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Newsletter - Paul Graveline, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 93
March 1, 1999

Last Update 26 Feb 99 1800ET

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February 15, 1999

First Annual Flower and Garden Show

Anguilla  had  its first Annual Flower and Garden Show on February 6-
7,  1999  at  Ruthwill  Auditorium  and  Grounds in The Valley. Lydia
Gumbs  of  the  ABC (Anguilla Beautification Club) was Chairperson of
the  event  and  headed  up  a  hardworking  team  that arranged this
demonstration of what can be done in Anguilla.

The  flower  arrangements  entered  for the competitions (picture top
right)  and  the  display  of orchids from local gardens (picture top
left) were breathtaking.

The  show  was  inspiring to those who would like some natural colour
and   beauty   in  their  yards,  but  were  perhaps  discouraged  by
Anguilla's  rocky  soil.  The  beautiful  purple orchids in the large
picture  above,  look  delicate,  but  thrive with no special care in
local gardens.

The  primary  school  children  competed  in  a  "beach bits collage"
contest,  there  were displays on drought resistant gardening, herbs,
goat  resistant  plants,  and indigenous gardening, plus vendors with
flowers  and  plants to sell, a bus tour to new Cuisinart Resort, and
the  Green  Cuisine  hydrophonic lettuce, face painting and games for
the children, food and drink, and more...

The  show  competition  drew  entries  in  numerous  categories, from
"arrangements  of  fresh  flowers  in  a  case or bowl" to "miniature
arrangements of fresh flowers".

First  place  winners were Mona Harrigan, Rowena Carty, Mrs Panzetto,
Ronetta  Fahie-Richardson,  Euxodie  Wallace (see picture center left
of  his  Desert Rose plant with amazing twinning aerial roots), Laura
Richardson,  Odette  Richardson,  Astrid  Lewis  (see  picture bottom
left), and Marva Thompson.

Second  place  awards  went  to  Jasmine Hodge-Thomas, Bernice Fahie-
Richardson  (see  picture  lower  right),  Veronica  Gumbs,  Marjorie
McClean, Luzh Gumbs and Catherine Rieman.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Elections  Web  Site!  Anguilla's  elections to the House of Assembly
will  be  on  March 4th and loud election rallies are already in full
swing.  One  local  paper,  The  Anguillian  , reports that there are
6,573  registered  voters  in  Anguilla.  Two  locals have created an
impressive  web  site  showing  the candidates, parties and electoral
districts:  -  and they are going to update it live
on  election night so that everyone off-island can see the results as
the votes are counted.

American  Airlines  Disrupted.  The  pilot's  "sick  out"  at  AA has
interfered  with  many  people's  travel  to and from Anguilla in the
last  week,  since  AA  is the primary method of reaching the island.
Flights appear to have resumed now.

Gecko  is a 22' Glacier Bay Catamaran from which Roddy and Susan Hays
offer  inshore  and  offshore fishing for tarpon, bonefish, wahoo and
tuna.  They  offer  fishing  by  the hour, half-day or full day, with
Shimano/Calstar  tackle,  GPS, VHF, fish-finder and safety equipment;
drinks and bait, all included. Telephone: 1-264-497-8868.

Art  Competition  at the High School. The ACORN awarded prizes to the
winners  of  its  art  competition  to launch the new on-line company
registry:  Daryl  Thompson,  $200  US;  Jensen Gumbs $100; Davan Ruan

Wallblake  House  Auction.  In  spite of power outage for 30 minutes,
the  crowd  of  around  250 people raised more than $20,000 US in the
auction  ,  the  first  of its kind in Anguilla. Dozens of items were
donated  for  the  auction, including a generator (very appropriate),
gourmet  dinners,  a  television, catamarran trip, flight to view the
Montserrat  volcano,  dinner  custom  prepared  by  Shamash, and much
more. An enjoyable evening.

Sail  on  "Bing".  Anguilla yachts offers sailing packages from Sandy
Ground  to  Prickley  Pear or Little Bay, with snorkelling equipment,
open  bar,  and  snacks.  They  also offer Deep Sea Fishing for tuna,
wahoo,  sailfish,  and  shark  on  a  31ft  Trojan  or  26ft Cruiser.
Telephone   Neville   Connor   at  1-264-497-6395  or  1-264-497-5643

Explore  Anguilla  on  Horseback.  El Rancho Del Blues stables offers
one  hour  rides  at  $25  and  two  hours  at  $45.  Blowing Point .
Telephone: 1-264-497-6164 or 6334.

