Caribbean Travel Roundup

Newsletter - Paul Graveline, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 74
April 1, 1997

Last updated 29 Mar. 97 1730ET

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As   in  previous  years,  I  made  my  third  week  of  February 
pilgrimage  to  the  Caribbean. This time I kept it simple, first 
staying  a  few  days  in  Puerto  Rico and then it was off to my 
regular  destination  at  La  Plantation  on  Orient  Beach,  St. 
Martin.  I  returned  to  San  Juan for a day before returning to 
Boston.  I  found this a more varied way of spending the week. As 
I  was  traveling  on  off days, the between islands flights were 
less  crowed  and  hectic.  I  think I might try this combo again 
next year. 

I  didn't  know  until  five  hours  before  departure that I was 
definitely  going  as AA was about to go on strike but the pilots 
were  ordered  back  to  work  and  all my AA flights went off as 

Puerto Rico
My  main objective while in Puerto Rico this time was to see some 
of  the  island and to visit the casinos. I'd had hoped to get to 
both  El  Yunque  and Arecibo but made it only to the former on a 

I  booked at The Regency Hotel which has, in my opinion,  a great 
location   as  it  is  situated right on Ashford Ave, right among 
all  the  action.  Most  of  the  more  attractive  points in the 
Condado  area were a short walk from The Regency. There is a wide 
choice  of  restaurants  in  the  area  , so I always had a large 
selection   of  potential  eating  establishments.  Sometimes,  I 
brought food back to the hotel which had a small refrigerator. 

The  Regency  is constructed in such a manner that most the rooms 
provide  an  ocean  view.  I  stayed  there for a few days before 
going  over to St. Martin and then again on my return and both of 
the  rooms  which  I occupied had balconies which provided a very 
sweeping  view  of  the  beach  side skyline of the Condado area. 
There  is  also  a  large  swimming pool situated overlooking the 
sea.  Because  of  the  heavy  wind  conditions  and intermittent 
tropical   showers,  not many people were taking advantage of the 
facilities.  Attached to the hotel was the St. Moritz Restaurant. 

The  room was fairly spacious and very, very clean. There was the 
usual cable TV etc. 

For  me  it provided a clean room with a very attractive location 
near most of the casinos which I had wanted to visit. 

Early  one  evening  I  took  a  cab up to the Isla Verde area to 
visit  the  Sands and the El San Juan. I spent sometime at he ESJ 
and  then  decided  to  get  something  to  eat  in  one  of  the 
restaurants  are  situated  on  the  opposite side of the street. 
When  I returned, it was after 7 P.M. and they wouldn't let me in 
because  I  was  wearing  shorts.  Unfortunately for me, the same 
policy  was  in  effect  at the Sands. So I got back in a cab and 
returned to the Marriott where I was admitted. 

On  Sunday,  I  booked  a  tour  to the El Yunque Rain Forest. It 
included  a  significant  portion  of the northeastern section of 
the  island. I was somewhat disappointed because certain sections 
of  the rain forest were closed because the roads had been washed 
out  by various storms in recent years. While Puerto Rico has not 
been  hit  hard like St. Martin or the USVI by wind damage, it is 
susceptible to mud slides and disruption by heavy rains. 

In   addition  the  rain  forest  we  did  visit  Loquito  Beach, 
considered  one  of  the  finest  on  the  island. Being a Sunday 
afternoon,  it  was populated by both locals and tourist families 
and people of all ages enjoying a Sunday afternoon in the sun. 

We   had   a  particularly  good  tour  guide  named  Victor  who 
apparently  worked for the NYPD for a number of years and now has 
returned  to  his  native  Puerto Rico and conducts tours. He was 

That's  about  it  for  Puerto Rico. I left on Monday morning for 
St. Martin on half filled AA jet prop.

St. Martin

The  second  stop  on my February Caribbean swing was St. Martin. 
This  was  probably  my  eighth  visit  to the island and again I 
stayed  at  La  Plantation,  my  favorite  St.  Martin spot. It's 
situated  about a five minute walk from Orient Beach right across 
the  street  from Esmerelda. When I first began visiting LP there 
were  only  a  few  villas  along  the  hillside but now they are 
terraced  along  most  of  the  hill.  This year I got studio 892 
which  gave  a  panoramic  view  of  Orient  Beach from the Mount 
Vernon  right  down  to  the  massage  pavilion at Club Orient. A 
great  location  by  any standards as you could see virtually the 
entire  beach  from  the  large  verandah. The expansive view was 
facilitated   by  the  fact  that  Luis  took  out  much  of  the 
vegetation  at  Club Orient. Of course, means there is less shade 
on the beach in certain parts. 

