,  and  use  of  all water sports, tennis courts, and island 

Guests  booking  the  “Island  Escape”  package  also  receive  a  snorkeling 
excursion  including  a  picnic  lunch  and a sunset cocktail cruise.  Double 
occupancy  rates start at $2,860 for five nights and $3,220 for seven nights, 
for  a  deluxe oceanview room from May 15 - November 1.  From April 1 - March 
31  and  November  2 - December 15, rates start at $2,360 for five nights and 
$3,920 for seven. 

The  “Romantic  Escape”  also  includes  daily  lunch  for  two  at the Beach 
Pavilion,  a  day charter with champagne and caviar gourmet picnic for two or 
a  day  trip  by  air  to  Barbuda  with  lunch and an island tour, a couples 
massage  and  a  momento  gift.   Pricing  for  two starts at $3,715 for five 
nights  and  $4,195  for  seven,  for  a  deluxe oceanview room from May 15 - 
November  1.   From  April  1  - March 31 and November 2 - December 15, rates 
start at $3,215 for five nights and $4,895 for seven. 

The  “Villa  Escape” package also includes a sunset cruise and an island tour 
featuring  stops  at  historic Shirley Heights and Nelson’s Dockyard.  Double 
occupancy  rates begin at $4,165 for five nights and $5,775 seven nights, for 
accommodations  in  a two-bedroom villa from May 15 - November 1.  From April 
1  -  March  31 and November 2 - December 15, rates start at $ 7,150 for five 
nights and $8,470 for seven.

For  travelers who seek a carefree getaway including all meals, beverages and 
activities,  the  “Ultimate  Escape” is sure to please.  The package includes 
breakfast,  lunch  and  dinner,  all  beverages including select wines by the 
glass  and cocktails, and up to six hours of private instruction and services 
including  tennis,  massage,  water-skiing  and  snorkeling.   Rates start at 
$4,120  for  five  nights and $4,900 for seven nights, for a deluxe oceanview 
room  from  May  15  -  November 1.  From April 1 - March 31 and November 2 - 
December 15, rates start at $3,620 for five nights and $5,600 for seven.

Luxurious Hideaway Boasts New Look

Jumby  Bay  Island,  managed  by Rockresorts International, features 51 newly 
refurbished  accommodations, including a 12-unit Mediterranean-style complex, 
27  junior  suite-style  cottages, and 12 deluxe oceanview units.  Telephones 
have  been  added  to  all  existing rooms and satellite TVs and VCRs are now 
available in the oceanview units.
For  information and reservations, call Rockresorts at (800) 223-7637 or call 
Jumby Bay Island directly at (800) 421-9016. 



(Submitted by: Joe and Joanne, Celeste and Carmen)

Trip 4/99

I  will  start  out with our trip planning and try to highlight things we did 
as  a  result  of our many trips to the ARUBA bulletin board. After realizing 
we  needed  a vacation and our Twentieth Anniversary was coming up we decided 
to  go  to ARUBA. Our travel agent recommended the Allegro All Inclusive with 
Apple  Tours  from  Philadelphia on Mexicana Airlines at a special price that 
did  not  include  the  dine-around.  Some  folks did get three coupons worth 
$50.00  each  per  room  for  the  program  but  their package rate was about 
$500.00  higher  than  what  we  paid.  Additionally, the restaurant list was 
limited  and I did not inquire as to which restaurants were on the list. I do 
know  that  the  El Gaucho was not on the list. Since this was our first trip 
we  decided we were not going to try all the establishments that the BB folks 
have been recommending.

Prior  to  our  leaving,  postings  to  the  bulletin board indicated that we 
should  contact the hotel, car rental agencies, and any restaurants we wished 
to   dine   at.   I  contacted  the  El  Gaucho  at  the  following  address:  for reservations for the 31st of March at 7:30PM for 
four.  A person named Riri confirmed the reservation with a return email one-
day  later.  I  contacted  Economy  Car  Rental  at for a 
Suzuki  Jimmy  4wd.  Mario  the  owner's  son  (just  back from school in New 
Hampshire)  confirmed  the three-day reservation and price ($179.00) two days 
later.   I   also   contacted   the   Allegro   manager   Alain   Tiphane  at  with  a  request  for  a  North Tower Even Numbered Room 
above  the  third  floor.  Alain  returned  my  request two days later with a 
promise  to  do  all  he  could to accommodate my request. As a result of his 
promise  I  sent him three one-pound boxes of New Jersey Salt Water Taffy and 
a  jar  of  my  wildflower  honey. These were sent three weeks in advance (he 
received  them without any problems). I brought all three-email confirmations 
with us, as they would be needed.