Dandy  is  Back.  For those who remember Dandy's watersports booth at
Cove  Bay, you can now find him renting sailboats and wind surfers on
Shoal  Bay,  next  to  Uncle  Ernies.  He is an excellent instructor.
Anguilla Has Changed

Many people remember Anguilla's past with fondness and nostalgia.

Daisy  Wong  has  composed  a  poem  entitled "Li'l Bit A Guinea Corn
Porridge" about those early days.

Teacher  Patsy  Adams  has  written  a book of poetry about the past,
"Windows to Yesteryear" .

David  Carty  writes passionately about the history of boat racing in

David Berglund has put together a survey of Anguilla's shipwrecks .

And  the  whole community is involved in restoring historic Wallblake
House .

Joy  Goodge Musselwhite, , writes about the good "ole
days"... Hello,

I  grew  up on Anguilla (1962-1976) and I enjoy your news. It is hard
to  believe  that this is the same island that I remember. When I was
there  my family had a diesel generator to give us electricity and it
was  used  sparingly.  We  bought  ice  at the ice plant. Most of the
roads  were  dirt.  And  it was a real treat to shop at Albert Lakes.
Oh,  and  the  johnny cake was an everyday thing. You could have them
fried or baked.

Then  came the British Invasion, which brought us better roads not to
mention  a few other things. I use to love to go to the Haskins place
with  my  parents,  while  they visited over coffee, I could roam the
beach  or  play  with  the  cats,  they  had  15-20 cats. And I loved
playing  in  the  formica. We didn't have to lock our doors back then
either...  you  just  pulled  them  to when you left. And the beaches
were  beautiful...  you could go to Shoal Bay walk the beach and find
tons  of  sunburst  shells.  I  often  walked from our home in Island
Harbour  to  Shoal  Bay,  thru the "bush path" and not see a soul. No
one  minded  you  crossing their land and you could stop at any house
and  ask a drink of water and it be given to you. When a family would
be  building  on their home, neighbors all around would help, not for
pay but just because they cared.

And  the  toys  we  played with... broken bits of china put in an old
parfume  bottle with a bit of water. Broken plates made our dishes in
my  little  bush  house. An old tin can was the pot and pull a few of
those  red  berries  off  a tree, add some water and you had soup. We
would  play  for  hours...  doll  house.  Then  there was jacks, only
played  with  rocks...  no  ball. And jump rope until your legs hurt.
Jack be nimble, jack be quick!

We  didn't have fancy toys or electronics... in fact we didn't have a
T.V.  I  remember  going  to  the Webster's house on Friday nights to
watch  Hawaii  Five- O. My kids ask me if we were poor, no we weren't
poor, we just enjoyed the simple things in life.

I  called  my  best  friend last week, she lives in Island Harbour. I
called  to see how her mother was doing. Her mom was like a mom to me
too.  I  probably  spent  just as much time eating in her house as in
mine.  I  asked  how  mama  was...  she's not been well. So we got to
talking  about  the  old  days...  it brought tears to both our eyes.
Time  has flown by, I haven't been there since 1986 and now I need to
come  home  to  see a dear friend before she passes on. I'm afraid to
come  home because I am afraid of the change...everyone that has been
back  tells  me  how it has changed. I even have a brother that lives
there  and  has asked me to come visit but I've clung to the good ole
days.  I  know  change  is  good but it's always hard to go back home
when you know it's nothing like you remembered.

Thanks  for  being a link that has helped me keep up with the changes
there.  I  will get to see the new Anguilla but I will still remember
the old Anguilla. I cherish it because it is home.

Joy Goodge Musselwhite Italiano Translations into Italian

Many  pages  of  the  Anguilla  Local  News have been translated into
Italian  by  Professor  Gaetano  Di  Palo,  "Nino" , a true friend of

Professor  Di  Palo  graduated Magna Cum Laude in Business Management
at  The  Frederick  II  University  of  Naples  and  was  awarded 1st
distinguished  scholar  out  of 4,400 belonging to the class of 1983.
He  also  has  a  business  as  Consultant  in  Accounting,  Finance,
Business  and  Tax Law, Human Resources Management. And speaks Greek,
Spanish,  French,  English and Italian (of course). For more details,
read his resume .

In  the  summer  of 1998, Gaetano volunteered in Anguilla, creating a
summer  "computer  camp" for children and adults. He hopes to be back
for  a  repeat in summer 1999 and would love to find a way to stay in
Anguilla permanently.