A   welcomed   improvement   at   LP  was  the  almost  completed 
installation  of room safes which are now controlled by a digital 
code.  Sort  of  like  an ATM machine. Of course, it's not a good 
idea  to forget your code, but it relieves you of having to carry 
around  or worry about the key. One caution, you can not open the 
safe  when the island suffers a power failure! If you are leaving 
in  the  morning,  you  might  want to get your valuables out the 
night  before  you go to bed so that if there is a power failure, 
you  won't  have  a  problem. The little keypads appear to run on 
batteries,  so  it remembers the code even under a power failure, 
however,  you  do  need  the  power  to  get the safe open as the 
mechanical  unlocking  operation  depends  on  a  supply of mains 

The  restaurant  facilities always seem to be improving. There is 
a  complimentary  continental  breakfast provided for each guest. 
At  night  they  have a more extensive restaurant and the night I 
ate  there  I  found  the  food  to  be  quite  good.  The dining 
facilities  are  located  on  the  porch  of  the  main  building 
overlook  the  tennis  courts  which  seem  to be associated with 

The  clientele tended to be French, either from Canada or France. 
There  were  a  few  Americans but the manager, Julie Peacock, is 
Scottish  and  the staff speaks English pretty well and is always 
very friendly and helpful.

Meanwhile  down  the  beach  the  construction  continues at Club 
Orient  but  it  looks like a while before all is back to normal. 
The  expanded  boutique  seemed to have more "boutique items" and 
less  food  than  the  previous  building.  The  hurricanes  have 
widened  the beach significantly and, as mentioned above, the are 
no  trees  at  that end of the beach. They may be planning to put 
in  some but just getting back to normal after the devastation is 
quite  an accomplishment. Pappagayo's restaurant has been rebuilt 
and  while  more  modern  and most likely better constructed than 
the  original  version,  I  felt  that  a  little  of  the unique 
atmosphere has diminished. 

The  vendors  stalls adjacent to the public access road to Orient 
Beach  ( where the old Pedro's shack was located) were undergoing 
even  more  reconstruction.  It  looked like they were now making 
them  of  steel  instead  of  the wood fabrication that got blown 
away  in  Luis.  My guess that a 140 mph wind will take out these 
also but let's hope that doesn't happen.

  I  also  walked  up top the Mount Vernon at the opposite end of 
the  beach.  Things  seemed  pretty  much  back  to normal at the 
property  also.  The  last time I was there (when it was actually 
in  operation),  it  looked pretty shabby  but the reconstruction 
seems to have had a positive effect. 

In  general, it looked to me that Orient Beach was almost back to 
normal.  With  the  completion  of  the  construction  at  CO and 
permanent vendor stalls, things should be looking fine. 

It  was  very  windy  and it tended to rain about every two hours 
during  my  stay  which put a damper on the beach activities. The 
water  was  relatively  rough and just before I arrived a 10 year 
old  boy  drowned  at  Orient. Not many people were in the water. 
They  now  have set out a lane for the jet skis and other aquatic 
motorized  vehicles. There had been some danger of getting hit by 
one of these previously. 

I  spent a morning in Marigot where they were dismantling the set 
for  the  movie  Speed  II  which  had  been  filmed  in Marigot. 
Apparently  there  was  a  large  set built to replicate the town 
through  which  a runaway cruise ship careened. I'm sure when the 
movie  is  released,   you'll  see  an  entire ship going through 
Marigot  but there was, in fact, only the front part of a ship on 
the  set.  Being  ever  resourceful,  they  were  using this half 
ship's  section  as  a  dumpster.  As they destroyed the set with 
cranes  etc.,  they  filled he empty ship with refuse. I wondered 
what  they  were  going to do with the ship -- take it out to see 
and  sink  it.  Not very ecologically minded if that was the plan 
but  they  may  have  had  a  better one. The destruction of  the 
movie set entertained a small crowd. 