There  is  no  need  to  be  concerned  with the Apple Tour folks or Mexicana 
Airlines.  The  flight  to  Aruba  did leave Philadelphia ½ hour late, but we 
arrived  on  time. The Airplane was a new A320 (airbus) with seating three on 
each  side.  Seating  arrangements on the charter are assigned at the airport 
so  get  there  early. There was more than adequate room so there was no need 
to  be  fussy  except  to sit up front to be first off the plane. Drinks were 
free  and  the meal was good. The flight attendants on the way down seemed to 
have  an attitude, but flight deck personnel were very pleasant. I would much 
rather  have  them  happy than the attendants. Specifically, I asked for some 
water  and  it seemed they were doing me a favor in getting it. I also had to 
ask  for  ice  for  the  water, which really seemed to put the attendant out. 
Similar  requests  from  other  passengers  were  met  with  the same lack of 
enthusiasm.  For example, a pillow or blanket… The flight down took 4 ½ hours 
at  35,000  feet (for those who want minutia) and was quite bumpy. As we made 
our  approach  to the airport the pilot brought the plane in too high and too 
fast  and we had to go back up again and try a second approach. After a bumpy 
flight  you  could  of heard a pin drop. I just enjoyed the excitement of the 
moment.  We  finally  landed  without  any  more fanfare and were let off the 
plane.  Upon  disembarking from the plane we were met with high humidity, 94-
degree   temperature  and  high  (36  knots)  winds.  I  went  right  to  the 
immigration  folks  and  cleared without any problem (less than a minute) and 
then  went  off  to  Economy  Car  Rental  for  my Suzuki. Since we were with 
another  couple  they  stayed  to retrieve the baggage. I presented the young 
lady  at the counter with my email confirmation concerning dates, prices etc. 
Economy  had  my  car  ready and I was out of there quicker than the wind. We 
elected  to  forego  our  transfers  with DePalm tours so we would get to the 
hotel  before  the  busses.  I  drove around to pick up my wife and the other 
couple  and  we  were  off  to  the  hotel. It was an experience getting four 
adults  and  four  large bags into that Jimmy. If you are going to rent a car 
for  the day or two this would be a good time to do so, since you will get to 
the  hotel  first. When we arrived at the Allegro there was no one waiting to 
check-in  and  they  had no problem checking us in at 1:30PM. We received our 
ID  Tags  w/o  pictures  (had pictures put on the next day for vanity), towel 
tags,  gambling match coupons, and schedule of events. We got our rooms (pre-
arranged  with  Alain)  as  promised 520 and 714, had the baggage brought up, 
unpacked  and  were  on  the  beach at 2:15PM. The rooms had a king-size bed, 
refrigerator,  safe  and  were  neat,  clean and more than adequate. They are 
still  working  on sprucing up the place but just minor cosmetics. On the way 
to  the  beach  we noticed the lobby was filled with people just off the bus. 
On  the  beach  it  was very windy, not a refreshing breeze, but a stiff wind 
that  peppered  the  legs with sand. The sand was not hot. Three cruise ships 
were  in  town  so  it  was pretty crowded. I went into the water and my dive 
watch  registered a water temperature 81 degrees, the water temp did not vary 
much  except  some areas were warmer than others (shallow vs. deep). Oh soooo 
cold!!!  Pool  temperature  was  79 degrees late in the day. About 6:30 as we 
were  on  our  way  back up to the rooms for showers, we stopped at the lobby 
bar  for  some  drinks (Mudslides & Bloody Mary's). People were still milling 
around  but  finally  thinning  out.  Most  of  them  missed  out on the late 
afternoon  sun  and wind. One gal from our charter had her luggage mistakenly 
sent  to a cruise ship, she did have a change of clothes and her bathing suit 
but  that was all (did not see her or husband the rest of the week so I don't 
know  how  this worked out). Make sure that if you are on a tour, you use the 
tour  identification  tags  the  agent  sends you. Apparently she did not use 
them  and  her  bags  were sent elsewhere. It appears airport personnel start 
the  sorting of baggage. The lobby bar was pretty busy that afternoon though. 
The  drinks  at  all  the  bars  (lobby,  beach, and pool) all used top shelf 
liquor  and  very good. We got two more drinks and had no problem taking them 
to  our room (you should ask for plastic cup though). Glasses are used at the 
lobby  bar  and  this helps the staff keep glasses where they are supposed to 
be!  Later  in  the  week  we  noticed  people  getting drinks in glasses and 
bottles  at  the  lobby  bar  then taking them down to the pool. I think they 
left their brains at home.