Festival Offers Four Art Workshops

Coming  this  summer,  Anguilla's  Art  Festival  offers artists four
professional  workshops  where  they  can  learn  new  techniques and
sharpen  your skills. The second biennial Anguilla International Arts
Festival  and  Competition  will take place Sunday, July 25 - Sunday,
August 1, 1999.

The  programme  is  very  extensive and includes a choice of four in-
depth  workshops  by qualified experts in oil & acrylic, watercolour,
pastel   and   stained  glass.  In  addition,  evening  critiques  of
participants'  work,  followed  by  demonstrations  from the workshop
leaders  will  make  the  event  a  valuable and interesting learning

Workshop leaders' biographies are on the web site :

Charlotte  Wharton  for  oil and acrylic Cheri Walton for watercolour
Claudia Post for pastels Paul Petrushonis for stained glass.

If  you  are  the type of artist who just wants to commune with Shoal
Bay  (or Johnnos), the workshops are optional and the festival has an
option   for   you.  Everything  is  explained  on  their  web  site,

Deadline: March 31, 1999

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The  Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events,
holidays, and activities.

Spring  Break.  The  newspaper  from  Valley Primary School says that
schools will close April 1st and reopen April 19th.

Sports Day for Primary Schools is March 25th at Ronald Webster Park.

The  Bacon  Brothers to headline at Moonsplash 99 , March 25 to 28th.
The  Dune.  Rendezvous  Bay.  Tickets  are $15 in advance, $20 at the
gate  for each night, or $30 in advance for both Friday and Saturday.
Sunday  admission  is  free for everyone. For more information, email or telephone 616-785-8383.

New Visitor Training Program

Here  is  what  you  need  to  know for your first visit to Anguilla:
Comfort  :  80F day and night. Casual dress. No ties. No swimsuits in
town.  Airco  not needed. Perils : Use sunscreen at the beach. Do not
touch  coral.  Guard  against  mosquitos.  Money  : Bring US cash and
travellers   checks,   plus  your  credit  cards.  No  ATM  machines.
Groceries  : Places to buy groceries and how to find them! Phone/Net:
:  Reliable  but expensive. Consider Internet-by-the- minute. Driving
:  Stay  to  the  left.  Don't  worry  about  horn  beeps. Bring your
license.  Manners  : Say "good morning" before stating your business.
Wave  to  strangers.  More  Tips  : Power. Pets. Gratuities. Ferries.
Marriage. ...

Web Sites About Anguilla  is  a new web site for Oliver's Seaside Grill on Long Bay
and  his  new Sandy Island BBQ . Full menus, photo tours, information
on the musicians, and a map with directions.

Stott and Company has a web page at .

Email Addresses:

Eric Reid at Island Transport:

Chris Mason at netconcepts:

Crescha     Walters    at    Kenworthy    Associates    (architects):

Denise Stott-Brown at Stott and Co:

Haskins (agents for Tropical Shipping):

Splash Villa has a web page now at


February 1, 1999 Edition

Sandy Island Comes Alive
Sandy  Island  may  revive  as  Anguilla's place to relax on a Sunday

On  January  17,  1999 a crowd of 200 people ventured out on the free
water taxi to enjoy the launching of Sandy Island BBQ.

The  island  now  has  a  large  shady  pavillion, with a bar and BBQ
restaurant,  to  complement the reef-protected beach and lagoon. Very
protected  swimming  here,  and a fun boat trip out as well. The menu
consists  of  ribs,  chicken, fish, crayfish and lobster, with prices
from  US$14  to $28. Drinks are priced from $2 for a Coke to $6 for a
Pina Colada.

There  is  live  entertainment  every  Sunday,  featuring the Musical
Brothers   plus  Frankie  Rogers  on  Saxaphone.  They  play  uptempo
Caribbean favorites, such as "Hot, Hot, Hot".

Open  noon  to  4pm,  6  days a week (closed Saturday), live music on
Sunday.  Free  water  taxi  from Sandy Ground, perhaps from Meads Bay
later (call to confirm). Telephone: 1-264-497-8780.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

The  Casino  Trip.  Link Ferries and Lightning Casino present a night
of  dining  and  gambling  in St. Maarten. All inclusive price of $75
includes   return  boat  fare,  departure  taxes,  transport  to/from
casino,  buffet  style  dinner,  unlimited  drinks, and $50 in casino
chips.  The  boat  leaves  Anguilla  at 7pm and departs St. Martin at
1am.  Identification  required.  Advance  reservations required: 497-
2231 or by email.