Marigot  was  fairly  busy  with the cruising day trippers coming 
from  Philipsburg  and looked more prosperous and lively than I'd 
seen  it  in  a  while.  Taxi  drivers  told me that, in general, 
business  was  pretty good and that is the impressions that I got 
from my observations. 

I  did  not venture to the Dutch side except for the trips in and 
out  of Juliana Airport. Since the renovation of Marigot, I think 
it  is  the  nicer  of  the  two  ports  with  a more continental 
ambiance.  The French side authorities  want to expand Grand Case 
Airport  to accommodate bigger planes. With the advent of the new 
regional  jets  which  will  carry  between 50-80 people and will 
replace  the ATR-72 type aircraft, they probably have significant 
potential  to  develop  the  airport.  It  might  hurt  the  taxi 
business though. 

That's  about  it. Other contributors have profiled the island so 
you  can  access  their  comments to get a more expansive picture 
especially  in  regard  to the more upscale dining establishments 
and shopping opportunities. 

Paul Graveline
Caribbean Travel Roundup


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Westin hotel offers job training for tax credits

The  likely  new owner of the former St. John Hyatt is reportedly 
offering   "to  establish  a  Caribbean  (job)-training  center", 
according  to  Tom  Oat, editor of the Tradewinds, St. John. At a 
recent  hearing  before the VI Industrial Development Commission, 
where  Westin  was  requesting  approval  of  tax credits for its 
purchase  of  the  property,  one  St.  John businessman spoke in 
opposition  to  the  credits  being  approved.  Oat says "but the 
majority  of  the  testimony was in support." The chairman of the 
IDC  promised quick action "because it is of economic interest to 
the community." 3/27/97)

Several new radio stations

Two  new  FM radio stations are expected to begin broadcasting in 
the  Virgin  Islands  this year. One is WTBN, a sister station to 
the  island's  top-rated station, WSTA (AM 1340). The co-owner of 
a  local  advertising  agency,  Brian  Squires, worries about the 
financial  health  of  the  local  broadcasting  economy.  "Quite 
frankly,"  he's  quoted  by  the  Daily News, "I believe that the 
market  will  not  support  over a dozen radio stations for three 
islands  with a total adult population of around 60,000." Squires 
completed  an  audience  survey  recently and rates WSTA #1, with 
WJKC  (FM  95.1)  and  WVPI (104.3) second most popular, WVWI (AM 
1000)   is  in  third  place,  and  WGOD  (AM  1090  and  FM  98) 

Factory outlet shops to open by Christmas

VI   businessmen   Paul   Hoffman  and  Joel  Tranum  have  begun 
construction  of  the Port of $ale Factory Outlet Shopping Center 
at  Havensight,  where  their  shops  will  be  close to visiting 
cruise  ships.  Plans  call for as many as 20 shops. Co-developer 
Hoffman   tells   the   VI   Daily  News  Citibank  and  Revlon's 
Prestigious  Fragrances  are  already  committed  to the project. 
Hoffman  said  he  and  his partner had been working on a factory 
outlet  plan  for  seven years. He said he hopes the project will 
attract patronage from both tourists and locals.(3/17/97)

VI hotels to operate shuttles

A  Territorial  Court  judge  has ended a controversy in favor of 
the  V.I. Taxi Association's claim to the exclusive right to pick 
up  passengers  at the St., Thomas Airport. The disagreement went 
to  court  after some hotels on St. Thomas, and villa managements 
on  St. John, hired East End Taxi Services, based at Red Hook, to 
pick  up  guests  and deliver them directly to the resorts of the 
Red  Hook  ferry,  avoiding  delays  caused when cab drivers make 
intermediate  stops for passengers going downtown or elsewhere on 
the  island.  Bob  Seifert, operations manager at the Renaissance 
Grand  Beach  Resort,  said his solution to "the problem" will be 
to  operate  his  own  airport  shuttles. But, I don't want to go 
into the taxi business," he told the newspaper..(3/17/97)

Parking banned downtown

A  30-day ban on parking on Main Street in St. Thomas is underway 
in an effort to reduce traffic congestion on the narrow colonial-
era,  narrow  streets.  Main Street is the roadway one block from 
the  waterfront  road,  and  is  the  main access to the Island's 
famous  shopping. It's a test by a subcommittee of the Governor's 
office,  seeking  ways  to  beautify  and  protect  St.  Thomas's 
historic  downtown..(3/17/97)  St. John book store, non-alcoholic 