Funny  thing  about  the  showers and cold water. I think all of the water is 
warm,  you  could not get a glass of cold water from the tap. Get a bucket of 
ice  if  that  is  what  you  want.  The  desalination plant produces some 14 
million  gallons  of  water a day from the warm ocean, thus the water is warm 
to  begin  with.  It  is then distributed though pipes, which are not too far 
from  the surface adding more heat. During our stay I never turned on the hot 
water  for  a  shower,  the  temp was just fine coming from the tap, slightly 
more  than  warm.  My  wife  on the other hand loves scalding showers and she 
only  opened  the  hot tap, all she could get was warm water. My wife finally 
did  get  some  hot  water so she figured out the timing and got her scalding 
showers  accordingly  (3:30PM).  I  think  it had something to do with people 
coming  off  the  beach?  After  our  showers  we  went  to  a buffet dinner. 
Brochures  say  the  Allegro  has  four  restaurants, however, the Tradewinds 
Restaurant  (closest  to  the  pool)  changes  the  name at night so there is 
really  only  three.  Cheesecake  desserts  seem  to be an Allegro specialty. 
There  must have been a dozen different kinds of cheesecake. If you could not 
find  something  to  please  your pallet, then you must be dead. All types of 
salads,  chicken, pork, beef, fish, potatoes, veggies etc. etc. etc. The food 
was  very  good  and  the  service excellent. Even though we were on the all-
inclusive  we  did  leave  a  tip  for  every  meal, usually four dollars for 
breakfast  and lunch or six dollars for dinner for the four of us. We did the 
same  thing  for  drinks. Whenever we went to get a drink (or two or four) we 
always  left  a dollar tip. I brought a stack of one-dollar bills with us and 
used  most  of  them. You get better service when you tipped. For example, if 
the  bartender saw us in line he would start working on our drinks and by the 
time we got to the front of the line our drinks were ready. 

After  dinner  we  went  for a walk up the beach to the fisherman huts up the 
beach  towards  California  Light.  There  is  a  lot of activity up there in 
anticipation  of  the  windsurfing  races coming up. During our week the moon 
was  approaching  the  full  phase  so it was quite bright and very romantic. 
Upon  returning to the Allegro we decided to go to the Casino. They have free 
bingo  for  $1000.00  every  night at 10PM and you only get one card. You can 
get  three  additional  cards if you change $20.00 for tokens. We changed $40 
dollars  for  token  and got six plus our two free for a total of eight. They 
play  cover-all  and  if  you  cover  all  your numbers by the time they have 
called  fifty  numbers  them  you get the $1000. If no one gets bingo with 50 
numbers  the  prize goes down to $100. We never did win at bingo and while we 
were  there  no  one won the $1000. Oh well next time I guess. We then played 
the  slots  and  lost  $15.00  of  the  original $40.00, cashed the remaining 
tokens in and headed for bed.

Sunday:  I am an early bird (never got the worm) and get up around 5:00 every 
morning.  This being the case, I was designated the "Obtainer of Shade". Each 
hotel  has  a  number  of  thatched  roof  huts that provide more than enough 
protection  from the INTENSE SUN, however, you must get to the beach early to 
get  a choice location. I would get my shower and head down to the kitchen to 
scrounge  up  some  coffee.  I  say,  "scrounge up" because the coffee is not 
usually  ready until 6:30AM. On of the cooks usually had some instant coffee, 
which  would  suffice.  Dunkin  Donuts up the street did not open till 6AM. I 
then  proceeded  to  the  beach.  The beach attendants lock up all the lounge 
chairs  each  night, however there is usually a chair or two around the beach 
towel  hut  (where  you  get  your  beach  towels daily). I took one of these 
chairs  to  the  hut  of  my  choice.  At  5:30AM the only people around were 
usually  the security guards. Around 6:30 or so the "real" coffee was put out 
in  one  of the two downstairs restaurants and I went and got a few more cups 
to  go  and  returned  to "my spot" on the beach. The beach attendants arrive 
about  6:45 to clean up the beach and set up the lounge chairs. The first day 
they  asked  me if I wanted some chairs set up in the hut I was sitting in. I 
asked  for  four  and  gave  the attendant my two towel cards. He then said I 
should  get  the  other  two  cards to him as soon as the other members of my 
party  arrived  at  the  beach.  I  gave him a $5.00 tip, and then went for a 
swim,  then a short nap until 7:30 or so when my wife and brother-in-law came 
down.  My  sister likes to sleep in so we would just sit around and watch the 
morning  activities  until  8:15  or  so.  If  anyone  wants  a  hut, I would 
seriously  recommend they get to the beach not later than 7:15 or so at least 
the  first  day  to  let the attendants know which hut you want and tip them. 
They  will  set  up the hut for you the next day. There are signs in the huts 
that  read  "This hut is for the exclusive use of registered hotel guests. If 
the  hut  is not occupied after two hours time the towels and belongings will 
be  removed  and  taken to the beach towel hut". I did not see this to be the 
case,  but  most  people did put some additional stuff around to make the hut 
look  occupied.  We  usually  had  some shirts, flip-flops, and beach bags we 
left  on our chairs and never had a problem. I also had a radio, which we put 
in  the  hut  and  left  on. Wasn't worried about theft (cost $11.00) because 
there was more than enough security folks around.

