Caribbean Travel Roundup

Newsletter - Paul Graveline, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 71
January 1, 1997

Last updated 28 Dec 96 1300ET

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Anyone  going  to  Montego  Bay  Sandals (or thinking about going) 
read  the  review  below  I had a fun time, but if you looking for 
excellent  food  and  great  service,  stay far far away from this 
place.  This  place  is OK on food and service (sometimes both are 
terrible!)  but  a  great  place  if  you  like  to  drink  and do 
different  activities.  Also  the  beach and island are beautiful, 
but  little  if  any waves. Here are some of my comments you won't 
read in the glossy brochure or see on the jazzy video:

(1)  Want  to  call  home during your stay? Don't forget your VISA 
card.  $9  for  3  minute  call. Want to use your calling card? $3 
surcharge  for  every  call. I didn't mind the money--but you must 
go  to  the  front  desk  and  give  them a copy of your VISA card 
before  they  turn  on  your  phone. (even if you use your calling 
card.)  This is total crap. Five star hotel? No, I don't think so. 
(so you say, use the pay phone...sorry, no such thing in Sandals)

(2)  I  didn't  have hot water in my room for 36 hours. I called 4 
times.  Every time they said "No problem, mon"..... "Your problem, 
mon."  The  fourth  call was to the general manager, who took care 
of  it.  Remember,  most  locals make $1 US an hour. (According to 
one  employee  I  spoke with... He showed me his pay stub to prove 
his   point.)  Half  of  the  people  who  work  have  a  positive 
attitude...the  other  half  couldn't  give a shit. (I don't blame 
them)  You say $1/hr is probably a lot for the workers relative to 
the  cost  of  living  in  Jamaica....but food and necessity items 
cost  about  the  same  as  in the US. This is a very poor country 
with  little  if  any  economy. You'll come back to the states and 
appreciate want you have (even if you have nothing!)

(3)  Don't  forget  any  toiletry  items.  Good hotels have common 
courtesy  toiletries. Remember, this is Sandals where "Love is all 
you  need...and  your wallet" I paid $5 for shaving cream in their 
gift  shop.  Also,  don't count on getting a local paper while you 
stay  on  Sandals  property.  I  wanted  to  get  a flavor of what 
happens  on  the  island (and also check the weather forecast) The 
reason  (I  think)  they  don't  sell them? I picked the Kingston, 
Jamaica  newspaper  up  at  the  airport on the way home---stories 
about  the  water you shouldn't drink, economy in the shitter, and 
a  couple  of  murders  here  and  there.  Don't want to scare the 
vacationers. But hey, this stuff happens everywhere.

(3)  I  didn't  like  sitting  on  the  beach when locals on surfs 
boards  would harass you to buy stuff (shells, necklaces...). "Hey 
mon,  come  here  in the ocean I want to show you some stuff" Hey, 
I'm  on  vacation,  leave  me  alone. (this happened to us several 
times  a  day...the  Sandals  security  can't do anything (so they 
say)  because  the  peddlers  stay in the ocean. Neutral property. 
I'm  telling you...this is a poor island. Guys did this all day in 
the ocean!

(4)  I  had  lots  of ants in my room. Called housekeeping several 
times.    "No    problem,    mon"   was   the   response..   Never 
corrected....but  not  a  big learn to check your water 
glass  before  drinking.  Half  the  time,  there  were ants in my 
glass. I thought this was a five star resort? No way, mon.

(5)  Many  capital  improvements  needed.  Some pools, fences, and 
buildings  show  definite  age. If you compared the piano/bar pool 
picture  in the brochure to the actual place, you would get a good 
chuckle.  Lots  of  creative work have gone into blending pictures 
together   (to  make  everything  look  larger  than  actual)  and 
pictures  have  been  touched  up.  (Sandals  should commend their 
ad/creative  agency  for  great  work!  But I'm sure they paid big 

(6)  Lots  of  cats  (wild) around the complex. They didn't pose a 
huge  problem--but  they  beg  for  food  when  you  eat lunch and 
dinner. I can't believe they let these run wild. 

(7)  If your a beer drinker, be prepared to drink Red Stripe. This 
is  the  only  beer  available  on tap and sometimes the ONLY beer 
period...The  beer  is  a  light  reddish  beer,  I  grew  to like 
it...but  some  people  dislike.  When other beer was available in 
cans (Miller Lite, MGD) sometimes it was served luke warm!