Roots,  Inc.  ,  the  company  that  operatoes  Body and Soul fitness
center,  now  offers  accommodations  on Sandy Ground beach and a fax
and  email  service  for  visiting yachtsmen! Susanne has a 1 bedroom
studio  for  $100-$125  per  night  and  a  single room as well, both
tastefully   decorated   and   tropical.   These  are  right  on  the
waterfront,  next  door to the Dive Shop. Telephone: 1-264-497- 8364,

Looking  for Midwives. Jan Tritten from "Midwifery Today" magazine is
putting  on  a  conference  on midwifery in Jamaica in December 1999.
Her  goal  is  to  get  midwives  together from around the world, but
especially  from the Caribbean. She would like to invite a midwife on
Anguilla,  although  she can only donate the conference fee and hopes
that  some  local  group can help with transport and a place to stay.
Contact can by email at

New PCs Donated to Computer Club

Thanks  to  a  generous  donation, the Anguilla Library Computer Club
has  eight  new Pentium-class PCs. The donation came from Dave Thomas
,  a  software  entrepreneur  who  has purchased a villa in Anguilla,
with  shipping  donated by Bob and Mary Ann Green, and set up done by
all  the  club  volunteers,  including Tyler Close , a young computer
engineer  who  won  the  Engineering  Prize  of Canada and decided to
spend  the  money  living  in  Anguilla  and  thinking about his next
invention,  an  object-oriented  database.  On  a single Sunday, club
members  set  up the eight computers , added network cards, connected
them   together  and  to  the  Internet,  and  installed  educational

Because  the  club  now  has  dependable CD-rom and Sound capability,
they  have been able to offer new experiences to the children who use
the  lab:  Mavis  Beacon  Teaches  Typing,  American Heritage Talking
Dicitonary,  Toon  Talk  programming  game,  Sim Tunes from Maxis for
creating  musical  art,  and  Blues Clues puzzle adventures (the most

To  keep  the  noise  level  down,  they installed headphones on each
system  instead  of  speakers.  To  protect  the  Win95 software from
eventual  destruction  by  eagerly  enquiring  hands,  they installed
Storm  Windows  ,  a  security  system  that  allows  you to lock the
Windows  configuration  and  the  desktop.  One  older  system  is  a
designated  "crash  and burn" machine, where students can experiment,
install software, and get into the innards of Windows 95.

The  lab  is located in the back of the Arts and Craft building, next
to  the  library.  The club is currently open Mondays 3:30 to 5pm for
those  12  and older, and Thursdays 3:30 to 5pm for younger children.
Admission  is  $2EC  per  visit.  The lab is also used by Information
Technology students from the high school. Visitors welcome.

Directions:  from  the  airport  parking  lot, take the only exit and
turn  left. Continue straight past Island Car Rental and the National
Bank.  Turn  left  at  Alberts Market, go past the library, turn left
past the Dept of Education, and drive to the back.

Agricultural Fair 1999

January  89-30,  1999  was  the  annual  Agricultural  Exhibition  in
Anguilla.  The  show is like a small "county fair" and is held on the
grounds  of  the  Agriculture Department, which is up Coronation Blvd
toward Koal Keel restaurant.

Farmers  enter  their  fresh  crops  and animals in a competition for
awards:  pumpkins, sweet peppers, goats, chickens, sheep, beekeeping,

There  is produce and local honey for sale, or you can buy a souvenir
T-  shirt.  Listen  to music, eat barbeque and traditional local food
and  drink.  Enjoy  browsing  through  art and craft booths, even buy
some plants or fertilizer.

School  children  go  on class outings to the fair on Friday to learn
about farming and farm animals.

If  you  want  to  try  local farm products while staying in a villa,
drop  by  the Agriculture Dept and see what they have for sale. There
is usually a selection of produce, fruit, honey and rabbit meat.

The  official  booket  for the fair was $5 EC: "Annual Agricultural &
Industrial  Exhibition". With articles on bee-keeping, jollification,
growing  broccoli,  a recipe for Sorghum Johnny Cakes, and many other

Theme  for  1999  is "Farm Today or Starve Tomorrow". Produced by the
National Farmers Association and the Deptartment of Agriculture.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The  Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events,
holidays, and activities.

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

-  Feb 4. Savannah Gallery opening: Janet Cook Rutnik, "Island Scenes
Then and Now. 5-8 pm.

- Feb 5. Friday: the Wallblake Auction, read all about it .