St.  John  Books,  at  Mongoose  Junction, offers more than state 
side  newspapers,  the latest best sellers, and terrific bargains 
in  "previously-enjoyed" books (perfect for vacation reading). It 
also  has  an  outdoor  coffee shop. No Starbucks, to be sure ... 
but  no  Starbucks  we've  seen  has  such  a  view,  weather and 
ambience.  Manager  Susan  Barry  says  the  cafe  has a cadre of 
regulars  who  browse and enjoy the brew. The daily News' Lynda 
Lohr  also  reports Barry :sees the cafe as an alternative to the 
island's  bar  scene  for people who would like a place to gather 
in a non-alcoholic environment."(3/11/97)

ATM fee to fund advertising

The  VI Senate Finance Committee has approved lifting the ceiling 
on  fees banks may charge for ATM used, with 50% of the fee going 
to  the  VI  Tourism  Advertising  Revenue  fund. The maximum fee 
would  be $2, and one source estimates it could produce $200,000. 
The  fee  would be targeted at tourists, since it would be levied 
only  on  ATM transactions involving banks outside the territory. 
A   Bankers   Association   representative,  supporting  the  fee 
increase,  said  cruise  ship  passengers pay ATM fees as high as 

Hyatt property future hazy  

St.  John  Tradewinds  editor  Tom Oat says the Hyatt deal is not 
done  yet,  that  Hyatt  "is  continuing its legal battel and has 
made  a bid to purchase the (renamed) Great Crux bay Resort.) Oat 
reports  Hyatt  attorneys  traveled  to  Finland  last  month  as 
Finnish  Bank  Skopbank  attorneys  were preparing papers for the 
expected  sale of the property to the Westin Hotel & Resorts. One 
Hyatt  source  is  reported  saying "The people in Finland had no 
idea   that   they   were   accepting   a   lower   offer."  Stay 




(From Carol Kent Yacht Charters Six Harbor View Terrace , Salem MA 01970 508/745/8035 Fax 508/745/5642

Hurricane Information:
During  the summer months in the Caribbean, each Island Group has 
a  chance  to  be  hit.   Starting  at  the top of the chain, the 
Virgins  has  an  80%  hit  ratio.  Anguilla, St. Maarten s ratio 
lies  at  70%.   St.  Kitts,  Nevis,  St. Eustasius at about 60%.  
Guadeloupe  and  Dominica,  at  about 50%, Martinique at 40%, St. 
Lucia  at  30%,  and  so  you  can  take off roughly 10% for each 
island  the  further  south  you go, until you reach GRENADA with 
its relatively safe 10% margin.


GRAND  OASIS               5  Cabins,  1Q,  4  Dbls          Dive 10/$11,900. 

60  Trimaran               4 Heads, 3 Shwrs               8/$10,000.

CANTAMAR                          4     Cabins,     4     Doubles         8/$7,200.

60    Ocean                          4  Singles,  2Hds,  2  Shwrs  6/$6,200.

WINDWARD HAZE       4 Cabins, 4 Doubles              8/$10,795.

60   Cutter  Custom         2  Singles, 4 Hds, 3 Shwrs        6/$ #######

SOJOURN                          3       Cabins,      1K,      2Q                     6/$5,995. 

50 Morgan                              4         Heads,         5 Shwrs                     4/$4,950.

RAFFLES                       2  Cabins, 2 Doubles  Book a Cabin  2/$950.PP

47     Jeaneau                       1   Head/Shwr   for   guests        2/$3,300.00

GIOCONDA                      2    Cabins,    1    Q,    1    Dbl                  4/$5,500

47        Swan                             2       Heads,       2 Showers                   2/$4,500.

Honeymoon Special - $3,950.

Note:  Rates  include all meals while onboard for 7nights/8days - 
Bar and Dive may be additional. 
Customary crew gratuity is 15% of charter fee



Please  Note:  Inclusion  in  any  of  these  lists  is not to be 
considered a
recommendation  of  the  establishment,  nor should anything (but 
poor memory on
  my  part) be inferred from any exclusions. Obviously everything 
contained  herein  is  subject  to change without notice  and the 
author takes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

All telephone numbers are (809)497-???? unless otherwise noted.


