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Newsletter - Gert van Dijken, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 125
May 15, 2002

Last Update 14 May 2002

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New Editor

Paul Graveline, founder of the Caribbean Travel Roundup, has decided to step down as editor. This non-commercial Newsletter has been published electronically for over 12 years, well before the World Wide Web really existed. It has proven to be a tremendous source of information and has assisted many travel enthusiasts in making well informed decisions on where and where not to go in the Caribbean. Speaking for all CTR-fans, thank you Paul for all you did to make vacationing in the Caribbean more fun!

All responsibilities have now been transferred to me. I have been actively involved with the CTR since February 1996 by creating and maintaining the 'official website of the CTR'. I am not planning to make major changes to the Newsletter. It will continue to be freely available for everybody, better yet, there will be even less ads. This will be possible because GoBeach Vacations -, specializing in vacation villa rentals and hotel accommodations in the Caribbean, kindly offered to host this high-traffic website on their server at no cost to us!

What Paul has started is too good to just let go, so continue to send me your travel stories about the Caribbean. Your positive and negative experiences will be a great help for everyone who are planning a Caribbean vacation. Send your contribution to

For this issue I created a new section, Feedback. Here constructive comments from readers, like you, on previous contributions will be posted.

Since we are in 'low-season' recess, the next Newsletter will be issued July 15.

Hope you all enjoy the CTR,

Gert van Dijken
New Editor, CTR

- - - Next Issue: July 15, 2002 - - -



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