Around  8:30  or  so my sister would come down and we would go eat breakfast. 
It  was  kind of neat to watch the little yellow birds flit around and try to 
grab  some  morsels off breakfast plates. The birds were particularly fond of 
apple  juice.  If  you left the table to get something and did not cover your 
juice  glass  they would swoop down and "steal" a drink. They did not do this 
with  orange  juice,  so  consider  yourself  warned. Breakfast was the usual 
fare,  eggs,  pancakes,  bacon,  and sausage, yogurt, fruits, potatoes and of 
course  deserts.  After  breakfast,  it was off to the gym for my brother-in-
law,  the  rest of us went off to the beach to people watch and relax. I must 
say  that  I relaxed during this vacation, I did not even so much as read one 
book.  There was much to observe; kids (more about them later) thongs, skimpy 
men's  bathing  suits (not my observations), the occasional uncovered breasts 
(no  more  about this, they are around), water activities, and the occasional 
"Shade  Thief".  "Shade  Thieves"  were  the people that for some reason felt 
they  were  entitled to shade even though they arrived at the beach around 10 
or  so,  some  much  later. They would grab a lounge chair and place it right 
next  to wherever they thought it should be without consideration for others. 
I  remember  one  comment  on  the bulletin board about "if there is a crying 
baby  (and  this  could  be anyone from 3 months old up to and including some 
adults)  within  five  miles  it  would be right next to me" seemed to be the 
case  in  some  instances.  Talk  about  invading  one's personal space, some 
people  have  no  class.  I actually saw one guy rearrange some chairs in one 
hut  so  that  he  could get two additional chairs into the hut away from the 
sun.  The  people  using  the hut were about twenty yards away at the water's 
edge.  The  hut  he  wanted to use would only accommodate four chairs and the 
people  using the hut had two babies 6 and 19 months (very good all week). He 
was  asked  to remove his belongings to another space by the beach attendants 
and security. He got a little belligerent, but succumbed and finally moved. 

Around  2PM, my wife and I decided to do the tour of the island in our Jimmy, 
while  Carm  and Celeste stayed on the beach to work on the bodies beautiful. 
We  drove  out  to California Lighthouse (took pictures) and continued on the 
"coast  highway"  on  towards the Gold Mine ruins, Natural Bridge and beyond. 
When  we  were  in the Cayman's last year we rented a Chrysler "Jeep" with an 
open  top.  We  learned from that trip not to do it again. This trip was done 
in  the comfort of an air-conditioned hard top. The road was bumpy, dusty and 
should   only   be  done  in  a  four-wheel  drive  vehicle  (talk  about  an 
experience).  Saw all the things you are supposed to see during this trip and 
took  more  pictures.  Did not find out why some folk's build the little rock 
piles but that's ok, they do seem pretty strange though.