* General Information
* Getting There
* Getting Around
* Where to Stay
* Where to Eat
* What to Do
* Where to Shop
* Where to Bank
* How to Keep In Touch
* How to Get Hitched


Anguilla (Ann-GWIL-A), British West Indies

The Valley

Approximately 10,000

16 miles long, 3 miles wide, 35 square miles

Eastern Caribbean, about 6 miles from St Martin.
Most northerly of the Leeward Islands, 18N, 63W

Rainfall, 35 inches per annum (avg.)
Temperature, 80F


British Crown Colony

Eastern Caribbean Dollar
US$1.00 3D EC$2.68
The US$ is accepted almost everywhere.

NOTE:  EC$  is  not  a  "traded"  currency  so  you may encounter 
converting  this  currency  at  your  local bank after you return 

110 Volts AC (N.A. standard)

New Years Day           01 January
Good Friday             28 March
Easter Monday           31 March
Labour Day              01-May
Whit Monday             26 May
Anguilla Day            30 May
Queen's Birthday        16 June(?)
August Monday           04 August (Carnival Starts)
August Thursday         07 August
Constitution Day        08 August
Separation Day          19 December
Christmas Day           25 December
Boxing Day              26 December

Very  informal  and  relaxed,  however  do  not wear swimsuits in 
public areas.
To  my knowledge there is no establishment which requires jackets 
or  ties. Nude and topless swimming and sunbathing is discouraged 
in  public  (but they  have to find you first - just stick to the 
deserted  beaches  or  try  Scilly  Cay   which offers a clothing 
optional section).


American  Airways  offers  direct  Eagle service to Anguilla from 
Puerto Rico 3
times  a  day.  The  closest International airport is St. Martin, 
which is served by
numerous North American and European carriers.

AIRPORT (Anguilla)
Wallblake Airport

St. Marten         7 min
San Juan           1 hr
Antigua            1 hr
St. Thomas        45 min
St.Kitts          35 min

American Eagle          3131
Air Anguilla            2643
Tyden Air               2719 / 1-800-842-0261
LIAT                    5000

Passport  preferred, or official photo ID with birth certificate. 
Return or outward ticket required.

NOTE:  International airlines MAY deny boarding to passengers not 
caring a
 valid passport - check with your carrier or travel agent.

Airport                 US$10.00
Ferry Port              US$2.00

AIR - St Martin to Anguilla
US$70 roundtrip (daylight fare).
Air charter about $300.
See 93Airlines94 for list of carriers

FERRYS - St Martin to Anguilla
Ferries  depart  approximately  every 30 minutes (on the hour and 
half hour)
between  Blowing  Point, Anguilla and Marigot, St. Martin (French 
side). The
  trip  is  about  20 min and the fare is US$10.00 during the day 
and US$11.00 in the
evening.  The first ferry each morning is 7:30AM from Anguilla to 
St. Martin with an
8:00AM  return.  The  last  ferry is currently at 7:30PM from St. 
Martin to Anguilla.

It  takes 15-30 minutes by taxi to get from the St Martin airport 
to the  Marigot
ferry  dock. Porters are usually available to handle your luggage 
on both sides.

The  Link ferry also goes to St. Martin three times a day and can 
drop off at
  the St. Martin airport on any trip if it is arranged in advance 
(tel/fax 3290).


Apex                2642
Avis                6221
Budget              2217
Caribbean Rentals   4135
Connor's            6433
Hertz               2934
High-Way            2183
Island              2723
Romcan              6265
Roy Rogers          6290
Summer Set          5278
Thrifty             2656
Triple K            2934

Expect  to  pay  between  US$35.00 to $50.00 per day depending on 
the vehicle  and agency. There are typically no mileage charges.

Your  (valid)  driver's  license  is  required for any rental. An 
  permit  is  also  required (US$6.00 for 3 months) which will be 
issued  by  the  rental   agency.  An international permit is not 
necessary.   While  traffic  drives  on  the left (English style) 
most  rental  agencies  will   offer both right & left hand drive 
cars.  If  you have a preference advise the agent  at the time of 

Multi-scenic (US$10 per day)   5810

Bennie's Travel & Tours        2788
Chandeliers Tours & Shows      6259
Malliouhana Travel & Tours     2431
Multi-scenic Tours             5810

LIMOUSINE (If you really must!)
Excellent                       5821

Rates  from  Wallblake  Airport and from Blowing Point Ferry Port 
to points on
Anguilla.  In  US$  for  up  to  two  passengers  inclusive (each 
additional person $3.00).