If  you've  already  booked  your  trip,  don't  let  this message 
discourage  you.  We both had a great time, but was overpriced for 
the  quality.  (suggestion:  book  the  all day bus trip to Dunn's 
River  Falls...$110  US  for two but well worth it! About 80 miles 
away  from  Montego  Bay and the Falls are awesome....the drive is 
neat.  The  company  that  does  the  tour  is not affiliated with 
Sandals, but you can book the tour inside the hotel.) 

Also,  I  think  the  majority  of  the people who stay in Sandals 
Montego  Bay  have  a  blast...but  know  the pitfalls... complain 
immediately  to  the  general  manager when there is problem...ask 
when  the  problem will be corrected (they hate this, they have no 
sense  of  time or urgency)...request an upgrade on your room when 
there  are  multiple  problems  (upgrading  is  very very common). 
Also,  during their slow periods of the year, you can upgrade your 
room  in  some  cases  for  $99.  Ask. They upgraded our room upon 
arrival for no apparent reason. Others we talk to said the same.

Why  do  you  hear so many great things about Sandals? Most people 
who  stay  there are not familiar with truly five star resorts and 
dining  back  in  the  states.  Most are newlyweds ready to unwind 
after  a  big wedding. Sandals is two and half stars at best. FUN, 
but not want I expected. 



Lucie  and  I  (Darin)  got engaged the weekend before our trip to 
Jamaica  so  this  was  destined  to be a wonderful trip. Our only 
previous  Caribbean  experience  was  this past May at Club Med in 
Turks  and  Caicos.  We  are newly certified scuba divers and like 
the  all-inclusive  resorts  for  their  watersports/sports, among 
other things.

DAY 1:

Preliminary  Note: Don't stay at a Susse Chalet unless you've been 
there  before  and  can deal with it. I would much prefer to spend 
another $10-15 in the future and stay at a nicer place.

  At  any rate, our Air Jamaica flight was a pleasure. Great food, 
free  movie and champagne, nice service. We had no problems at the 
airport  and  didn't  really  mind the supposedly dreadful ride to 
Sandals.  The  ride  is about an hour and a half to this property, 
with  a stop half way through, and you pass plenty of other closer 
resorts along the way.

  Upon  arriving  at  the property, we had a friendly welcome, but 
our  room  was  not  ready  and  despite  the  fact that lunch was 
ending,  no one was in a rush to either get us a room or lunch. We 
were  able  to grab the last bit of lunch and readily learned that 
coming  near the end of a meal was a bad idea and that the buffets 
don't  really  compare  to  our  Club Med experience. More on this 
later.  We also found the Playmakers were not quite as friendly as 
G.O's at Club Med. 

  We  tried  a water tryke and thought it was fun, but a pedal was 
broken  which  made  it a little bit uncomfortable. We immediately 
signed  up  for  a  scuba  check  out dive for the next day from a 
rather  unfriendly  scuba  guy.  The  pool  was  fantastic and the 
drinks  were  great.  Too  bad  there  is only a limited number of 
floats  in  the  pool,  but  I  guess  too  many wouldn't be great 
either.  We  weren't too impressed with the welcome orientation as 
it was not quite so personal or informative.

  Dinner was outside by the pool because it was Olympic night. The 
ambiance  was  fabulous.  Nice  service  of beverages and carrying 
your  dishes  to  the  table, but the buffet was not comparable to 
Club  Med  and  you  need to eat early. We found this true through 
the  rest  of our stay -- items were missing and not re-filled, so 
you  had to come at the beginning of a meal to get the most out of 
it.  There  was  a nice pasta station. Lucie liked the shrimp stir 
fry  and  I  liked the chicken saute kabob. There were also pretty 
ice  sculptures. The setting of the meal, outside by the pool, was 
spectacular and romantic.

  We  skipped  the  toga  party.  Quickly  learned  that the drink 
purple  rain  was pretty good. Had a purple rain and blue frozen 
drink  by  the Piano Bar area which was beautiful. Lucie was tired 
by  this  point  --  it  was a long day. We had to prepare for our 
8:45 a.m. (not our choice of time) checkout scuba dive.


