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Newsletter - Paul Graveline, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 71
January 1, 1997

Last updated 28 Dec 96 1300ET

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This Edition, Number 71, marks the 7th anniversary of the Caribbean Travel Roundup. I've chosen to set the deadline for Dec. 28, seven years to the day that the first CTR was uploaded. The original hope of producing 6 pages ten times a year has been greatly exceeded. Today the CTR is available on two very active World Wide Web Sites and on most of the commercial information services like Compuserve and AOL. Over 8,000 people access the CTR at one WWW site alone.

Again this year my thanks go out to those who have contributed to the CTR. For without them, it would not exist. Much needed technical assistance has been provided by Gert van Dijken for cataloging the CTR editions (, Rick Spink of Straight Line Medium (, Jim Jordan of the Caribbean Forum on Compuserve and Travel On-line BBS's sysop Rick Brown who's been involved with the CTR since issue Number 2 in February 1990 (314-561-4956). My sincere thanks to these people for making it possible for you to easily access the CTR.

With the continued sharing of Caribbean travel information by the readers and the technical assistance of the people mentioned, the CTR looks forward to another successful year.

Paul Graveline CTR Editor
28 Dec. 96

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