When  we  got to Natural Bridge it appeared that we could get to the beach on 
the  other  side  of  the cove by just driving up the mountain and over it. I 
thought  there  was  a  way over without going all the way back down the same 
road  we were on and decided to try it. There did seem to be a road along the 
front of the mountain so that is the way we went. Believe me, it was a white-
knuckle  ride  across  the  face  of the mountain. All the people down at the 
bridge  area  were  watching us to see if we would make it. I did have to get 
out  more  than a few times to walk ahead to see if we could. My wife had her 
eyes  closed  the  whole  time  and  I  am sure she said a few rosaries also. 
Looking  back,  it was really stupid of me on my part, but live and learn. We 
finally  did  reach the other side and got down to the beach where there were 
people  on  horseback riding in the surf. They mentioned that the road I used 
was  only for small four wheeled all terrain vehicles. The trip to the Chapel 
of  Alto  Vista  was  uneventful. Further along the way we entered the Arikok 
National  Park  and followed the road to "Conchi" (natural pool). The road in 
the  park  is  not like the road in "Yellowstone". After a short ride and not 
wanting  to  do  the "face of the mountain thing" again, we turned around and 
headed  back.  As  we  drove to exit the park I missed a road marker (about a 
foot  high)  and  we  found  ourselves at the top of another precipitous ride 
down  the "road". This one was not too hard to navigate and we made it to the 
"safe"  highway.  I  had  enough  of  this  (Joanne had enough at the Natural 
Bridge)  so  we  headed  back  to  our  hotel.  We  arrived back in one piece 
thankfully.  We met up with my sister and brother-in-law and decided to go to 
dinner  around  7.  Joanne  did  not get a hot shower. Went down to the lobby 
bar,  had  a few drinks and off to dinner. Dinner was the usual fare (I don't 
mean  to  belabor  the  point  but  dinner  and  all  the meals were good and 
satisfying).  During  dinner  a cute dog came over to the edge of the seating 
area  and  sat  down. Our waiter told us he would just sit there until all of 
the  patrons  have  left at which time the staff will give him a big meal. He 
was  very  well  behaved  and  we  could  not  resist  giving him some of our 
leftover  dinner.  He  is partial to prime rib and tuna. After dinner we went 
downtown  to  the "Crystal Casino" where we changed $40.00 for quarter tokens 
and  $10.00 for dollar tokens. "Aruba Rick" said on his home page he felt the 
payoffs  were  better here ( He 
was  right. The first dollar slot I came to took my first dollar and promptly 
paid  out  $40.00.  I put in two more tokens and won $60.00 more. I left that 
machine  alone and cashed in my tokens. My wife did not have as much luck and 
we  left  with $58.00 winnings. We later gave this back to the Allegro casino 
over  the  course  of  the  week. Losing $60.00 for the week was not too bad. 
Back to the hotel and bed.

Monday:  Got  up  at 5:00 and did the usual (see above) got same hut and gave 
same  tip.  After  breakfast,  Carm went to the Gym (small but enough to give 
him  a  workout)  and  we  went  to the beach. Stayed at beach until 1:30 had 
lunch  and  then  Carm,  my  wife  and  I  were  off  to  baby beach for some 
snorkeling.  Celeste  stayed at the hut to watch out for the "Shade Thieves". 
We  found baby beach without any problem, donned our snorkel gear and did the 
snorkel  thing. Since we dive we had our lycra body suits with us. They don't 
keep  you  warm  but  do a good job protecting you from the sun. The water in 
the  cove was quite warm (86 degrees) but past the rocks and towards the reef 
the  water  was  72 degrees. There was not a great abundance of reef fish but 
enough  to  satisfy  the  adventurer. When I noticed a "nut" out there with a 
spear  gun  I  decided it was time to leave. There were some folks topless on 
the  beach,  and  others changing out of their bathing suits on the beach. We 
satisfied  our voyeurism desires and headed back to the hotel for showers and 
drinks  before  dinner (Joanne got a hot shower tonight). On Monday nights, a 
buffet  dinner  is  served  with a show on the beach. As a result, during the 
day  one-half of the beach was roped off so tables and chairs could be set up 
for  the  "feast".  Let  me  tell  you  since the beach area was reduced, the 
"Shade  Thieves"  were  out  in full force. No serious confrontations though. 
Tipping  your  waiters  pays  off.  When  we  got  to the buffet area we were 
immediately  seated  right  in  front  of  the stage. The star attraction was 
"Vincent".  He  is  an Island favorite and puts on a very good show. He plays 
at  the  various  resorts  and  should  not be missed. Very entertaining. The 
dinner  buffet  was  tremendous.  After  dinner  and a walk it was on to free 
bingo  at  the  casino.  Lost again along with $10.00 in tokens. We never did 
use  our  "match  Play"  coupons,  but we are not big gamblers anyway. I gave 
mine  away  to  some  guy sitting at a blackjack table. He lost, I guess easy 
come,  easy go. On to the lobby bar for a few drinks, and off to bed with our 

They have a Disco and bar but we did not stay.