We  began  early,  around  7:30 a.m., and showered (cold spurts in 
hot  water)  and  went  on to the breakfast buffet, which was only 
served  in one place. I had French toast, fruit, bacon, and juice. 
Lucie  had  poached  eggs,  bacon,  potatoes,  fruit  and  coffee. 
Breakfast was OK, but the fruit was not very fresh.

  Our  check  out  dive  was  at  10:00 a.m as it turned out. Good 
equipment and nicer people.
Played  pitch  and  putt.  Fabulous  fun on a 9-hole 3 par course. 
Don't have to be good to enjoy. We're not golfers.

Next,  Lucie  learned exactly how to make a Banana Daiquiri at the 
piano pool bar. It was her favorite drink.

This  was  the big beach party night. It was confusing and did not 
seem  organized  for  dinner.  Also, it is especially important to 
come  early  for  dinner.  Not  a  great  selection of food and no 
helpful  drink service. The entertainment was good. Snake charmer, 
nail  board  dancer  and  fire  dancer. We played shuffleboard and 
rested in a hammock after dinner.

 DAY 6:

We  made plans to leave to the Royal Jamaican hotel today since it 
is  so  much closer to the airport. Don't do this. If inclined, go 
to  Montego  Bay  and party there. We looked at Mo Bay and thought 
it  was  nice,  but a step below Ocho Rios, which was a step below 
Dunn's  River.  Royal  Jamaican  is  below all of the above and is 
depressing or sedate.

Did  snorkel trip at Royal J and found it to be really nice. Great 
coral,  lots  of fish, thought he water was not perfectly clear or 
even that clean.

Came  back to room to change for dinner. Lights went out for about 
30  minutes. People at the front desk said it was unusual and they 
did  not  know how long it would last -- not real helpful. Finally 
got  changed  and ran to boat dock to catch the cool dragon boat 
to  the  authentic  Bali  Hai  Indonesian  restaurant  on a remote 
island  nearby. The island, in the daylight, is not too impressive 
--  a few pools, 1 bar, some nude areas (we were told), and lots 
of  dirt  and bugs. But, in the evening, surrounded by lights, the 
restaurant  is  beautiful with a wonderful view. Dinner was served 
in  tables  of six. Each person was given a traditional Indonesian 
wrap  to  wear.  We were given three drinks -- water, wine, and an 
alcoholic  concoction  of  some  sort.  We had 1 appetizer (like a 
shrimp  spring  roll)  and about 5 cold dishes to share (marinated 
veggies,  cabbage,  corn  fritters,  etc.). We also had 5 or 6 hot 
dishes  along  with  white  rice.  Two  of the dishes were fish (1 
shrimp),  1  beef,  1  pork,  and  1 chicken. They were very good. 
Lousy  dessert  (mango  mousse  in a pineapple sauce). Jasmine tea 

It  was a fun and different experience. We met lots of nice people 
at  dinner, all of whom were honeymooners. Next, we came back, had 
a  drink,  played  some  backgammon and checkers, and lounged in a 
hammock  on  the  dock.  We  had to come back inside to escape the 
bugs  -  they  were  eating  us  up  alive on our last night after 
having no problems all through the trip.


We  slept  in  later  because we asked if we could check out later 
than  they  had  scheduled for us to do. Good idea. Had breakfast. 
As  we were waiting for our shuttle to the airport, another couple 
was  having  quite  the spat. They had gotten married on the trip, 
but  she  was  screaming at him and asking the hotel people to get 
them  on  different  flights.  I  think  security  was called. Bad 

Anyway,  Air Jamaica was terrific again. Wonderful trip. In short, 
the  food  and  sports were superior at Club Med, but the ambiance 
could not be beat at Sandals Dunn's River. 


  There  were many changes since my 1996 trip. Some for the better 
and  some  for the worse. The new nude beach complex is definitely 
a  plus.  The  pool with a swim-up bar is a refreshing alternative 
to  the ocean. The overhang of the roof provides just enough cover 
to  provide  a  shady  respite  from  the  sun  or  cover from the 
occasional  tropical  shower as one enjoys a drink mixed by Delroy 
or  Scumba,  the  full time barkeeps. Also, Cris did a fine job of 
conducting water arobics during the week of Thanksgiving.