Destination                     Airport to...   Ferry to...

Airport                          N/A                     8.00
Anguilla Great House            12.00                   10.00
Blowing Point Ferry              8.00                    N/A
Blowing Point Beach Apt         10.00                   15.00
Blue Waters                     20.00                   17.00
Cap Juluca                      18.00                   15.00
Casablanca                      18.00                   15.00
Caribella Hotel                 18.00                   15.00
Carimar                         14.00                   12.00
Casa Nadine                      5.00                   11.00
Cinnamon Reef                    8.00                   10.00
Coccoloba                       15.00                   14.00
Connor's Car Rental              7.00                    6.00
Cul de Sac                      12.00                    6.00
Corito                           8.00                   12.00
Cove Castles                    20.00                   17.00
East End                        11.00                   16.00
Easy Corner                      7.00                    6.00
Emerald Estate                   8.00                   15.00
Fountain Beach Hotel            12.00                   16.00
Frangipani                      14.00                   12.00
Harbour Villas                  13.00                   17.00
Interisland Hotel                8.00                    8.00
Island Harbour                  13.00                   17.00
La Sirena Hotel                 14.00                   12.00
Little Dix Village               8.00                   12.00
Lloyd's Hotel                    5.00                   11.00
Malliouhana Hotel               14.00                   12.00
Mariners Hotel                   8.00                   10.00
Masara Resort                    9.00                   15.00
North Hill                       8.00                   10.00
Pond Ground                     11.00                   16.00
Rendezvous Bay Hotel            10.00                    6.00
Sandy Hill                      10.00                   15.00
Sea Feathers                    11.00                   16.00
Sea Grape Apt                   14.00                   12.00
Seahorse Apt                    12.00                    6.00
Sea Rocks                       17.00                   22.00
Shoal Bay Beach                 10.00                   15.00
Skiffles Villas                 10.00                    9.00
Spindrift Apt                   15.00                   20.00
Stoney Ground                    6.00                   10.00

- Within Blowing Point $5.00
- Within The Valley $5.00
- Island  Tour  $40.00  for  1  or  2 persons (additional person 

NOTE:  Taxis  do not "cruse" the island or the hotels. Stands are 
located at the
airport  and  the ferry docks only. If you require a taxi to pick 
you up at any
other  point  have the hotel call or prearrange a pickup with the 

None (hitchhikers are common)


Allamanda Beach Club                                    5217
Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Bay                    6061
Arawak Resort, Island Harbour                           4888
Blue Waters Beach Apartments, Shoal Bay West            6292
Cap Juluca                                              6666
Caribella Beach Resort, Barnes Bay                      6045
Carimar Beach Club, Meads Bay                           6881
Casa Nadine Guest House, The Valley                     2358
Cinnamon Reef, Little Harbour                           2727
Coccoloba/Meta Resort, Barnes Bay                       8178
Covecastles, Shoal Bay West                             6801
Easy Corner Villas, South Hill                          6433
Elodius Resort, Shoal Bay                               3363
Ferryboat Inn, Blowing Point                            6613
Fountain Beach Hotel, Shoal Bay                         3491
Frangipani, Meads Bay                                   6442
Harbour Lights Apartments, Island Harbour               4453
Harbour Villas, Island Harbour                          4393
Inter-Island Hotel, South Hill                          6259
La Palma Apartments, Sandy Ground                       3260
La Sirena                                               6827
Lloyds Guest House, The Valley                          2351
Kerwin Kottages, Sandy Ground                           6621/6622
Malliouhana                                             6111
Mariner's Resort, Sandy Ground                          2671
Masara Resort, Katouche Bay                             3200
Milly's Inn, Shoal Bay                                  2465/4274
Nathan's Cove, Meads Bay                                6534/2596
Paradise Cove                                           3559
Pavilion, Blowing Point                                 6395
Rainbow Reef Villas, Seafeathers Bay                    2817
Rendezvous Bay Hotel                                    6549
Sea Grapes Beach Club, Meads Bay                        6433/6541
Seahorse Resort, Rendezvous Bay                         6751
Shoal Bay Resort                                        2011
Shoal Bay Villas                                        2051
Skiffles, South Hill                                    6619
Sonesta, (formerly Casablanca)                          6991
Spindrift, Sile Bay                                     4164
Syd-An's Apt Hotel and Villas, Sandy Ground             3180
Willies Inn, Blowing Point                              6225
Yellow Banana Grocery/Hotel, Stoney Ground              2626