-  Feb  6.  Sunshine Theatre Art Awards Dinner. Anguilla Great House.
Awards announced  for  Jason Lloyd as Artist of the Year, Roseanna 
Brown for Theatre Arts, and Alecia Ballin for Community Service.

-  Feb  6-7. First Annual Flower and Garden Show. Ruthwill Auditorium
and grounds.  Sat  10-5  and  Sun  Noon-5:30.  Sponsored  by the 
Anguilla Beautification Club.

- Feb 7-20. Cultural Festival:

-  Sun  Feb  7. 11am. Church Service. Church of God of Prophecy. West

-  Mon Feb  8. Noon-1pm. Concert at National Museum (AXA and Leeward
Calypso King Mighty Springer, and Bankie Banx).

- Tue Feb 9. Symposium on Anguillian Culture. Library Auditorium.

-  Wed Feb 10. Noon-1pm. Concert at National Museum (High School Steel
Pan Orchestra and Boys Choir).

- Fri Feb 12. Noon-1pm. Concert (Hot Shot and Kingsley).
8pm. National Trust Fund-raisng Dinner at Old Ta.

-  Sat  Feb  13.  6:30am.  Jollification  at  National Farmer's Plot,
8pm. Ole Time Valentine Concert, Stoney Ground Primary School.

- Sun Feb 14. Boat race at Sandy Ground.

- Mon Feb 15. Noon-1pm. Concert (Cool Breeze).

- Tue Feb 16. Noon-1pm. Concert (Dumpa and Anvibes).

- Wed Feb 17. Noon-1pm. Drum Concert (Malcolm Melville).
7:30pm.  Primary  School Choral Speaking and Cultural Evening. Stoney
Groud Primary School.

-  Thu  Feb  18  and  Fri  Feb 19. Lecture/Discusson and Workshops by
Malcolm Melville,  National  Museum,  The  Valley.  10-Noon,  Drums 
of Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow. 2-4pm and 4:30-6:30pm Drums Workshops.

-  Sat  Feb  20.  10am-5pm.  National  Art  and Craft Production Day.
National Museum.
1:30-4pm. Traditional Children's Toys and Games. Museum.

Arts  Festival. The Arts Festival is raffling a trip from Anguilla to
anywhere  in the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska, or from the USA to
Anguilla.  Tickets  are $20 each and are available at most hotels and
art  galleries.  Drawing  will  be  May  1999.  Don't forget that the
registration  deadline  for  this  summer's  Arts  Festival  is  fast

Triathalon.   The  Optimists  Club,  High  Way  Tyre,  and  Red  Lion
Distributors  announce  their  second  Triathalon Relay Extravaganza.
Sunday  March  21st  at  11am.  The  three-person  teams consist of a
swimmer,  a  cyclist  and  a  runner.  Teams  can enter in either the
"Totally  Serious"  and  "Seriously Fun" categories. Call 497-2369 to
register. Ask for Teacher Art.
Updates and Feedback

Updating  on Communicating , Re: Paging. Larry Stott notifies us of a
change  to  the paging service in Anguilla: Starting from 1 February,
1999  Cable  & Wireless is introducing Direct Inward Dialing (DID) to
pagers  on  the  island. Each pager will now have its own seven digit
number.  The  Central  Office  Code (COC) of 724 will be used to dial
pagers i.e. 724-XXXX (where XXXX is the pager number)

For example, to call the pager number 123 today , you first dial 497-
2111  then  you  enter  the  3  digit pager number, 123, and then you
speak  your  message  or  enter the display digits. After the change,
you  simply  dial  724-0123  NOTE: For existing 3 digit pager numbers
you  just insert a zero before the pager number. That is, 999 becomes
Web Sites About Anguilla

Email addresses:

Sunshine Villas (David Yates):

Value Plus (moved to The Quarter):

Gem Exclusiv T-Shirt:

Bob Concrich:

Villa  For  Sale  in  Seafeathers at this web page . Two bedrooms and
two  baths,  with  a pool and lush gardens. Sounds like just what you
have been searching for.

Bob Conrich has a home page with pictures of Blackgarden Bay.

Villa  for  Rent  at this page : T-House of the Anguilla Sun. Perfect
for a couple.

Oliver's Seaside Grill

Many  visitors  have enjoyed a romantic sunset and dinner at Oliver's
Seaside  Grill  on  Long  Bay  .  The setting is special, the food is
gourmet  continental,  and  there is live music Monday, Wednesday and
Friday  with  Frankie  Rogers on keyboard. The Executive Chef is Leon
Carty,  who  has years of experience at Cap Juluca. After dinner, you
can  descend  the  stairs to their Cock Lounge, right over the water,
for a final brandy or nightcap.