Tuesday:  Up at the usual time, coffee, beach chair, hut selection (same one) 
tip,  etc.  I  had  some  company this morning. Our little friend from dinner 
came  down the beach and sat with me for about a half-hour till breakfast was 
served  at  the  Tradewinds.  Again  he  was  just patient and waited for his 
handout.  This  morning  though  as  soon  as Carm came down, we went to make 
reservations  for  Friday  night  at  Caruso's  restaurant.  Each  guest  can 
frequent  this  restaurant  at  the Allegro only one time and you must make a 
reservation.  I then left to go downtown to take some pictures in the morning 
light.  I was particularly interested in the wharf and the fishing boats from 
South  America. Each Tuesday morning the fisherman from South America dock at 
the  wharf  to  sell their catch. It was interesting to see the haggling over 
prices  and the various types of fish being sold. There were some pretty odd-
looking  fish  being sold. One fellow who had bought some fish and was having 
them  cleaned, mentioned to me that this particular fish was found at a depth 
of  200  meters. It was the only kind of fish he liked. He mentioned the name 
but  I do not remember. There were a lot of restaurant and hotel chefs at the 
dock  buying the "Catch of the day". A few boats specialized in shrimp, which 
were  by  no  means  small.  Most of the shrimp were as big as 7 inches long. 
After  the  dock,  it  was on to Fort Zoutman, the Governors Mansion and some 
other  picture  taking  sites.  Since  we  would  be coming back into town on 
Wednesday  for  dinner,  I  thought I would look for our restaurant then head 
out  to  the  airport to inquire about returning my car to the Economy Rental 
stand  across  from  the  Allegro.  I  was told it would be no problem and no 
additional  charge. This left me some more time for additional sightseeing. I 
drove  through  some various neighborhoods and returned to the Allegro. I had 
a  late  bite  to  eat  before  going  to  the beach. Joanne and Celeste were 
already  soaking  up  the  sun,  and  Carm  was at the Gym. Had a few drinks, 
soaked  up  some  more  sun  and then returned the car at 1PM. The office for 
Economy  checked  in  my  rental and I was back to the beach for more sun and 
suds  (mudslides & bloody mary's). We all stayed at the beach with some short 
visits  to the pool and outdoor shower. We watched some "best legs" contests, 
as  well  as  other  different  events going on around the pool. The activity 
people  always had something going on. Afternoon bingo was a big hit as well. 
We  didn't  play but maybe next time. Tuesday night dinner was held "Table d' 
Hote  in  the  showroom and featured the show "Amigos". The show was colorful 
and  entertaining,  and  we  had  good  seats (tip, tip, tip $5.00). Our only 
complaint  was  that  there  was  too  much singing in Spanish. I'm sure they 
could find some Latin music that can be sung in English.

Wednesday:  Same  morning  routine. Sat at the beach all day. Listened to the 
radio,  talked  to  some folks from Boston and Toronto, waited for the cruise 
folks  to  come  and fight for good spots on the beach. Had a light lunch and 
some  more drinks. Tonight is the big event of the trip, also a full moon and 
play  on the beach after dark (use your imagination). Dinner was scheduled at 
El  Gaucho.  So  a  light  lunch was in order (a banana). Stayed at the beach 
until  5:30  or so then went up for showers. Joanne did not get a hot shower! 
We  all  met  in  the  lobby  at  6:30 for some drinks and then off to the El 
Gaucho.  The  cab fare was $9.00 to the restaurant and our driver was full of 
information  about  the  island.  When  we  got to the restaurant there was a 
crowd  of  about twenty people waiting. I went up to the hostess and told her 
our  names  and  of course there was no reservation in the book. I showed her 
our  e-mail  confirmation, however, the hostess still did not know what to do 
except  put  our  names  on  the list. Then Rosa, (I think one of the owners) 
came  over to see what the problem was. She looked at the e-mail, apologized, 
and  immediately  took  us  upstairs  for  the  feast  of  our lives. I guess 
reservations  made  over  the  Internet  via e-mail and Web page visitors get 
preferential  treatment  since  the  El  Gaucho  folks  pay big bucks for the 
webpage  (  . Dinner was nothing 
short  of  fantastic. Since we did not eat at The Flame we cannot compare the 
two,  however,  we  all  agreed  the  dinner was much better than Ruth Chris' 
Restaurants  we  have eaten at. For starters Joanne had the Garlic shrimps, I 
had  Shrimp Cocktail, Celeste had Crème de Pumpkin, and Carm had Squid Buenos 
Aires.  Drinks  included one Miller Lite, a Glass of White Zinfandel, a Spicy 
Bloody  Mary  and  a half carafe of red house wine. For dinner Joanne had the 
Argentine  Grill  ($22.00),  Celeste,  Carm and I had the Churrasco Argentino 
(gaucho  steak,  $22.00),  each  meal  came  with a salad, corn on the cob, a 
vegetable  medley.  For  desert  we  had  Caramel  ice cream, cheesecake, and 
coffee.  Total  for  the  dinner was $184.00 that included the service charge 
but  we  left  $190.00 because of the exceptional service and palate pleasing 
entrées.  We  walked  to  the  bus  station about ten minutes away and waited 
about  10  minutes  for  the bus. The bus ride back took ten minutes and cost 
$1.50  each. After a trip to the lobby bar and some drinks it was off to… (As 
I  said  use  your  imagination).  We  missed  the  Prime  Rib buffet and the 
"Broadway  Revue"  this  night at the hotel, which everyone was talking about 
the  following  day at the beach, but I think the dinner was worth it. Do not 
miss it. 