Bayberry & Chinaberry Villas

P.O. Box 1048, Cul de Sac
Anguilla, British West Indies
Tel (809)497-5713
Fax (809)497-5445
        CSi: 71530,1050

The Caribbean Forum (GO CARIBF) Library 9, file:""
in North America: Tel (416)259-5700 Fax (416)259-5417
Keene Enterprises              2544
PREMS                          2596
Anguilla Connection            4403

As  required  by law Hotels & Villas in Anguilla add 8% occupancy 
tax  and  a   10%  service  charge to the bill. If the service is 
wonderful  a little something  extra to the person responsible is 
always appreciated.

Anguilla  is virtually crime free. Most crimes when (and if) they 
happen are crimes of opportunity - please just use common sense.
vehicles.compartment. You may
  not be able to find it, but everyone else knows where it is.


This  is strictly a partial list intended only to see you through 
the   first   few  days  -  half  the  fun  is  finding  you  own 

**** Expensive
Eclipse                 Cap Juluca
Hibernia                Island Harbour
Blanchard's             West End
Koal Keel               The Valley

Paradise Cafe           Shoal Bay West
Arlo's                  West End by Anguilla Trading
The Old House           across from Airport
Cyril's Fish House      Island Harbour
Roy's                   Katouche
Le Beach                Shoal Bay West
Mango's                 West End
Zara's                  Shoal Bay East

The Ferry Boat          Cul de Sac
Fat Cat                 take out only

Brothers Cafeteria      The Valley
The Aquarium            West of Vista
Raffi's                 Back Street
Hill Street             The Valley
Chick King              The Valley
Airport Restaurant      The Valley

Beach Bars
Palm Grove              Junks Hole
Uncle Ernie's           Shoal Bay West
Scilly Cay              Island Harbour
The Dunes               Rendezvous Bay

Restaurants  will  usually  add  a 10 to 15% service charge on to 
each  bill   which  is for the staff. Whether to tip more is your 
choice.  If you felt the service  deserved 20% and the restaurant 
added  15%  then  throw in an extra 5%. Some restaurants and bars 
(especially  small,  locally owned ones) may not add any  service 
charge, so you have to check each bill.


Anguilla  boasts  30+ of the most beautiful white sand beaches in 
the   Caribbean.  Far  too many to list here, except to note that 
if  you  need  "action" try  Shoal Bay East - if you don't, go to 
any of the others.

Anguillian Divers, 

Sandy Island Enterprises

Note: Visitors are not permitted to spearfish

Crewed  boats  are available for rent, consult with your hotel or 
rental agent
 for recommendations.

Deep  sea  and (limited) shore fishing is available, consult with 
your hotel
 or rental agent for recommendations.

The  ferry  for  St.  Martin  departs  from  Blowing Point. Other 
islands  may  be  accessed  via  plane or there are several boats 
that  run   from  St.  Martin to neighbouring islands such as St. 
Barts and Saba.

Public  courts  are located at East End School and Ronald Webster 
Park  in  The  Valley. Special arrangements may also sometimes be 
made at the courts of  other hotels, consult with the pro.

Not a chance!


Lakes, The Valley               Closed Sunday
Ashley's, The Valley            Sunday till Noon-ish
IGA, The Valley 

Sunday till Noon-ish
Proctors, The Valley            Closed Sunday

Closed Sunday
Flemming's, Long Bay            Open 7 days till 11pm

Curiosity, George Hill                      2687
Gifts & Liquors, George Hill                2687
Alecia's Place, George Hill                 3540
Keene Enterprises                           2544
Beach Stuff, Back Street
Sandals & Such, South Hill                  6009

Devionish Gallery                           2949
New World Gallery, The Valley               5950
Cheddie's Studio, The Cove                  6027


(All banks are located in The Valley)

Barclays Bank                           2301
8am~noon / 1pm~2 pm Mon~Thurs, Fri till 5pm

Scotia Bank                             3333
8am~3pm Mon~Thurs, Fri till 5pm 

Caribbean Commercial Bank               2571
8am~3pm Mon~Thurs, Fri till 5pm 

National Bank of Anguilla               2101
8am~3pm Mon~Thur, Fri till 5pm

Major   credit   cards   are  accepted  at  most  of  the  better 
restaurants  and  hotels   - however it would be prudent to check 
with  the  establishment  before  arriving  if this is to be your 
only form of payment.