Owner  Oliver  MacDonna  created  his waterfront restaurant on family
land  in Long Bay village, not far from Malliouhana Hotel. Oliver has
spent  a long time in the restaurant business before opening Olivers,
but  his  last  venture was setting up Brothers Auto Supply in George
Hill (which is still run by his brother!).

Telephone: 1-264-497-8780. Email:

Here  is an email report from a Dennis Sheehan, ,
who  thought  very  highly  of  Oliver's:  On  our recent trip to the
island  we  were pleased once again with the fine dining that awaited
us.  Yes  food  is  important, even if our main routine is sitting on
the  beach from sunup to sun down and reading one book after another.
Our  regular  haunts  did  not fail us, Blanchards, Scilly Cay, Uncle
Ernies, Smitty,s, Ici, and Hibernia are all as wonderful as before.

But  our  biggest  surprise and by far our best dining experience was
Oliver's.  It is one of the finest resturants we have found anywhere,
including  NYC.  Oliver's was so wonderful we returned three separate
nights.  The food, staff and setting is worthy of Five Stars. We hope
to  enjoy Oliver's hospitality again in August since he assured us he
would  be  open  for  the Carnival. Anyone up to fine dining must try

Bob,  sorry but we did not carry a camera, though I wished we had for
the  setting  is breath taking. After dinner, each night , we stepped
downstairs  to  the  bar  for  my  ritual  taste of the local rum and
Diane's  glass of wine and gazed off the terrace at the sea. With the
glistening  moonlight  and  the  call of the surf we found this to be
the  perfect  end  to  each of our meals at Oliver's, even on the one
evening  of  inclement  weather.  You  must really take an evening to
enjoy  this  fine  restaurant which, by the way is owned and operated
by  an  Anguillian  who  obviously  has trained at some of the finest
restaurant.  Oliver  informed  us that the chef is a friend from high
school  that  he  has  known  for years. The two have truly created a
touch of excellence.

You  can  always quote me for what I send to you. Your news letter is
our  main  guide to enjoying the island, until we can move there, and
even then your letters will remain a certain guide.

Oliver's January 1999 Menu


Anguillian Pumpkin Soup
a  puree  of  local  Pumpkin and fresh herbs enhanced with a blend of
Coconut Milk. 8.00

Morgan Hill Reef Fish Soup
a  combination  of  local Fish with a blend of Vegetables topped with
Pernod, Sour Cream and Bay leave. 9.00

Mushroom and Potato Soup a puree of mushroom blended with cream. 9.00

a  fresh  blend of Tomato, Celery and fresh Herbs enhanced with fresh
Mint. - 8.00


Marinated Conch Salad
fresh local conch marinated and garnished with plantain chips. 10.00

Garden Salad
mixed garden greens served with our daily house dressing. 8.00

Caesar Salad
fresh  Romaine  Lettuce  tossed  with  Croutons  and  homemade Caesar
Dressing. 9.00


Marinated Sting Ray
fresh  marinated sting ray sauteed and served with a caper and tomato
herb vinegrette dressing. 10.00

Crayfish Salad
sauteed  Island  Crayfish  in a light herbal butter sauce served on a
bed of Baby Greens with a fresh Papaya and Avocado. 12.00

Oliver's Lobster Fish Cake
a  blend  of Local Lobster, fish and Herbs, pan fried and served with
a Bay Leaf Lobster Sauce. 12.00

Poached Island Lobster
Fresh local Lobster poached lightly with a Mango Ginger Sauce. 15.00

Caribbean Seafood Tempura Sweet and Sour
a  combination  of  local  Seafood  and  Vegetables  dipped in a Beer
batter, deep-fried light golden brown wth a hot Soy Ginger Sauce. 10.00


Grilled or Pan-Fried Fresh Salmon
served with Island Herbs and Capers Cream Sauce. 29.00

Grilled Fillet of Grouper
served  with  Garlic  Herbs  and Olive Oil lime juice balsamic Sauce.