At  the  back  end  of  the  pool is a elevated cold Jacuzzi which 
overflows  into the pool and a misting pool on the other side. The 
jets  are  invigorating  and  powerful.  (Some  of  the women made 
friends with a couple of these jets).

The  misting pool does not really mist, instead it sprinkles. This 
is  due  to  a  flaw in the construction where the sprinklers were 
placed  above  the level of the water. However, this pool is none-
the-less  refreshing  in  the  hot  sun. Just watch your step, the 
smooth  ceramic  tile  floor  is very slippery. A couple of people 
fell.  To  the  side of this pool is the Grotto. This was designed 
to  provide  couples  a  semi-private place to romance. Most still 
use the hot tub.

Debate  continued  among  guests  as to if the hot tub is smaller. 
The  hot  tub  was redone. I personally think it is the same size, 
but  just  dwarfed  by all that was built around it. On a negative 
note,  with  all  the  work  that  was  done  to  the  hot tub and 
surrounding  area, the jets on the beach side of the hot tub still 
do  not  work;  the  water  temperature  is still erratic, and the 
steps  and handrails are gone. Glass is a problem at night. People 
are  still  walking  up  with  drinks  in  glass  from  the disco. 
However,  the  plastic  cups and guard to see that people use them 
are  not  in  sight.  Before  someone  is severely cut, management 
needs  to  ensure  a supply of plastic cups are available at night 
at  the hot tubs and should post a guard to make sure the cups are 
used.  Or  better  yet,  they  should  just eliminate glass in the 

A  building  has  been  constructed  to  the front and side of the 
bar(where  the  guard  shack  use to be) which houses the new nude 
beach  grill. The grill offers all the old time favorites (Nachos, 
hot  dogs, popcorn, burgers, etc.) plus jerked chicken and fish at 
5:30pm.  The  burgers at the grill are now prepared over charcoal. 
Both  the  nude  beach  bar and grill are open till 11pm. Hedo has 
come  a  long  way from the days of walking to the prude beach bar 
for a drink.

Speaking  of  food, this has to be one of the disappointments. The 
food  was never anything great; however, they have cut back on the 
quality  of both the selection and preparation. For example; there 
is  no  more  lobster night, and many of the cakes taste like they 
came  from  the  same  mix. There are several other subtle cuts in 
the  dining  room.  I  hope  that with the upcoming rate increase, 
they  will  return  some  of the things they cut-out. However, the 
Italian  restaurant  is  still  good  and  the  service is greatly 
improved over prior years.

Lenworth  (Ultimate) is doing a great job in the piano bar. He had 
it  rocking most every night. It would be nice if the coordinators 
would  let  the guests continue instead of taking over the mike as 
they  did  on  some  evenings.  Some  of  the entertainment staff, 
although  very  talented,  just  do  not  know when to take a back 
seat.  If the room has momentum and the crowd is having fun, there 
is  no  need  for them to take the room over. The guests go to the 
piano  bar  to  sing  along  with  other  guests; not to watch the 
coordinators perform.

The  negative  points  I  point  out  are  made  in a constructive 
fashion  with  the hope that management will address some of these 
issues.  Overall,  I  had a great time and will still make it Hedo 
II again and again! 


We  stayed  at  Breezes (formerly Jamaica Jamaica) in Runaway Bay, 
Jamaica  for  seven  nights from Dec. 8-15, 1996. My husband and I 
traveled  alone  (the  resort actually does not allow guests under 
the age of 16). It was our first time at this resort.


1)  Lots  of activities included. We snorkeled, kayaked, horseback 
rode,  took  a  horse  and buggy ride, took a ride on a catamaran, 
went  on  a shopping trip and played ping pong and croquet. Things 
we  could  have  done  but did not do: sail, scuba dive, windsurf, 
golf,  tennis,  go  to  Dunn's  river falls (we had done this on a 
previous  trip to Jamaica), flying trapeze (honestly), trampoline, 
billiards,  giant  chess  ("Jamaican"  pieces  like  Rastafarians, 
goats, etc.).