NOTE:  Very few local owned restaurants or beach bars will accept 
credit cards

ATM's  &  bank  machines  are  available  on Anguilla but are NOT 
connected  to the  international system and therefore are useless 
with   non-Anguillian  cards.   Cash  advances  may  be  obtained 
against  most major credit cards at participating  banks, but the 
procedure  can  on occasion be onerous and should be reserved for 


Long  distance telephone calls from Anguilla are expensive (about 
US$2.50  per   minute to the US).  Villa guests will usually find 
the  telephone  is  barred  from  making  toll   calls also small 
hotels  that  can't  afford  a  PBX  may  not  have phones in the 
rooms,   in which case long distance calls may be placed from the 
Cable & Wireless  office in The Valley.

Hotels  can  levy  a  20%  to 40+% surcharge on all long distance 
calls.  Guests   may  use  calling  cards which will reduce these 
charges substantially. Check with  your hotel when you check in.

Toll  free  numbers  do not work in Anguilla. If you must connect 
to  an  800   number,  dial 1-400 instead of 1-800. The charge is 
US$2+ per minute, but at least  you can make the call.

Cable  &  Wireless  cellular coverage is very limited outside The 
The  St.  Martin  cellular system also works in Anguilla and they 
will sign you up
if you give them a credit card number.

Cable  and  Wireless  has  introduced  a new Internet service for 
visitors.   Configure  your  modem  to  dial 1-900-468-4638 (HOT-
INET)  and you will be connected to  the Internet (at US$0.25 per 
minute).  No  contracts  or  installation  fee. The call  will be 
charged  to  your  hotel  room,  or  to  your host's telephone as 
Internet   Access. For more information call Cable and Wireless 
at 3100.

HOT-INET Configuration
DNS Server:
Domain Name:
Host Name:      YourUserName
DialUp Networking
must have a connection to HOT-INET and the Server Type
(properties) should have TCP/IP checked

Redirect  Internet Explorer and Microsoft Exchange to use the new 
connection instead of dialling the Microsoft access number.

NOTE: If you are renting a villa "1-900" calls may be blocked.

The closest CSi node to Anguilla is Puerto Rico or Miami. An off-
line  reader  such as Navigator or OzWin will greatly reduce your 
online  usage.  Another   option is to use the winsock connection 
on WinCim2x or CSi3 through "HOT-INET" (see  "Internet").


Both  parties  must  present  proof  of  citizenship of resident 
country,  such  as  valid  passports  or  birth  certificates and 
drivers  license  with a photograph. If either party is divorced, 
must   have   decree.   If  either  party  is  widowed,  a  death 
certificate of former spouse must be presented. All
documents  must be in English, if not they must be translated and 
notarised.  If  one of the parties has resided in Anguilla for at 
least  fifteen  days before the date they plan to marry, the cost 
of  license  is  US$40.00.  If  the  stay is shorter, the cost is 
US$284.00  which  includes stamp duty. Two witnesses are required 
for the wedding ceremony. The Minister should be contacted.

For further information, the applicant may contact:

The Registrar
Judicial Department
The Valley, Anguilla

Weddings in Paradise    3401
Condon Proctor
North Hill, Anguilla

Gorgeous Scilly Cay     5123
P.O. Box 423
The Valley, Anguilla

Sunshine Lady Productions    2911 Fax 3884
P.O. Box 85
The Valley, Anguilla

Apostolic Faith
Church of God
Roman Catholic
Seventh Day Adventist

For  wedding  ceremonies  held  on  the  beach,  the Ministers to 
contact are: (the usual fee is US$100.00)

Rev, John A Gumbs, View Fort         5912/3089
Pastor Luciene McDonna, Long Bay     6050

Kreative Photography/Videography     3367/3850 Fax.3367
Lloyds Photo World                   2926
Rogers Photo Studio & Lab            2832

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