Grilled Fillet of Snapper
served with a Lemon grass and basil oil. 24.00

Grilled Whole Snapper (blackened or simply grilled)
served with fresh Lime Juice. 26.00

Oliver's Seafood Compote
a  selection  of  fresh  local seafoods cooked in a Lobster Sauce and
enhanced  with  fresh  Coconut  Milk,  served  with  Pancake  Spinach
Polenta. 29.00

Crayfish Creole
Fresh  Island  Harbour  Crayfish  sauteed  lightly and served w ith a
Island Creole Sauce with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. 34.00

Fresh  Island  Harbour  Crayfish (blackened or simply grilled) served
with a Lemon Butter Sauce. 34.00

Fresh  Caribbean  Lobster (blackened or simply grilled) served with a
Lemon Butter Sauce. 25.00 per lb. (When available)


Grilled Blackened Chicken Breast
served with a Mango Chutney. 24.00

Grilled Lemon Chicken
Breast of chicken grilled and served in a Lemon Ginger Sauce. 24.00

Oliver's Surf & Turf
tenderloin  of Angus, stuffed with Crayfish set in a Guava and Pepper
Corn Sauce. 34.00

Grilled Tenderloin
served with Mushrooms and Vintage Port Wine Sauce. 30.00

Sirloin Grilled or Sauteed
served in its own natural juices and caramelized wih vegetables and
shallots. 26.00


Chicken Fettuccini
Spinash   Fettuccini   cooked   with   Fresh  Tomatoes  Mushroom  and
Vegetables. 24.00

Pasta Spagetinni
Pasta with vegetables sauteed in Olive Oil herbs. 20.00

Seafood Pasta
an  assortment of fresh local seafood sauteed in a Spicy Vodka Tomato
Sauce, served on a bed of black linguini. 28.00 (when available)

All our main courses are served with fresh Vegetables of the day.

House Special

Home Style Rock Oven Baked Whole Chicken.
A  free  range whole chicken stuffed with Gingered Sweet Potatoes and
served with  a  Rosemary  Ginger Sauce. Four hours advance notice 
required - 56.00
(serves 2-4 persons)

Prices are in US Dollars. 15% tip added on. Credit cards accepted.


February 21, 1999

For  the  most  relaxing  vacation  of  your life, stay at one of our
homes,  Over  the  Rainbow  or Beyond the Sea. See them on the Web at

** New fruit stand opens
  How's this for a hot story? A new shack, plopped down in the middle
of  one  of the few parking lots in downtown Cruz Bay, now is home to
"Our  Market,"  a fresh fruits and vegetable stand. It's just 50 feet
or  so away from Nature's Nook, selling the same items, and which has
been  in  business  for  years.  St. John administrator Julien Harley
doesn't  want the stand there - parking is already too dear downtown.
But  as one of his final actions after being defeated for reelection,
Gov.  Schneider  gave Thomas Matthew the OK to open the stand on what
is  government  land.  Matthew's  shack  was erected in the wee small
hours of one Sunday morning last month, while we were on island.

** Cinnamon Bay yields archeological treasures

Excavation  of the 500-year-old Taino settlement at the V.I. National
Park,  at  Cinnamon  Bay, is yielding more than anyone expected. Some
call  it the Zemi of the Week - a Zemi being a catchall term term for
the  carvings,  figures  and  stones being unearthed at the dig. (FYI
...  Island  jeweler  R  &  I Patton is selling cast-silver copies of
Zemis  for about $70 - proceeds going to the dig. 1-800-626-3445.) It
has  been  financed by a Donald Sussman, to the tune of $250,000. But
Park  Service  archeologist  Ken  Wild  reported at the recent annual
meeting  of  the  Friends  of the National Park, the money has barely
been  touched  due  to the thousands of volunteers' hours. Learn more
about  the  dig's  findings  by  visiting  the  Friends of the Virgin
Islands  National  Park,  on the Web, at -
and  support the group's efforts by joining the group (details on the

** New restaurants

During  our recent two week visit, we found some wonderful new places
to  dine.  Dinner  with  Andre  (340-693-8708) has been operating for
more  than a year - during the day it's Chilly Billy, a breakfast and
lunch  place overlooking Cruz Bay at the Lumberyard. By night, French
chef  Andre  takes  over.  Moderately expensive - but an intimate and
memorable  experience.  The  Stone  Terrace  is  new  ... it's in the
Asolare  price  range  and  taste ($$$$, mmmmm good!) ... although we
just  didn't  have time to try it. We did go to Ellington's (340 693-
8190),  (  the restaurant at Gallows Point.
Hadn't  been  there  for several years, but we'll be back now. Owners
Ray  (chef)  and  Caroline  Vogt  have  put  themselves and all their
energies  into  creating a relaxing and consistent dining experience,
with  a moderate-priced menu and a million dollar view of St. Thomas.
We  also tried the new Italian place, Panini Beach (340 693-9119). We
give it 3.5 of 4 stars.