2)  Overall  we  thought  the food here was good. The buffet is in 
the  Terrace  restaurant.  The  buffet  breakfast was probably the 
weakest  meal.  Nothing  terribly  exciting  and  not  always well 
prepared.  However,  the  grapefruit  juice  was delicious and the 
breakfast  breads  were  yummy.  The  lunch buffet was quite good. 
Lots   of  variety  of  both  "American"  and  more  exotic  fare, 
including  Jamaican,  Chinese, Mexican and Indian. Nice salad bar, 
good  cheeses,  a  pasta  bar  (which we didn't try) and sometimes 
pizza  (mediocre).  We  ate  at  the  reservations only restaurant 
(Martino's)  almost  every night for dinner. Never had any trouble 
getting  a  reservation  (however, the hotel was not full the week 
we  were  there).  You  can make a reservation as early as the day 
before,  but  we  also  had  no problem getting one the day of the 
meal.  We  always were able to get in to whichever seating time we 
wanted.  Dress  is  no  shorts  but  jacket  is  not required. Saw 
several  people  in shorts anyway, and no one was kicked out. Food 
was  very  good  more than 50% of the time. The antipasto bar is a 
main  feature  of  the  restaurant  and  has  around  30 different 
choices.  We  especially  liked  the  palm hearts. The ravioli was 
good  (overcooked one night but still tasty), a seafood pasta dish 
I  had  was  good  with scallops, squid and shrimp, and my husband 
enjoyed  the  beef  dishes  he  got (prime rib, etc.). Dishes that 
weren't  so  good  were  usually  too salty (veal), too peppery or 
just  tasted  run-of-the-mill.  Oftentimes the dishes didn't match 
the  description  in  the  menu  very well. Service was excellent- 
someone  is  always  refilling  your  wine  glass  (white wine was 
mediocre,  red  was  a  bit  better).  Desserts were appropriately 
rich.  Soups  were  usually  not  so  great  (except the pumpkin). 
There's  a  piano  player every night who is not too obtrusive but 
does  effectively butcher a wide variety of popular tunes. We wish 
there  had  been  one  more  restaurant  option,  but  the menu at 
Martino's  changes completely every night, so we didn't really get 
tired  of it. There's a beach grill open in the afternoon, and the 
pork  prepared  here  is  quite  tasty.  We had the "room service" 
continental  breakfast once. It consisted of the breads you get in 
the  buffet.  You  have  to specify the night before what time you 
want  it,  and  we didn't like having to adhere to a schedule like 
that so we didn't get it again.

3)  There  are three outdoor Jacuzzis. One is right near the lobby 
and  was  the  most  popular-  pretty large. One was more secluded 
under  a  tree in the gardens with a deck and wrought iron chairs. 
Very  nice setting. The first half of the week it was lukewarm and 
not  too  popular.  By  mid-week,  it  was  hot  but still not too 
popular.  We  enjoyed this about two times a day (daytime and late 
at  night)  and  were always alone in the tub. The other is on the 
nude  beach. We tried to overcome our inhibitions and go at night, 
but it was too popular for our tastes. :) 

4)  There  are  hammocks  in  a  grove  of banana plants and large 
banyan  tree.  Nobody ever went in these so again it was something 
we  could  enjoy alone. They're a cool escape from the heat of the 
midday sun.

5)  The  rooms  are  decent.  Ours  was  of average size and had a 
loveseat.  The  bathroom  was  lovely-  large, all marble, tons of 
mirrors,  the  shower  is  around the corner from the sink and the 
toilet is up a step from the sink.

6)  The  staff  is  friendly  and  the general attitude about your 
vacation  exemplary. There aren't many rules or schedules you have 
to  adhere  to  (we  have  found rules and schedules at some other 
resorts  we've  been  to which have limited our fun considerably). 
For  instance,  we  asked  if  there  were hours that the pool and 
Jacuzzi  were  "open".  The  woman just laughed like we were being 
ridiculous  and  said, "No, mon!". We didn't have to wait in lines 
to  sign  up  for activities or dinner reservations. It was really 
quite  stress  free.  We  were  even  able  to  change  our dinner 
reservation  to  a  different  time  at the last minute one night. 
Some  of  the  staff  members  were quite genial and even eager to 
strike  up  a  conversation.  For instance, we were in the Terrace 
restaurant  one windy afternoon and a waitress asked "wouldn't you 
like some rum punch to warm you up?"

7)  There are many little things here which are included that just 
add  a  nice  touch  to  your  vacation.  For  example, there were 
postcards  of the resort (4 different ones) available in the lobby 
for  free.  They're  pretty  nice  postcards  so we didn't have to 
shell  out  any  money for the ones in the gift shop. You can make 
yourself  a  laminated  luggage tag with a Superclubs card. I know 
these  things  are  really  just  advertising for them, but it's a 
kick to discover them here and there around the place.