Thursday:  Just  another boring (sic) day at the beach. Normal routine, still 
have  not  figured  out why the do not have a coffee bar set up all the time. 
We  went to the manager's welcome party at the pool for drinks and appetizers 
from  6-7,  then off to the showroom for a seafood buffet and show. Had front 
row  center  seating  this  time  and  you just have to remember to tip these 
folks  ($5.00).  Those  big  shrimp from Tuesday morning finally showed up in 
our  restaurant.  My, they are delicious. This is where you need to watch out 
for  the  kids  and arrogant adults. There was a lot of line jumping in order 
to  get  to  the shrimp. It seems some people only wanted the shrimp and were 
not  content  to  wait  in  line behind others. The fact that the shrimp were 
being  given out by a hostess (three to a person/per trip did not deter these 
folks.  Adults  and  kids  alike  that were not satisfied with the three that 
were  given by the hostess were prone to obtaining their own by reaching into 
the  bowl and taking what they wanted. Parents with the "kids" even permitted 
this  type  of  behavior;  of  course  there was no "excuse me" even from the 
adults.  Enough  said. The show was very good and although you could not take 
pictures  during  the  show  you  could  go  up  on stage with the performers 
afterwards  to  have our picture taken with them. This show was a Vegas style 
show  with  skimpy  costumes.  Bring  your  camera.  Again  too much Spanish, 
however  music  is  an international language so you can get with "the beat". 
After dinner, a walk and then off to the lobby bar for drinks and bedtime.

Friday:  Is  the  week  coming  to  an end? Must be…today started quite a bit 
differently  than  the others. Well for the most part things pretty much went 
the  same,  that is I got up at 5:00 showered and went down to scrounge up my 
cup  of coffee. Upon exiting the elevator I was greeted not with the sound of 
the  little  birds  but  the  sound  of rain. Rain I thought? I must still be 
dreaming,  here  I  am  in  Aruba and it is raining... not just raining but a 
torrential  downpour,  this can't be I thought then just as soon as I noticed 
it  the  rain  stopped.  I looked around and thought the hotel staff had just 
finished  washing  the area around the pool. The rain lasted about 30 seconds 
or  so.  I  went  to  get  my coffee thinking of how everything survives with 
rainfalls  such  as  the  one  I  had just witnessed. I guess that is why the 
place  is  known  for  bright sunny days. Well I now have my coffee and about 
halfway  to  the  beach for my morning sit, the rains come again. I can't see 
the  beach  for  the sheets of rain. I did not bother to run since I would be 
wet  soon enough and continued to walk to my spot on the beach. This time the 
rain  came  down  pretty  hard for about all of a minute. Did not see another 
drop  the  rest of our time in sunny ARUBA. This day we planned on doing some 
snorkeling  over  at  DePalm  Island and then some shopping in town. Since it 
was  Good  Friday the shopping part was out. We decided to get a cab ($20.00) 
over  to the DePalm dock instead of using the Tour ($18.95 each), getting the 
ferry  ($8.00 each), doing the snorkeling then get back to the beach. Celeste 
did  not  want  to  go  so  she  sat  at  our spot on the beach while we went 
snorkeling.  By  taking  the  cab over and back we spent $4.00 more than what 
the  tour  would have cost but we accomplished the same thing in 2 hours less 
than  the  scheduled  tour.  The snorkeling here was very good, saw huge blue 
parrotfish,  some  young  speckled moray eel's (about two feet long) and lots 
of  other fish. The coral is pretty beat up and there are a lot of people out 
there  that  do  not  know  how to keep off the coral, however, they pay with 
bumps,  bruises  and  cuts.  When  we were ready to go the bartender called a 
cab,  which  was  waiting  or  us  when  we  stepped off the ferry. The cabby 
whisked  us  back  to our hotel we had had a quick bite to eat then on to the 
beach.  Tonight dinner would be at the Allegro Caruso, the restaurant with an 
Italian  flair.  Here  you  order  off  the menu, which was pretty extensive, 
however  we  were  limited  to  non-meat  items  due  to the fact it was Good 
Friday.  For  appetizers,  Joanne  had  a  Caesar  salad,  I had some sort of 
seafood  cocktail  (I  didn't  care for it), Celeste had gnocchi and Carm had 
Calamari.  For  dinner,  Joanne  and I had the Shrimp with Lobster sauce over 
pasta  that  was  great.  Celeste  had Ravioli and Carmen had the Grouper. Me 
personally,  I  could  have  gone  for  the buffet but the others enjoyed the 
meals  and atmosphere. After dinner we headed up to the lobby bar and then to 
the  casino  for  our  dose  of  bingo. Did not win again even with the extra 
cards  obtained  as detailed above. Well after bingo we went to check out and 
go  over  our  bills.  We  did  not  charge  anything,  but  phone calls were 
expensive.  It  is  best  to  have the kids call you at a predetermined time. 
That  way  you  can be shocked when you get home and not in the lobby as some 
folks  were  (not  us).  It seems that to call the USA you are connected to a 
operator  from  your  hotel  room. The operator then places your call, if the 
line  is  busy  or  does not go through you still pay a connect fee of $3.25. 
Some  guests  were  pretty  upset at this and I think the hotel did something 
for  them. After clearing our account we got some more drinks and went to our 
rooms to pack. 