** L.L. Bean loves St. John

Tradewinds  editor Tom Oat points out that winter catalogs from L. L.
Bean  feature St. John on the front cover. There are two versions. On
one  a couple of local children are playing in the surf while a young
couple  walk  ahead  of  them,  while  the other has a man, wearing a
straw hat, relaxing in the ocean.

** Cruise lines love St. John

The  Florida  Caribbean Cruise Association has agreed to pay the $4 a
person  charge  levied  for  passengers  who take tours of the Virgin
Islands   National   Park.   After  earlier  opposing  the  fee.  The
Tradewinds  said  Holland  America  and  Princess  Cruise  Lines said
they'd  go  along,  while  Carnival Cruise Lines refused comment. The
fee  was instituted about a year ago when park superintendent Russell
Berry  pointed  out thousands of visitors used the Park's beaches and
facilities,  but  contributed nothing directly to the maintenance and

** Lookout for whales

It's  whale  watching  time.  Humpbacks and others are migrating. The
St.  Thomas-St.  John environmental association plans two whale watch
cruises,  Feb.  29  and  March 13. If you'll be there and want to go,
call 340 776 1976

VI Web sites:

* Caribbean-On-Line:
* Island map:
* US Virgin Islands:
* VI Weather: click here



Trip 2/99

New  York  Times,  Sunday January 3, 1999: "Luxury Resort off Antigua
becomes  More  So."  "In  its new life, Jumby Bay looks much the same
... " but that is where the comparison stops.

No  longer  all-inclusive,  the  pristine beaches are no longer swept
each  morning, no "help-yourself" coolers and the new executive chef,
Kevin  Kapalka,  a personable young man, has not a clue how to make a
menu,  prepare  a  presentation,  cook  a meal or get it to the diner
HOT!  The  best thing about the dining at the "new" Jumby is that you
must  go  to  the mainland and eat in the wonderful restaurants there
(Le  Biestro,  Julian's,  Home,  Chez  Pascal  ...  all  super!)  ...
something  that  would  not  have  happened in the past! The food was
horrific  and  sending it back because it was cold only brought forth
new  unpleasantness  with the reheating (Kevin thought, "It might get
cold  because of dining outside.") ... unattractive presentations ...
half cooked ... straight from the steam table!

Some  of  glitches  that  are still being worked out include a fairly
new  wait  staff  some of whom are too "familiar" with the guests ...
one  server  sat down with us one evening (thought for a second I was
in  an  Outback!)  ...  another  reached  over  and  rubbed my dining
partners  sunburned head!, wait stuff hurrying, anxious to please and
forgetting  what they were to do rather than taking time and doing it
right  first  ...  that's not their fault ... it is lack of training.
Sandwiches  at  lunch had portions of fish or chicken that one needed
a  microscope  to  see!  Sorbet served on the beach for the first few
days  ...  replaced with offers of ice cube crusted wash cloths!!! No
where  else have I been asked for the beach towel I was sitting on at
4 pm when beach staff were "closing" the beach bar.

Rooms  and  accommodations  are  still  wonderful, staff for the most
part  very attentive and gracious, especially the few "returnees" ...
Les,  trying hard to make it all come together ... island is lush and
both  beaches  are  beautiful with the star fish still inhabiting the
waterline.  Bikes and "buses" still there ... Two for Tea ... one pot
of  hot water only ... even if two people want different teas! Server
very  confused  ...  said  she  couldn't  give  us two teapots at one
table!...  finally  she  agreed,  took  the  one  bigger pot back and
returned  with  two  small  ones ... "not enough pots" and there were
only  three  people  there!  Tea  was  lunch cookies cut in half with
finger  sandwiches (ham, ham and cheese, salmon or "cheddar" cheese).

Potential  is  still  there  ...  some  "talk"  of  returning to all-
inclusive  ...  make sure the kitchen/dining staff is changed if they
do !!

I  do  not  believe  that  is the old launch refurbished ... actually
transported  in  a  rented  fishing  boat  for several days until the
return  of  the "launch" ... Open ferry with blue canvas sides. Still
one  of  the  most  beautiful  places in the Caribb ... but, Bamfi's,
please  come  back!!!  The  Times  is  right.  It  surely  is not the
RockResorts  that  I had learned to cherish at Little Dix and Caneel!
Not even close!!

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