Neither pro nor con:

1)  While  not the nicest beach we've been to, it wasn't the worst 
either.  There  are  just  a  few trees around to sit under if you 
want  to  avoid  the sun. The sand was quite soft on the beach and 
more  coarse  in  the  water. There is a coral reef just off-shore 
with  a  rope  around  it  prohibiting access. This is a con as it 
definitely  limits  the  swimming area, especially at low tide. On 
the  other  hand,  it's  interesting to snorkel on the edges of it 
(we  saw  a  couple varieties of fish including bright yellow ones 
with  black stripes) and also to kayak over. The actual snorkeling 
trip  takes  you  further from shore to a nice piece of reef where 
we  saw  pretty  coral  and  several  varieties  of fish including 
triggers,  a trumpet fish and a sting ray. Some other folks on the 
trip saw a puffer fish.

2)  We missed out on much of the entertainment as it took us a few 
nights  to  find  the nightclub (it's upstairs over Martino's). We 
saw  a  show  of  dancers, balancing acts and limbo in the Terrace 
restaurant  the  first  night  which  was  fairly  typical  island 
entertainment.  We  did see the Talent Show in the nightclub which 
was  fun  (staff and guests performed). We never went to the disco 
(except for the Welcome Party).

3)  We found the clientele was somewhat international. The largest 
percentage  were  American but there were also Canadians, Germans, 
Egyptians,  South  Americans and Jamaicans, to name a few. The age 
was  either  youngish  (20's  to early 30's) or approaching senior 
citizen.  There  aren't  very  many of folks in their late 30's or 
40's  (presumably because many this age would want to bring kids). 
It  seemed  to be mostly couples the week we were there, but there 
were a few singles around.

4)  We  had  cloudy,  windy  weather  for  three  days.  It didn't 
actually   rain   (except  at  night),  but  we  couldn't  do  any 
watersports   because   the   surf  was  a  bit  rough.  This  was 
disappointing,  but  obviously  not the resort's fault. We went on 
the  shopping  trip  one of these days to Ocho Rios. They take you 
to  two  of  the  tourist  shopping plazas, one of which is near a 
"market"  if  you  want to barter with the locals for crafts (seen 
that,  done it, didn't do it again). We found cheap T-shirts and a 
decent  deal  on  Blue  Mountain  coffee.  If you're interested in 
purchasing  souvenirs,  there are also craft market stalls a short 
walk down the beach.


1)  Too many party activities all day long. If you were passing by 
the  pool  area  at  the  wrong time, you could get hassled by the 
coordinators  into  joining in the "fun". We learned to avoid this 
eventually  (and  they  learned  to quit bugging us). If you enjoy 
things   like   beach   Olympics,   crab   races,  drinking  games 
(speciously called "Rum Mixology"), etc. then put this in the pro-
 list. If you aren't into it, it can get tiring after awhile.

2)  The  swimming pool was on the small side and not very inviting 
(a  bit cloudy). The beach and Caribbean water were just much more 
appealing,  so  we only took one quick dip in the pool. This isn't 
a  major  con-,  but  we  have  enjoyed relaxing in and around the 
pools at other resorts.

3) The safe deposit box in the room was too small.

4)  The grounds were not as nice and green as the other resorts we 
have  been  too.  Nothing  offensive,  there  just  isn't  as much 
vegetation or interesting landscaping as we've seen elsewhere.

We  would  certainly  consider  a  return  to this resort. I would 
recommend  it  to  friends.  We  like  the  excitement of trying a 
different  place  each  time,  but many people do return here year 
after   year.   If   you  like  the  party  games  or,  even  more 
importantly,  like  to golf, this is a great place to go. The golf 
course  green  fees  are  included (but not caddie and cart fees), 
and  we  were  told  it's  one  of  the nicest courses in Jamaica. 
Unfortunately,  we don't golf, but I was tempted to learn. There's 
a  golf  pro  (  a  "Jamadian",  i.e.  a  displaced  Canadian) who 
encourages  novices to try it, so maybe next time! There's driving 
range  (no  charge  for anything there) and, I think, some putting 
greens as well.

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