Saturday:  We  have not left yet so there is no need to change our routine. I 
did  the usual thing and Joanne put the bags outside our room to be picked up 
by  the staff. These were sent on ahead to the airport in a truck. We all had 
an  early  breakfast,  then  down  to the beach for those last rays of golden 
sunshine.  About  10:15  we  went  up  to our rooms to change and meet in the 
lobby  for the last time. Our bus took us to the airport without any problems 
we  got  our  luggage  off  the  loading  area  and checked in for the return 
flight.  A  word  to the wise, our documents stated that return seating would 
be   assigned   at   the   airport,  however  we  found  out  that  our  tour 
representative  was  accepting  seating  requests  for  the  return  trip and 
already  had  seats  assigned to those folks that requested them. As a result 
we  got  stuck  in  the back of the plane. After getting our seats, we had to 
clear  Aruba immigration which was a breeze and then on to US immigration. If 
you  smoke,  do not go through the Aruba security checkpoint. You will not be 
allowed  out until your flight leaves. You will have plenty of time to grab a 
smoke  then  go  on to your gate. Our flight back was not delayed but the one 
to  Baltimore  and Cleveland was delayed seven hours. Our plane trip back was 
pretty  bumpy, but the food and drinks were just fine. This crew was pleasant 
and we all arrived safely in Philadelphia about 15 minutes late. 

Gripes:  SOME  parents that bring kids (above three years old) should impress 
those  children  that  they  are to act as though they are civilized. That is 
respect  your elders, mind your manners and clean up after you. I saw parents 
allow  the  little darlings get ahead of people in food lines without so much 
as  an  excuse  me  or  pardon  me.  On  another  occasion, the kids left the 
remnants  of  their  lunch  (banana  peels, leftover hamburger & fries) under 
their  lounge  chairs for the staff to pick up in the morning, and on another 
occasion  the  shrimp  thief dropped two of her shrimp, looked at them on the 
floor  and  shrugged  her  shoulders and just walked away. It wasn't like she 
didn't  have  a  free  hand to pick them up and put aside, she did. Meanwhile 
both  parents stood by and watched. SOME ADULTS were just as bad. Most nights 
a  group  of  individuals  would have a beer party on the beach at one of the 
huts.  The  hut  was  not  20  feet  from a empty trash can, and it seemed as 
though  they  were  playing  basketball with the cans. One morning there were 
forty-seven  cans  strewn around the trash can. Additionally, they refused to 
use  the  ashtrays  provided. Now I smoke but if RJR saw the site those folks 
left  even  they  would have a hard time understanding this type of behavior. 
Okay enough already.

Questions:  Does  anyone know where all the cats are? We did not see a single 
one.  Does  anyone  know  if  the  Aruban  Power Company has investigated the 
possibility of windmills or thermal energy?

Where  are  all  the strays and barking dogs? We did not hear any, and except 
for the house dog and his pal we didn't see any strays.

Comments:  Would  we  do  it again? Most definitely! Did we have a good time? 
Sure  did! Do anything different? Rent a bigger car and stay two weeks! Maybe 
not  do  the  all-inclusive, but this is a close one, I would prefer the all-
inclusive  and eat out one or two nights. Would I go with Apple and Mexicana? 
Yes.  Would  I  buy  a  time-share?  Weighing  the consequences now. Sorry we 
missed  the  BB happy hour but I forgot the date book I had written the times 
and places in. I am sure there will be a next time. 

By  the  way  we  left the sun, beach, warm water, and gentle breezes for you 
all to get back to and enjoy.

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